Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Terrible Two: March Madness Whedonverse Character Tourney - The Worst of the Lot

Holy shazbot!  It's the end, but the moment has been well prepared for... by poll daddy.  Sidebar: poll daddy is a number one jam.

So this is it, the dirty dos.  In two days we'll know, through the extremely scientific mode that is fan polling, who the worst of the worst in the Whedonverse is.  Before we get there though, let's reveal two folks who got the call from the governor just before we could pull the switch.

Kathy Newman - You really went the distance, didn't you?  You're a testament to just how much people hate cohabitation with Celine Dion fans.  Lesson learned: French Canadians are the devil.
Parker - I will never have sex with you, Parker.  Your eyebrows filled me with rage.  Get out of here before me and Buffy bust out the caveman clubs.

Here we go.  It's the dude with no skin vs. the dude who has sex with his dad's cast-offs.  Who will get an honorary degree in horribleness.  Cast your vote and make it count!

It will end in 48 hrs this time - April 2nd at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time. Check out the opponents below and if you're playing, make sure to click the name you DISLIKE.
Click here to view the full Tournament Bracket, updated with the winners so far.



Michelle said...

First off, Bitsy's post is hysterical. Secondly, I feel really bad for Connor right now. He might be a crazy kid, but he ain't Warren crazy.

mbatz said...

Well here it is. The end. I'm quite happy with my vote (I don't think he'll win) but I went with Connor - the kid who tried to drown his daddy because he was tricked by a short fat cowboy from a hell dimension who delivered his lines with a sandpaper voice and 0 sense of humor,,,but enough about Holtz. Connor, you suck. Warren, you've done terrible things, but you like Sean Connery as James Bond so all is forgiven:)

Iceeh said...

Connor was bearable in Season 5, but I'll never forgive Warren for killing Tara.

Tara said...

I have to agree with Mbatz when it comes to Connor's total bitchassness but I still voted for Warren for the champ. He's the Douche of the 'Verse, imo. It's the raping and enslaving of that girl Katrina that pushes me over the edge with him. Connor tries to kill his loving daddy time and again, but Warren tries to kill Buffy (and does kill Tara, obvs.)

Connor and Warren. They're some pair.

Still bitter that Eve is not here, though. Not getting over it yet...

Rayna said...

Down with Connor!

heroine_tv said...

Connor at the end of season 4 Angel was totally Warren-level crazy. Remember how bat-shit he went with the hostage situation at that store? He was ready to blow Cordelia and tons of random families to pieces. However, Connor was a victim of circumstances, as his memory transplant shows that at heart he wasn't a bad kid ... if he didn't remember being raised in a hell dimension. So I understand why people would be sympathetic to him ... if he wasn't so fraking annoying. I can barely stand to look at him on screen so high is his annoying-level. Everything he does in S4 just drives me crazy. Just the existence of Connor, the fact that he was even born at all, annoys me. No more vampire babies, please. He was not a plot device that I appreciated. At all.

As for Warren, yes he is despicable. Totally a piece of scum. The way he treated Katrina earned him eternal hatred, and then he went and killed Tara. Double eternal hatred. But I don't consider him a bad character. I think he was one of the most effective villains in the Whedonverse. He represented just how evil a regular human man can be - one without any powers. It made him more believable, and even more odious. His arc on Buffy was a really great one. Very powerful and tear inducing. Nothing Connor did made me feel the way that I did when Warren killed Tara. Warren made for good TV. I loved the pain of it all. Connor made for the other kind of tv, and the other kind of pain -- the kind that leads to yelling at the writers and possibly vomiting.

(Clearly this rant is just my personal opinion. I respect yours too.)

Gabby said...

I'm with Tara: all would be better if Eve was still in the tourny. heehee.

I totally appreciate Lucia's post about what a bad plot device Connor was. However, for this Worst of the Lot, I'm going with my feelings. I *hate* Warren. From the beginning, with the April bot, I knew he was trouble. Then he captured Katrina and killed Tara and tried to kill Buffy. Hate my friends, hate. (Although, again, I totally appreciate that his story was VERY well crafted from the beginning to the end. Except the magical skin from Amy thing. Ugh.)

Andre said...

Warren was a more evil character for sure, but in terms of how they were played, Connor was definitely the worst. He looked like an idiot, he had stupid lines, he delivered them badly, and he was just annoying in ways that his character was not meant to be.

Warren was bad as a character, and he makes you hate him, but that's the POINT of his character. You're supposed to hate him...Warren's character was actually well done. Evil, yes, but well written and acted, and played out exactly the way he was supposed to be. Connor was not. Therefore, I definitely have to go with Connor as the worst character in the Whedonverse...He's been my least favourite since the beginning.

I can't believe he's losing in the poll. O_O

W said...

Voted Connor.

I agree with heroine_tv. Warren made for good TV and was fun to hate. Connor was just a string of mistakes made by the creators of the show. Could have been cool, but there was little about the character that was believable or sympathetic.

Yes, Warren is more evil than Connor and has done more harm. But other Big Bads have done worse than Warren while still being characters we love to hate. I don't love to hate Connor. I just want him to go away.

Warren was one of the saving graces of Season Six of Buffy. Connor was part of the problem with latter seasons of Angel.

Anonymous said...

I liked Tara, but I wasn't devastated when Warren killed her. However, every little thing that Connor did to Angel and Cordelia really, really pissed me off. Plus, he's just annoying to look at. He needs a haircut SO BAD!

nerkul said...

Warren was a great villain. I can't believe he's still in this.

Veiriti said...

Oh, it was hard to choose between these 2 - I don't like them both, but Connor is really annoying on the current Angel series, even more than Warren, so I voted for him. And "Spuffyfest" is very good April joke, it made me smile. But you should put a Spuffy background, not only Spike. If you haven't good Spuffy pictures I could give you a lot! LOL
And about Buffy season 8 it's too earlier for celebration – the story is not over... there is very good proverb about – who laughs last laughs best! ;))