Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Adam Baldwin vs Joss Whedon: Female Harrassment in the Video Game Industry

There's an interesting piece over at The Mary Sue about recent treatment of women in video games, both on-screen and behind-the-screen. Over the past week or so, Adam Baldwin and Joss Whedon both appear to have weighed in, on opposite sides.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Last summer, I didn't have a job for a good 2 months. I was pretty good at the temping game. I only had a lag of a week between jobs - usually. During those two months, I didn't have much or any money. I ate packaged ramen w. dry powder packets for most meals. I ate mostly garbage. Thank god for $1 pizza restaurants. I was pretty anemic. Bruises started to appear. I didn't have an air conditioner during a blazing heatwave. So I sweated through till mid-October. I was out of a relationship. Had no interest in pursuing another relationship, because knowing me - I'd forget that I exist and just become whatever I thought the other person wanted. Then if and when that failed - back to Square One just older.

On top of that, I had spent a few years toiling at this art project that seemed to have lost steam. I really wanted to be a full-time artist, but no one seemed to want me any more. I did some soul-searching with a therapist I couldn't afford, because I needed some answers ASAP. Perhaps, a Swami, Palm-Reader, or Psychic Spiritual Advisor could've done me good, but I needed to get real. In the theme of being real, may I add that I was in my early 30s? I was 32 to be exact. I was 32 and realizing that there were some other things that I was good at and would love to continue doing for a job eventually a career. But such prospects require a lot of work, a lot of rejection and sometimes (a lot of the time) don't pan out. Some people might even consider me "Too Old."

Furthermore if I haven't mentioned, I'm gay. I came out on the late side. Aside from the after school special feeling of "Well he's fine, he found himself," dating people - I get judged a lot for not coming out sooner. Sometimes I get judged for not being up to speed on all the subcultures or all the know how of Gay. I felt like the kid in class that Can't Read as Good. To up the ante a bit more, I watched all my friends either gay or straight (there is no prejudice here) get into serious relationships, serious careers, serious babies, serious marriages, serious property ownerships. Meanwhile, I felt like I just got to the party. Boasting a furrowed brow and pursed lips, I felt like an Alien.

Maybe had I heard certain sentences from authority figures that built me up instead of making me feel confused and defeated, things MIGHT'VE been different. Maybe if something could get perfected back then, some THINGS would be PERFECT now. But I can't change that. I don't mean to throw the Most Raging Pity Party either! I admit things have gotten better since then, but that "Alien" feeling does come up here and there. I'm the emotional equivalent of a Single Mom Nodding Off During Night School.

Anyhow - if you at all related to the past few paragraphs with some empathy, you might enjoy this new issue of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for this very reason.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Exclusive Interview: Nicholas Brendon and Christos Gage SDCC

Last but definitely not least of our San Diego Comic Con coverage is this little gem of an interview coming right up. We have Buffy writer Christos Gage and actor/writer Nicholas Brendon talking about Buffy, Angel, Feet, Pancakes, Katherine Hepburn and there may have been some mention of diapers and sheep that landed on the cutting room floor. Maybe not, who's to say? The point is: We honestly don't know wtf happened here, but it is obviously whacked. Enjoy!

Thanks to Nick, Christos, everyone at Dark Horse and extra special thank you to San Diego for giving us a Hell of a time this year.

Nicholas Brendon & Christos Gage Interview Teaser

Look out for our final SDCC  interview tonight with Core Scooby Nicholas Brendon and Buffy main writer Christos Gage. It was a really weird time! DO. Not Miss. It.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Exclusive Interview: Whedonverse Artiste Georges Jeanty at SDCC 2014

Buffyfest was able to get a few minutes at the convention to talk with former Buffy artist Georges Jeanty about his recent work on the Serenity: Leaves on the Wind series for Dark Horse. The interview was great but unfortunately due to technical issues with our video recording, the audio of conversation has become badly corrupted; so a transcription of the interview is being made available instead. Sad face! Then again, some people prefer to read over video, so enjoy!

Thanks Georges for primping my hair before the interview began!

Buffyfest: Hi this is Tara with Buffyfest at San Diego Comic Con Day 2. I'm here with the very charming Georges Jeanty artist from Buffy, Serenity…long time with Dark Horse.

Georges Jeanty: Yes Ma'am.

Buffyfest: How are you?

GJ: I'm good!

Buffyfest: Now that Leaves on the Wind is done, what was your favorite part about that project?

