Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Buffy/Angel episode watching guide

Ever wonder how to watch Buffy and Angel in order? How to make sure you get all the proper crossovers in their place? I have tons Whedonverse related documents going back years and this is one that I email very frequently to new viewers. So why I haven't posted it on this blog by now is beyond me. If you know a new viewer that would like to see the episodes properly, send them here....but for the love of Sunnydale tell them to not look around until they're done watching! Spoilers everywhere on this here Buffyfest blog for a new viewer!

Anywho, for the full list, see below:

After watching the first 3 seasons of Buffy, move on to this order. This is order is designed for minimum disc switching.

Seasons 4/1
Buffy Season 4 - The Freshman
Angel Season 1 - City of...
Angel Season 1 -Lonely Hearts
Buffy Season 4 - Living Conditions
Buffy Season 4 - The Harsh Light Of Day
Angel Season 1 -IN THE DARK
Angel Season 1 -I FALL TO PIECES
Buffy Season 4 - Fear Itself
Buffy Season 4 - Beer Bad
Buffy Season 4 - Wild at Heart
Buffy Season 4 - The Initiative
Angel Season 1 -RM W/A VU
Angel Season 1 -Sense and Sensitivity
Angel Season 1 -The Bachelor Party
Buffy Season 4 - Pangs
Angel Season 1 -I Will Remember You
Buffy Season 4 - Something Blue
Angel Season 1 -Hero
Angel Season 1 -Parting Gifts
Buffy Season 4 - Hush
Buffy Season 4 – Doomed
Buffy Season 4 - A New Man
Angel Season 1 -Somnambulist
Angel Season 1 -Expecting
Angel Season 1 -She
Buffy Season 4 - The I In Team
Buffy Season 4 - Goodbye Iowa
Angel Season 1 -I've Got You Under My Skin
Angel Season 1 -The Prodigal
Angel Season 1 -The Ring
Angel Season 1 -Eternity
Buffy Season 4 - This Year's Girl (1 of 2)
Buffy Season 4 - Who Are You? (2 of 2)
Buffy Season 4 - Superstar
Buffy Season 4 - Where the Wild Things
Angel -Five by Five (part 1 of 2)
Buffy Season 4 - New Moon Rising
Angel -Sanctuary (part 2 of 2)
Buffy Season 4 - The Yoko Factor
Angel Season 1 -War Zone
Angel Season 1 -Blind Date
Buffy Season 4 - Primeval
Buffy Season 4 - Restless
Angel Season 1 -To Shanshu in LA

Seasons 5/2
Buffy Season 5 Episode 1: Buffy vs. Dracula
Buffy Season 5 Episode 2: Real Me
Buffy Season 5 Episode 3: The Replacement
Buffy Season 5 Episode 4: Out of My Mind
Angel Season 2 Episode 1: Judgment
Angel Season 2 Episode 2: Are You Now or Have You Ever Been
Angel Season 2 Episode 3: First Impressions
Angel Season 2 Episode 4: Untouched
Buffy Season 5 Episode 5: No Place Like Home
Buffy Season 5 Episode 6: Family
Angel Season 2 Episode 5: Dear Boy
Angel Season 2 Episode 6: Guise Will Be Guise
Buffy Season 5 Episode 7: Fool for Love
Angel Season 2 Episode 7: Darla
Buffy Season 5 Episode 8: Shadow
Buffy Season 5 Episode 9: Listening to Fear
Buffy Season 5 Episode 10: Into the Woods
Buffy Season 5 Episode 11: Triangle
Buffy Season 5 Episode 12: Checkpoint
Buffy Season 5 Episode 13: Blood Ties
Angel Season 2 Episode 8: The Shroud of Rahmon
Angel Season 2 Episode 9: The Trial
Angel Season 2 Episode 10: Reunion
Angel Season 2 Episode 11: Redefinition
Buffy Season 5 Episode 14: Crush
Angel Season 2 Episode 12: Blood Money
Angel Season 2 Episode 13: Happy Anniversary
Angel Season 2 Episode 14: The Thin Dead Line
Angel Season 2 pisode 15: Reprise
Angel Season 2 Episode 16: Epiphany
Angel Season 2 Episode 17: Disharmony
Buffy Season 5 Episode 15: I Was Made to Love You
Buffy Season 5 Episode 16: The Body
Buffy Season 5 Episode 17: Forever
Angel Season 2 Episode 18: Dead End
Angel Season 2 Episode 19: Belonging
Buffy Season 5 Episode 18: Intervention
Buffy Season 5 Episode 19: Tough Love
Angel Season 2 Episode 20: Over the Rainbow
Angel Season 2 Episode 21: Through the Looking Glass
Buffy Season 5 Episode 20: Spiral
Buffy Season 5 Episode 21: The Weight of the World
Buffy Season 5 Episode 22: The Gift
Angel Season 2 Episode 22: There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

