Monday, February 7, 2011

Buffy's Birthday Bash Recap

Jeff Ayers, General Manager at Forbidden Planet was approached by a shopper wondering "What's happening tonight?" All around her, people stood, some in costume, some talking, some singing, interviews were being held but what was happening?

"It's Buffy's Birthday", Jeff replied.

"Oh", the comic shop denizen replied. "Is she here?"

Only in a comic book store, ladies and gentlemen.

Yes, we held us a shindig at the much beloved and ballyhooed Forbidden Planet and, for once, nothing bad happened on the day of our young Miss Summers' birth. There were cookies, there were giveaways, people wore silly costumes and sang along to both Doctor Horrible and Once More with Feeling. It was, in short, a delight.

Dark Horse did us a sweet solid by supplying a number of signed comics to give away and so, with great frequency, we held drawings based on a myriad of Buffy trivia and, lo, many a Buffy fan walked away a victor.

Bitsy on the Mic:

Buffyfest's Tara and Bitsy (channeling his inner Spike) with friend-of-Buffyfest Ian Klein.
Some fab photos from the event taken by Lawrence Brenner.

More photos

Check out Buffyfest tomorrow where we'll be holding a costume contest from the event. You'll get to vote and choose the winner! The prize is a fabulous Jo Chen Buffy cover print signed by the artist herself.

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