Monday, May 11, 2009

Buffyfest's first (and possibly only) podcast

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We did it!

In this episode:
We get drunk (which is probably why it's not nearly as PG rated as this blog)
We revisit some past interview bloopers.
Bitsy channels his inner Emma Caufield.
The truth about who stands where in the Dollhouse Death Watch is revealed.
We call the creator of the Buffy Sing-Along and talk about the NYC event, The Buffy HS Reunion.

Things we've learned about recording a podcast:
Don't drink Prosecco cocktails, or probably anything else.
Don't eat hors' dourves (nomnom)

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JaynaPavlin said...

good job all! congrats on your first cast!

stephm424 said...

This was great! I laughed by bum off and I think there should be more! I absolutely loved the Bitsy rant!!!

Unknown said...

Ya'll crack me up!!! Good job!

Unknown said...

thanks for the information