**note:  Although some may not agree, the narrative flow is actually better if you watch "Darla" BEFORE "Fool For Love" (or if you have any skill at math with regards to calculating Angel's age)

Angel Season 3 Episode 1: Heartthrob
Buffy Season 6 Episode 1: Bargaining: Part 1
Buffy Season 6 Episode 2: Bargaining: Part 2
Buffy Season 6 Episode 3: After Life
Angel Season 3 Episode 2: That Vision Thing
Angel Season 3 Episode 3: That Old Gang of Mine
Angel Season 3 Episode 4: Carpe Noctem
Buffy Season 6 Episode 4: Flooded
Buffy Season 6 Episode 5: Life Serial
Angel Season 3 Episode 5: Fredless
(at this point you can watch them however you want until mid season 7 of Buffy [indicated] as Buffy moved to UPN and there were less crossovers. I grouped them into fours so it's still not as much disc switching...but feel free to watch 8 Angels in a row if you're into the story more, or vice versa)
Angel Season 3 Episode 6: Billy
Angel Season 3 Episode 7: Offspring
Angel Season 3 Episode 8: Quickening
Buffy Season 6 Episode 6: All the Way
Buffy Season 6 Episode 7: Once More, with Feeling
Buffy Season 6 Episode 8: Tabula Rasa
Angel Season 3 Episode 9: Lullaby
Angel Season 3 Episode 10: Dad
Angel Season 3 Episode 11: Birthday
Angel Season 3 Episode 12: Provider
Buffy Season 6 Episode 9: Smashed
Buffy Season 6 Episode 10: Wrecked
Buffy Season 6 Episode 11: Gone
Buffy Season 6 Episode 12: Doublemeat Palace
Angel Season 3 Episode 13: Waiting in the Wings
Angel Season 3 Episode 14: Couplet
Angel Season 3 Episode 15: Loyalty
Angel Season 3 Episode 16: Sleep Tight
Buffy Season 6 Episode 13: Dead Things
Buffy Season 6 Episode 14: Older and Far Away
Buffy Season 6 Episode 15: As You Were
Buffy Season 6 Episode 16: Hell's Bells
Angel Season 3 Episode 17: Forgiving
Angel Season 3 Episode 18: Double or Nothing
Angel Season 3 Episode 19: The Price
Angel Season 3 Episode 20: A New World
Buffy Season 6 Episode 17: Normal Again
Buffy Season 6 Episode 18: Entropy
Buffy Season 6 Episode 19: Seeing Red
Buffy Season 6 Episode 20: Villains
Angel Season 3 Episode 21: Benediction
Angel Season 3 Episode 22: Tomorrow
Buffy Season 6 Episode 21: Two to Go
Buffy Season 6 Episode 22: Grave