GJ: Uh, the ending! Haha. The fact that it's over. Haha. I loved it, but man was it hard. It was something that was hard to do. I loved working with Zack Whedon. And… all of the characters. I loved Buffy for 6 years. I would never say no, but it was nice and refreshing to do something a little different - but still sticking with the Whedonverse because that style of writing is great, great storytelling. So, I had a blast.

Buffyest: Was it difficult going from these real life settings with grotesque monster faces on Buffy to nothing but humans in crazy Sci Fi environments [on Serenity]?

GJ: It was, and it was even more arduous because there were 7 characters you could argue the ship is the 9th or 8th character in this case. So it was, man I had references for everybody and every time I had to draw someone... God forbid they were all in the same room together I had to get references just for the little faces. So that's what was hard, that's what took a while. But it was great to do because everything was there. So it was almost like cooking this incredible stew and you had all the ingredients and it was just up to you to make sure they all came together well.

Buffyfest: And that leads nicely into this question: was it difficult to balance the visual dichotomy between Serenity’s tight, confined spaces and these huge open expanses with just a spaceship and maybe a rock in it?

GJ: Good use of the word dichotomy, and yes, you are right! I really tried, because of course when it comes to the show there is a sense of claustrophobia on the ship. It's not a fancy ship and it’s not a luxury ship. It’s a… it’s a “boat” they call it because it’s something that’s very functional but not luxurious. And you right, when they’re out in space I had freedom over pretty much what I wanted, as much space as I needed and how I wanted to go about that was totally up to me. So I was very conscious of the dichotomy and I really tried to space it so the interiors had the claustrophobic feel and then give the exteriors this very broad landscape.

Buffyfest: Now, between the Buffy books and Serenity, who is your favorite character to draw?

GJ: ....Aww, that's like picking your favorite kid.

Buffyfest: Your babies.

GJ: No, I can’t do that. Well… I loved Buffy. Buffy was great because… she’s the girl I came with to the dance. And, um… I will say Mal. Because he’s the one I had to draw the most, I felt the most comfortable with him. They were all great, but I’d go with the main characters of the shows.

Buffyfest: Now, how are things with Future’s End?

GJ: Future's End is good! That’s the new DC book that’s coming out now that I’m doing a few issues of. But I’m actually going from Future’s End to now I’m going to be the regular artist on Batwoman.

Buffyfest: Ooh, nice.

GJ: In another few months, that should be coming out. And, strangely enough, there’s going to be vampires. Wonder how that happened.

Buffyfest: I’m sure it’s a coincidence?

GJ: No, strangely enough I think they were thinking of me. Because they’re going, “Wait a minute, we’ve got Batwoman and vampires, who do we need? We need that Buffy guy!”

Buffyfest: So, when are you going to come back and do more Whedonverse?

GJ: ....Well, I'm still talking to the editor and I would never want to go too far away from Buffy, and we’re talking about a project later on that would be perfect for me to come back.

Buffyfest: We’ll love to have you back.

GJ: I’ll love it totally to be back.

Buffyfest: Thank you SO much for talking to us.

GJ: ....Anytime and I love the pancakes! (Editor’s note- The interviewer was wearing a stack of pancakes on her head.)

Buffyfest: Thank you so much!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Exclusive Interview: Dark Horse Editor-in-Chief Scott Allie at SDCC 2014

It was a wild and frantic Friday night at San Diego Comic Con. Parties were raging, traffic was bumper-to-bumper, the Hall H line for the next day's Marvel panel was longer than we'd ever seen it... stretching all the way across the bridge, INTO the bay area, past the basketball courts (for SDCC virgins, this is an area where it should never be!)

Directly above, in a cush room at the Hilton Bayfront overlooking this crazy scene, sat a semi-tired (but still totally on point) Super Scott Allie, Editor-in-Chief at Dark Horse Comics and overall Buffy boss. He's been doing this SDCC thing for over 20 years; perhaps this is why he seemed largely unfazed by the near-apocalyptic level of energy around him. We grilled him about all things Buffy Season 10. Check out the resulting interview below:

After our interview ended at 2 am, we decided to brave the Hall H scene to finish shooting a little documentary about that mess. As we were leaving, we asked Scott if he was going to sleep for the night. His response? "Nah, I'll walk out with you guys... I'm going to meet up with some colleagues at the Gaslamp."

What can we say? That Scott Allie, he's a pro.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Scott Allie Interview Teaser!

Coming up tomorrow, don't miss our #SDCC continuing covering where Dark Horse Editor-in-Chief Scott Allie reveals all! Robert Pattinson will cry tears of joy, Sesame Street will throw a block party. Our Comic Con coverage isn't even close to being done yet!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

SDCC Day 4: Famous Bros, Broken Toes and Last Day Woes...

