Friday, July 25, 2014

San Diego Comic Con: Day 2 - Boreano, the Coveted SPN Bag and more!

SDCC has been a whirlwind so far. Today we interviewed the hilarious core Scoob alum Nicholas Brendon (squee!), Buffy writer and fan-fave Christos Gage and artist Georges Jeanty! Look out for those posts in the coming days.

Now if you're following us on Twitter, you may have become aware of my desperate plea in search of a an official SDCC Supernatural bag. Well thanks for nothing, tweeps! I got no bites from that tactic! But by hook or by crook I was getting that mutha. In the end I had to play out a very complicated trading process with these picky and stingy con-goers (myself included!) This meant starting with a Hobbit bag, trading for an Originals style one...back to a Hobbit and then finally I accosted a poor family and pressured the father and his fabulous purple-headed wife to trade for his Supernatural bag while the horrified children watched on. 

And while that was HUGELY satisfying, the highlight of the day had to be a David Boreanaz sighting!! In all of our years of Buffyfest, this is the one of the few people we haven't seen at a panel or interviewed. Saw him randomly as he wasn't on the scheduled and swooned hard!

And then steps down from that booth, the fake Angel on Dark Horse Booth wall. Still swoon!

Good day so far!