Angel Season 4, Episode 1: Deep Down
Angel Season 4, Episode 2: Ground State
Angel Season 4, Episode 3: The House Always Wins
Angel Season 4, Episode 4: Slouching Toward Bethlehem
Buffy Season 7, Episode 1: Lessons
Buffy Season 7, Episode 2: Beneath You
Buffy Season 7, Episode 3: Same Time, Same Place
Buffy Season 7, Episode 4: Help
Angel Season 4, Episode 5: Supersymmetry
Angel Season 4, Episode 6: Spin the Bottle
Buffy Season 7, Episode 5: Selfless
Buffy Season 7, Episode 6: Him
Buffy Season 7, Episode 7: Conversations with Dead People
Buffy Season 7, Episode 8: Sleeper
Buffy Season 7, Episode 9: Never Leave Me
Buffy Season 7, Episode 10: Bring on the Night
Buffy Season 7, Episode 11: Showtime
Buffy Season 7, Episode 12: Potential
Buffy Season 7, Episode 13: The Killer in Me
Buffy Season 7, Episode 14: First Date
Buffy Season 7, Episode 15: Get It Done
Buffy Season 7, Episode 16: Storyteller
Angel Season 4, Episode 7: Apocalypse, Nowish
Angel Season 4, Episode 8: Habeas Corpses
Angel Season 4, Episode 9: Long Day's Journey
Angel Season 4, Episode 10: Awakening
Angel Season 4, Episode 11: Soulless
Angel Season 4, Episode 12: Calvary
Angel Season 4, Episode 13: Salvage
Angel Season 4, Episode 14: Release

(Start watching in this order again around or before here.)

Buffy Season 7, Episode 17: Lies My Parents Told Me
Angel Season 4, Episode 15: Orpheus
Buffy Season 7, Episode 18: Dirty Girls
Buffy Season 7, Episode 19: Empty Places
Buffy Season 7, Episode 20: Touched
Angel Season 4, Episode 16: Players
Angel Season 4, Episode 17: Inside Out
Angel Season 4, Episode 18: Shiny Happy People
Angel Season 4, Episode 19: The Magic Bullet
Angel Season 4, Episode 20: Sacrifice
Angel Season 4, Episode 21: Peace Out
Angel Season 4, Episode 22: Home
Buffy Season 7, Episode 21: End of Days
Buffy Season 7, Episode 22: Chosen

Then all of season 5 Angel (in order, of course.)

Shortened link to this page is:


  1. That is a well ordered list! I congratulate you on this task.

  2. My friends and I started watching the eps in order...the newcomers found it disorienting at first, because there is so much switching back and forth, they felt they couldn't get a feel for the Angel cast as a cohesive unit. But now we're all loving it, and it's really fun to play, "wait, what happened last time?" and "oh crap, we were supposed to switch to the other show!"

  3. I tried watching Buffy 4 different times and just do not like her, so I bought Angel and watched all 5 seasons. The problem was I was getting answers to questions I did not have, so had to buy the first 3 seasons of Buffy to get the questions. Does that make sense? Anyway of course by then I was totally in love with Spike so here comes the next 4 seasons and I still do not like Buffy, but think this series is the best thing EVER on TV. I have watched the whole series many times and most of Angel several times. I have 2 sets of both series and one is usually loaned out to newbies, have to get them hooked on my favorite show.

    1. I flippin love the Buffy series, but I kind of hate Buffy herself. Spike is one of the greatest romantic hero stories ever told on television.
      Spike is my second favorite vampire caharacter next to Nicholas Knight in the Canadian series Forever Knight.

  4. I understand the feeling. I myself have a love/hate relationship with Buffy. Most of the time I love her, sometimes I just wish she would stay dead a bit longer (I know how evil that sounds).
    My sister and I are still "converting" people to the Whedonverse but however, we don't lend the DVD'S anymore. We go at our house and watch the whole thing with you, answering your questions and adding our own commentary as a bonus feature.

  5. Ah, so you have, essentially, a "Buffyfest" to bring in new viewers! Well done...I like your style.

  6. Just wanting to make sure before I start on Season 4/Season 1 (i've watched all of buffy in order and all of angel in order before ~ but never together) ~~~~

    Are The Prodigal, The Ring, and Eternity supposed to repeat in the first list?

    Thanks for taking the time to do this!

  7. Ooh, sorry Anon! Those should only be there one time. That was a silly mistake that has since been corrected. See the post.

  8. I can't seem to get the link to work - it asks me to edit the post. Which i would feel unqualified to do.

  9. What? Blogger is allowing you to edit our post without having a login to Buffyfest? That's not a good.

    Hmm, I'm not having trouble. Try just clicking on the "C" in continued reading.

  10. OK - now all seems to be right with the site. Maybe temp glitch.

    Yay! List looks great - thanks for your labor of love!

