Saturday, May 12, 2012

One face...two faces!

I'm kind of obsessed with this website Fassafass, where they take 1 photo of a straight head shot, split the sucker in half and then mirror each half. You kind of get like 2 evil siblings out of each one. Sooo freaky, especially when the photo entails an extreme side part hair style. Hilary Clinton's is especially hysterical for some reason!

Then of course you have your Supermodels who look pretty much exactly the same in each shot, as being perfectly symmetrical is their day job...boooring. Anyway, check out Sarah Michelle Gellar's two faces, or rather "Ralleg Ellehcim Haras" as she's known on the site. One looks like her athletic, pro volley ball playing twin (top) and the other her skinny, bouncy bimbo twin (let's just call her "Buffie" Gellar.) So weird! I can't stop staring.

And Eliza Dushku too (Ukhsud Azile)! Both of her twins are evil and in both shots they looks like they're going to beat me up:

Don't miss Christina Hendricks too!


Face 2 face said...

I haven't worked on my fassafass blog for a while now. Too busy on my other one which is more like 18+ (it's made from pornographic images I gater over the internet) :

I won't mind if you don't mention it on your blog though ;-)

Anne G-Joly

p.s. Thanks for the traffic on fassafass!

Isabella Fanado said...

Although their career involves keeping almost perfect symmetry, supermodels add some predictability into the process of mirroring. The real magic happens when stars like Sarah Michelle Gellar are subjected to this visual experiment. It is a dizzying and slightly surreal experience when you see muscular twins who play pro volleyball versus their skinny bouncing bimbo counterparts.

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