Thursday, July 1, 2010

Brian Lynch teases Spike Series

Do you know what I love best?  Lollipops!  But, also, that Brian shot me a message out of the blue to make random comments about his upcoming Spike ongoing series.  We were talking about the recent tendency towards sudden, unexpected sexy time in both the Buffy and Angel books and, as you'll see, that affected the tenor of the conversation a bit.  I expect we'll be hearing much more but, in the meantime, a sneak peak into the mind of Brian Lynch...

Brian Lynch: How do you think fans would take Spike and George doing it?  Because they're about to.

Buffyfest: I think they'll love it!  On Opposite Day.

Brian Lynch: Kidding.  So far Spike has not had sex in the book.  But I get requests for Spike and Beck to have sex, which I don't think I will do.

Buffyfest: Here's a great teaser question: what else *won't* be happening in your book?  Like what else would you never write?

Brian Lynch: I have no idea, because the stories have gone places that have made me write things I never thought I would, so the last issue of SPIKE could just be nonstop Spike/Beck loving.

Buffyfest: Well she does like to impersonate him a little.

Brian Lynch: She's kinda moved on from that.  Now she's all troubled.

Buffyfest: Character growth, you say?

Brian Lynch: Hope so.

Buffyfest: Anything you want to hint about?

Brian Lynch: Hmmmmm.  We have a lot of reunions in the SPIKE series, good and bad.

And there you have it.  Consider your taste buds tasted... er, you know what I mean.  There will be much more in the way of Spike series talk as we get close to that great big convention in the sky (read: San Diego) so if you have specific questions, feel free to let us know and, hopefully, we'll get all the answers.

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anca said...

Thanks for posting.

I'm really sorry this series will be Brian's last one