    Speaking of (minor) *spoilers*:

    Am re-watching Buffy/Angel DVD's with my wife. She was a lukewarm watcher, back when they were first on the air, but missed most of the last 4-5 seasons. Watching staight thru seems to have done the trick - she is an avid fan now. We have just gotten to a point where she is VERY irate, saying:


    "I can't believe they never mentioned her having a sister before. That is VERY upsetting to me." For some reason, I found it hard to keep a straight face.

    heh heh.

  11. This is a great list, thanks very much. I'm trying to sort out which episodes come where in season 7 & season 5, we sit around every wednesday (whedonsday) and watch a few eps in order. Thanks to you my task is a lot easier!

  12. OMG, I'm totally having "Whedonsday" today!

  13. After watching (and loving) firefly, i thought i'd pickup the buffy/angel DVDs, I wathced most of buffy 1st 3/4 seasons and angel first 2 seasons back when they aired, forgot how much I loved I them.

    Searched online for a viewing order as I knew there were some crossovers....

    EAch viewing order is different, is this the right viewing order to watch them so that you get the crossovers in the right order?

    I dont mid chaning DVDs as I'll have one in the DVD player and one in the xbox (hm.,.. maybe I can convince the wife to get let get a PS3 then I can have 3 dvds loaded, never have to leave the couch :) )

  14. Gripe about this list from a first-time viewer: Angel Season 1 "Sanctuary" needs to come immediately before Buffy Season 4 "The Yoko Factor", because in the latter B. returns from Los Angeles.

    This is the first mistake I've noticed, and now I wonder if there will be others to come. 'Course, I'm complaining a lot for having just picked this up free on the net. But the only other list I've found lamely has spoilers written right on it.

  15. I hear you, Logan, but that is the way the show actually aired.

    Now if we change "The Yoko Factor" to come immediately after "Sanctuary", like you suggest... then "Superstar", "Where the Wild Things Are" & "New Moon Rising" will all come before "5X5" so there would still be a long gap. It's just unfortunate that there is 3 Buffy eps in the middle of the crossover.

    Still, if you feel strongly about it, we don't mind changing it.

  16. I just started watching Buffy the second time around and was puzzled when I reached the end of season 3. Having the basic knowledge of both of the series I really wanted to get "everything" out of watching them and yet not spoil myself since there are some things I have already forgotten. This list is really going to help me finish my task, thank you very much :)

  17. Personally, I'd prefer it to be in BuffyVerse chronological order, and don't really care about how many Buffys there are in the row, as I just got a bit confused with the 5x5 thing. I think it should have a note or something, if people don't mind too much with the disc-switching. Really great list though. Massive help!

  18. theres a mistake with season 4/season 1

    five by five and sanctuary should be followed by yoko factor

  19. ok, we're changing it after re-evaluating and serious consideration and blah blah blah.

    Sorry for the confusion, all. :)

  20. This thing must cost an arm and a leg!!

  21. I noticed that the guide states, "at this point you can watch them however you want... as Buffy moved to UPN." Is the guide based on air date or story progression? And does the network switch have a bearing on the content of the shows? Thanks!

  22. ok basically im watching buffy/angel for the first time. i saw all of season 3 of buffy, and now im watching angel/buffy EXACTLY how its posted as of now. so far its excellent and the story hasnt been 'off' at all. infact it 'feels' good the way im watching them. im on the episode after hush on buffy right now. i will update as i watch.

  23. I'm about to start watching Angel (already seen buffy), and was wondering what you meant with 'minimal disc switching', as I have them all on my computer. Does this actually impact anything you've recomended?

    Thanks again for an awesome resource!

  24. Tnx, i am now on season 4 so tnx :)

  25. Thanks for your list Tara. New to Buffy and Angel thanks to Netflix. Love this list to help me watch in order. Just started Season 3 Buffy and Season 1 Angel.

