Sunday, January 6, 2013

Discount Code for Buffy "Sunnydale Lumber" Tshirt!

Ever wonder who supplies the all of the much needed wood used for Buffy's stakes, crucifixes, and of course Xander's many construction jobs? Well this "Sunnydale Lumber" shirt from gives us an answer, at last. Designed by NerdsterDesign, the shirt comes in two colors: Red and Charcoal. It's available until November 8th for the wallet friendly price of $13USD (8GBP/9.5EUR if you're across the pond) and we're happy to announce that Other Tees has extended a further $1 off discount just for Buffyfest readers!

Maybe get an early start for the Whedonites on your Holiday shopping list? Simply use code buffyfest at checkout for $1 off!

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