This is a little belated since we're already home, broken and jet lagged...but while we're getting all of our interviews edited we still wanted to recap our final day of Comic Con!

After waking up early, we headed over to the Supernatural Hall H line (Thanks so much to Tommy for holding our spot!) So lucky because that line was bonkers, as usual. But little did we know what surprises were ahead!

Like for instance how when frantically running at the Hall H line, I got turned around, bumped into someone who then accidentally stepped on my foot and broke 2 of my toes!

After seeing stars, we finally got on the line at which point Misha Collins (aka Supernatural's Castiel) came out and hung out with thousands of screaming fans on the line...taking pics, signing stuff, etc. Then he brought out coffee for everyone for like 2 hours! When he finally got by us, he graced Buffyfest's Ryan a cup 'o joe. It was AWESOME! And behind him was a bunch of assistants wearing coffee aprons with different little compartments saying "more cream? Sugar? Stirrer? Napkin?" Good service! Heh.

Misha Collins in the Hall H crowd. So brave!

The Cas Coffee Cup!

SPN Cosplayers!

On to the panel, I've said this before, but the single best thing about procuring a press pass is the Hall H experience. You still have to wait on line like everyone else, but even if youre at the back of the line it's ok because when you DO get in you can walk allll the way to the front Press Box where you get this vantage point:

Our Amazing Press Box Angle!

The Supernatural Panel:

So, that panel was awesome. I swear all the SPN guys are cuter than ever. Panel included EP Jeremy Carver, hottie Jensen Ackles, cutie Jared Padalecki, coffee fairy Misha Collins and the hilarious Mark Sheppard aka Badger. They showed a clip from S.10 and a blooper reel. The actor that plays Kevin Tran even pranked them by showing up on the Q&A line!

SPN's Osric Chau in the audience!

After that, we planned on hitting the Nintendo Gaming Lounge at the Marriot (which was great) but we got sidetracked along the way by a fellow con-goer who expressed concern over my ever blackening toes. Guess they really were broken! Thought I was just being dramatic. Off to First Aid, who were helpful but their bedside manner could use a little work. Guess they had the SDCC Sunday blues. Either way, thanks for your help, Comic Con medic squad!

Proving I may be becoming a better geek than Joss Whedon himself, I power limped through the crowd determined to not let some broken appendages ruin my Comic Con. Turns out Joss had been injured in London and decided to stay back, canceling his Marvel panel appearance and his scheduled Sunday 1:30 signing in one fell swoop. But maybe I don't deserve too much credit because it was at this point we decided it was best to skip Buffy "Once More, With Feeling" sing-along. I didn't think standing on line anymore was a good idea. Wah! Heard it was a good time though!

After playing some games in the Nintendo Gaming Lounge, that was pretty much it! Took the trolley out of the crowds and headed back to the east coast. We're editing all of our videos now, so check back for our exclusive interviews with Nick Brendon, Scott Allie and more!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dark Horse Panel at San Diego Comic Con 2014

Earlier today was Dark Horse Comics' panel at #SDCC entitled "The Whedonverse." Panelists included Dark Horse editor-in-chief Scott Allie, Buffy season 10 writer Christos Gage, actor/writer and all-around Buffy alum Nicholas Brendon, writer Jane Espenson, and Buffy/Serenity artist Georges Jeanty. Some fun soundbites, especially from Nick Brendon and some nostaligic tales from Jane Espenson See below for the full panel. 

SDCC Day 3: Tech Problems, Tiny Crowns and Talky Panelists

Ohhh we had so many issues here at Comic Con today. Don't get me wrong it was still a fun time overall but we had gremlins in our machines like you wouldn't believe. Basically the tech problems ranged from crappy wifi (the usual) to a random computer virus (less usual). We still haven't successfully uploaded our interviews with Nicholas Brendon, Christos Gage, Georges Jeanty. Too much tech drama!

Oh and lets not forget Scott Allie...we met up with him at 11:30 pm last night for a fantastic interview. Then, after we left him we did a whole story on the epic Hall H line until 3 was that crazy. I don't think SDCC has ever seen anything like it. People were all the way past the basketball courts in the bay area. And then Joss Whedon didn't even show up to the Marvel panel due to surgery he had on his ankle! We would've been so pissed if we waited on that line. Poor Joss though....missing Comic Con and stuff. Marvel panel was good though!

Anyway, here are some shots from today taken during today's Dark Horse panel. We'll have that video up asap.

Nicholas Brendon, of course!

Buffy's Christos Gage

and our fave, Super Scott Allie!