  26. I'm currently on season 6/3 and just got every buffyverse comic off eBay and it brought a question to my mind...

    Any chance of an updated full Buffyverse list? Obviously if people don't have the comics, they can skip them without losing anything from the series, but for the people (like me) who do, itd be nice to have a list where once i go to check off an episode it reminds me i should read a particular comic (i.e. the Death of Buffy comic after "The Gift" or Reunion between Carpe Noctum/Flooded and Life Serial/Fredless)

    I know there are alot of non-canonical books and comics, and i'm not asking you to try and place those, just the ones who have been released as official Buffyverse comics (Approved by Joss).

    just an idea, figured with your tv list already made, it shouldnt be too hard to add in the comics.

  27. Do you have any idea how the comics fit into the canon? I've seen lists that show the proper viewing order of Angel and Buffy. Do the canonical comics fit in here, as well?

    I'm watching through Buffy for the first time, and would like to have the grand sweep of the whole 'verse.

  28. Funny you mention that, Spencer. Chris who posted right above you amazingly injected the canon comics into our list, we just have to post it up. Look out for that soon.

  29. Update on the comic & TV combo list??

  30. Not sure if I'm going to het a response cause this threadh seems a little inactive but I too have the question (that didn't get answered) about the UPN switch. Will the story still make sense watching it in fours? Should the network affect the narrative flow? Just curious.

    I'm making my boyfriend watch the Buffy series and he came home one day and said we'll have to watch Angel too. Since I've never seen Angel all the way through, I happily agreed and found this list. Great job!

  31. Hi all, the UPN switch isn't a problem. After "Fredless" you don't have to worry for a while. Again, the only reason we have them in 4-episode blocks is to make things easier in terms of disc switching. You can watch as many or as little of each show if you want, so long as when you get to "Lies My Parents Told Me" you have watched Angel up to "Release" and then get back to the list again.

  32. Did you make this list yourself?

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Hi I have a question and I'm hoping you could help me out. I'm the first episode of angel how does he break into the mansion to save Cordelia without being invited?

  35. So I watched the next episode and Doyle makes a comment how as long as Cordelia's alive angel has to be invited in so that makes sense cause vampires aren't alive only in season 3 of Buffy spike returns and he can't go into angles mansion? So what because angel has a soul vampires can't come in?

  36. HI Laura,

    To answer your first question: In "City Of" Angel can go to the mansion where Cordy is being held because it's owned by a vamp, so yes the owner needs to be alive.

    But regarding Spike not being able to go in Angel's what episode? Lover's Walk? I don't think he ever tries to get in...he just looks through the window.

    1. Thanks and I have another question how long we're angel ad Buffy together ? Like 3 years from web she was 16 till after she was 18 an graduated?

  37. Excellent list. I have just one suggestion. Use different colour fonts for the Buffy and Angel episodes. Maybe put Buffy in red and Angel in blue? It would probably be easier on the eyes.

  38. Thank you so much for this list. Have always liked Buffy and Angel however I had never watched Buffy all the way through as I was more of an Angel fan and have seen the series several times.
    Been meaning to watch all of Buffy, so started earlier this year then when I got to the end of season 3 I found this list! It is amazing. Now watching both shows together. I've realised that some of the things in Angel make so much more sense now and have a much better appreciation of it. Thanks again really loving my (re)watch!

  39. Any update as to how the comics fit in?

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Also the way it's put Buffy 7/Angel 4 follows Angel's story after Storyteller from 4x07-4x14 The Beast's & Angelus's arcs and finally Jasmine's arc from 4x16-4x22 as Angel couldn't visit Buffy in Sunnydale until he averted the apocalypse in LA.

    I love how those arcs have been done without any switching to Buffy or vice versa.

  42. Could I watch it in this order 'cause it makes more sense:

    Buffy Season 4 - New Moon Rising
    Angel -Five by Five (part 1 of 2)
    Angel -Sanctuary (part 2 of 2)
    Buffy Season 4 - The Yoko Factor

  43. Thank you so much for this list. Just re-watched Buffy 1-3 and now moving onto the remainder plus Angel so It's great to have a timeline to go by.

  44. I've always switched off Buffy/Angel episodes when doing rewatches (it's especially easy now that they're on Netflix Instant). Does anyone see any reason not to do that?

