Thursday, December 15, 2011

[Spoilers] Buffy Season 9 #4 Reviewed (Plus Video)

Hey there, ye olde readers of the 'fest du Buff.  I know what you've been thinking.  You've been thinking "Where are those incredibly insightful reviews from Bitsy about those Buffy comics I'm so ambivalent about (yet keep reading anyway)?

Well... get off my back!  I'm busy, you know?  Jeez...

Alright, alright.  Here's a video where I review a bunch of books (it's a weekly series, folks so you should check it out) and then I'll write in some detail, too.  Satisfied?  No?  Whatever, it's what you're getting so merry god damned Christmchannukwanzakah.

Alright.  So that was me talking about the actual Buffy comic for like five seconds.  Here's what I really thought.  It was okay.  I like all the fight sequence stuff.  Unlike Season 8's super hero style, this feels much more gritty and, with the cops just outside, there's a very real and present danger happening both within and without.

I also liked Spike and Koh.  When Spike nearly bites it and Buffy was sad and he was crying... honestly, I didn't even feel nauseous in the mouth area.  And that's nice.  Let's call it personal growth.

What I was less thrilled about was the whole Spike "Buffy wants to be normal which I can never be" speech.  Why?  Because it's not a very Spike-like thing to say, is it?  And I get that there's a very real possibility that the line is set-up for him being turned human but, honestly, I don't know that I want that either.  It feels very (and I can't believe I'm saying this) Bangel-y, doesn't it?  Didn't we already do this with Buffy Season 2 and then "I Will Remember You" later?  I just think that Spike and Angel are different dudes and their stories and reactions to events should be different.  Spike never thought Buffy should want to be "normal."  To Spike, Buffy is special.  One girl in all the world, if you will.  And I don't much think he'd want to be human, either.

Anyway.  That's my rant.  I still like the issue.  Still think it's worlds better than anything from Season 8.  I just think we should get to the Buffy being pregnant thing.  Because that's what's happening.  I'm convinced.  If I'm wrong, I'll eat my hat.  I'll eat anyone's hat.  It'll be a habberdashery buffet.

Anyhoo... what did you think?

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Tara said...

Ha! I love when Dan threatens to eat his hat.