Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Truer words were never spoken

While you wait for your very own copy of Buffy #21, you might want to take a gander towards the Dark Horse MySpace page where none other than Jane Espenson has penned what I can only hope is a preview of what's to come. Not only do we get Harmony in all her duplicitous glory trying to feign her best Sookie Stackhouse but we also get a guest appearance from possibly our favorite supporting Buffy character (I won't spoil it here). Well? What are you waiting for? Go! No, wait! First, check out this awesomeness

Cutesy Poopsy Unicorn says: "Don't forget to come back to Buffyfest later for a full fledged review of Buffy #21: Harmonic Divergence! I like frolicking in the woods. Whee!"

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