  45. I just watched Buffy and Angel for the first time with your guide, it was awesome. Thank you so much!

  46. It seems like the Angel Season 1 Episode 1 should come before buffy season 4 episode 1 because Angel calls buffy at her moms and buffy picks up the phone and says hello like 4 times

  47. Hey! by and large, I lOVE this list. Thank you for taking the time to put it together!
    I am just getting into Buffy and Angel again after seeing random episodes when they were originally aired.
    I came across a HUGE (to me) issue with Buffy 5x11 - Triangle coming before Angel 2x9 - The Trial. I would have really preferred to see the suspense of the Trial without knowing the events of Triangle beforehand.

  48. Hi Rachel,

    I'm sorry I can't figure out why Triangle would affect The Trial. Can you please explain which scene is causing the problem? Don't worry we'll quickly delete the spoiler and if we agree we'll gladly tweak the guide.


  49. Actually one is supposed to watch "City Of Angels" before "The Freshman"! Since at the end of City Of Angels, Angel is making a phone call. While in The Freshman, Buffy is answering!

  50. Also the mistake they made with "Fool For Love" was because of the scenes with Angel, during the boxerrebellion in 1900! The same scenes exist in "Darla" and if you only have watched Fool For Love you get the feeling Angel's still evil so you'll believe that's a flaw, since it's in 1898 as the gypsies casts their curse on him, bringin' his soul back! Cut off those scenes in Fool For Love and then watch Fool For Love before Darla!

  51. Watching Darla before Fool For Love is just perfect. I am watching Buffy/Angel for the first time and did it in this order. I don't see a reason how one would want to watch it the other way.
    Thanks for the great list!

  52. The problem is: In "Darla" you'll never know why Spike is so crummy, when he is comming crossover... It's like I said earlier: Cut the scenes in "Fool For Love" that also excist in Darla and watch Fool For Love before!

  53. I was gonna go week by week, back to back but when I saw that they aired on the same days but couldn't find which one first, I decided to type in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel simultaneously episode guide and your page cam up, so I check it out. I've seen both dozens of times, but when the episodes conclude in the other, I wasn't watching it at the time, so I decided one day I would watch them like how they came out. Awesome work on the page, and I can't thank you enough for simplifying my life! :D Woohoo >:o

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. Any plans of adding the comics to this list?

  56. can someone explain how drusilla can be in LA and sunnydale at the same time???

  57. Thank you guys so much for this list.
    When Buffy and Angel aired here in Brazil I didn't watch; I didn't have cable TV, both shows aired incomplete on open TV, and I didn't have so much interest on TV shows back then. Last year I decided to watch Buffy on Netflix, but without much certainty that I would want to watch Angel too. When I ended S3, I decided I would watch Angel, but only when I finished Buffy. Then it occurred to me that probably both shows were aired simultaneously, and googling about this, I ended up here with this list in front of me. The list decided for me what to do!
    Since then I follow this list religiously, and I am so glad for it!
    I think watching the shows following this order is the best way to experience both storylines.
    I'm at season 6/3, and I'm very curious about this blog, but I know I will probably read spoilers if I do, so when I finish all I will see the blog as a whole.
    Thank you again. :)

  58. Thanks for the list, still useful today, so many years after the series end.

  59. Thank you so much op. Loving this list. I started watching Bones a few weeks ago for the 1st time & fell in love with David. Which took me to Buffy - I stopped Bones season 9 to start on Buffy - where my love only grew more for David & supernatural fiction. These shows give me old school Doctor Who vibes & I adore it. I found this site at the absolute perfect time too.. I had just finished up season 3 of Buffy & was wondering if there was a scheme I should follow since I knew Angel was on his own show. So far I'm now up to In The Dark & very happy with having some direction. Thanks again! Still purposeful all these years later.

  60. I've binged Buffy several times but could get into Angel. Watching them in this order makes them make way more sense and I'm really getting into it. That being said, I don't mind disc switching. Am I missing anything by following the minimal disc switching guide?

  61. Is there a moderator on this post any more because the amount of spam is just atrocious and some of it is just the dumbest fan shit I've seen in my life

  62. Nice, thanks so much this has helped me and my family watch enjoyabley

  63. Thanks, but I think this guide makes a lot more sense:

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  65. More than 10 years later, and this is still the most important website on the Internet :)

  66. Great list! Finally I got to watch the episodes in chronological order. Thanks!