Monday, December 21, 2009

Buffy, Twilight and Obama Walk Into a Bar: Update with Scott Allie


Is Buffy corrupted beyond repair? Are Dawn and Xander a perverted mockery of a couple? Is Obama really putting Twilight Kool-Aid in the Swine Flu vaccine? You can find all these answers and more in the recent interview we had with Dark Horse Comic's Super Scott Allie.

Buffyfest: Last year at NYCC, I asked you a question about theme in Buffy Season 8. You weren't able to answer because the comic was in its early stages, but now, 3/4 of the way through, can you comment on what you think is/are the overall theme(s) of the story?

Scott Allie: Sorry, still a no-go! I'll start being apparent in the next few months.

Buffyfest: There's been a lot of talk on the “internets” about Buffy's corruption and how it's been sitting heavy on the Season. Do you think Buffy's been corrupted by power or is this just a girl who's stressed out and/or maybe a little jaded?

Scott Allie: I don't know that power corrupted her so much as pressure. But I do think she's made some unfortunate compromises.

Buffyfest: What do you think those compromises are?

Scott Allie: Well, I agree with fans that financing her operations with theft is not a very heroic thing. But I think Buffy is a very imperfect hero, so I don't think it's so much out of character, as some fans have suggested, but rather a not so positive bit of character development.

Buffyfest: Regarding Obama's reveal as Twilight, did he get his superpowers from a new socialist health program that helps boost people's strength in order to fight against the free market?

Scott Allie: Like all lesser deities, he got his powers from the sacrifices and devotion of his followers. So basically Season Eight ends when everyone loses faith in him, he loses his invulnerability, and becomes an easy target. I'm still talking about Twilight, right?

Buffyfest: Can you give us one personality trait that would characterize the person under the Twilight mask?

Scott Allie: I cannot.

Buffyfest: Doesn't hurt to try. Moving on. There's been a lot of nay-saying over Xander and Dawn's relationship. Why do you think people are so reluctant to embrace this pairing? Was this issue something you and Joss talked about before the story was released?

Scott Allie: We knew it was coming. We never hesitated. We knew people would hate it because of their history, but I guess we disagree. I don't think that age difference would stop many people. I think 200-year-old Angel (and slightly younger Spike) hooking up with high-school-age (or slightly older) Buffy is a lot worse, and we're all still arguing about which one of those relationships was the most True Love. Xander knew her as a child--when he was a slightly older child. Xander's pretty immature, would’ve met her when she was in 6th grade or so. He wasn't changing her diapers.

Buffyfest: Speaking of controversial relationships, we had Buffy and Satsu, Xander and Dawn and Willow's cheating scandal with the Snake Lady, Saga Vasuki. Are there any other shocking parings yet to be seen in Season 8? If so, without going in to detail, what makes it controversial in your eyes?

Scott Allie: Yes, and no, I won't say.

Buffyfest: Continuing with Willow, the One-Shot comes out soon. Besides Kennedy, will we see any other Buffy characters in the story?

Scott Allie: Ohhhhhhhh yeah.

Buffyfest: Switching gears to some of the other Whedonverse titles: With the success of the Dr. Horrible One-Shot, do you think doing a mini or an ongoing in that universe is viable?

Scott Allie: Viable, yeah, and we have specific plans, not ready fo' unveiling.

Buffyfest: What about Sugar Shock? Any chance we'll be seeing more stories there?

Scott Allie: I doubt it. Maybe. Next time he feels like doing something like that, I suspect he'll make up something new.

Buffyfest: Did you watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles before it was canceled? I loved it! Is there anything you can tell us about the overall time frame of Zack Whedon's Terminator story or how it links to the television show and/or any of the movies?

Scott Allie: All I'll say is that the Terminator license is a very strange thing. Unique in such properties, the original movie, T2, Salvation, and the show are all separate licenses--like Angel and Buffy are. So we only have the original movie. So we're focusing on characters from the film, and situations from the film, and nothing from the other films, or the show.

Buffyfest: With Exurbia coming to "My Space Dark Horse Presents", will it be a continuation of the story with characters like The Rat making appearances or is this a whole new story?

Scott Allie: It takes place before the graphic novel, focused on The Rat. At first we thought we'd do Gage, but while we were on that book tour where we saw you, we came up with this story. I think it's because we were listening to Patton Oswalt's “My Weakness Is Strong”, with all its rat humor...

Buffyfest: As you know, like many women, I was introduced to the comic world through Buffy Season 8. What do you think would attract readers like me to the pulp fictional character of Solomon Kane which you’ve written the next installment for (being released in January)?

Scott Allie: Ohhh, I dunno. Kane is really traditional adventure stuff. For Joss, the monsters are sort of secondary concerns. The monsters are pretty central to Kane. I'm actually surprised at how many women are fans of Conan (created by the same writer as Kane). I think those women will dig Kane, but women who come to comics through Buffy might find Exurbia or Devil's Footprints an easier next step into comics. The Kane artist really likes gore.

Buffyfest: Finally, do you have any comments on the recent cancellation of Dollhouse? Any plans to continue the story in comic form?

Scott Allie: No plans, but we talk. Right now it's just time for him to wrap things up. I loved how Season Two started, much more than Season One. I thought he'd nailed it, and it was like they played a game to see how they could screw it up. Fox %#$@ed this really nice guy.

Check out this quick preview of the Willow One-Shot being released this Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

Appreciate Scott Allie's comments on the Fox's cancellation of Dollhouse. They barely promoted it in either season, stuck it in the Black Hole of Friday night, and then just when the show was getting it's second season footing, they took it off the air for nearly 6 weeks and cancelled it.

Network TV has no concept of what Whedon's genius is. And although I'm loving BTVS Season 8, I dearly wish he would conitnue some form of Dollhouse, even in comic form.