Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Buffyfest's 2011 Whedonverse Gift Guide!

It's a stressful time and we're here to help, dear reader, with our yearly Gift Guide for that special Whedonite on your list. Everyone has one! Whether you're shopping for a newbie who is just discovering Buffy or a Whedonite so hard-core that he'll make a case for why we should be watching Toy Story at next year's Buffyfest Party (Ryan, still looking at you)...there will be a prize on this list to place under their Holiday Bush. And check out our past Gift Guides as most of that loot is still available too.

With only 10 shopping days to go, we give you, the 2011 Buffyfest Gift Guide:

For the Newbie:
Best prices found this week on all the necessary DVDs:

For the die-hard Whedonite:
  • Every serious Whedonite needs a Jayne hat to fully induct him or her.
  • Get a print from Joebot, he who creates the fabulous vinyl cover art of "Buffy and the Scoobies", and the original "River Tam and the Fireflies". I'd love one of these.
  • QMX  and ThinkGeek both have the usual impressive amounts of shirts for Whedonites of all flavors.
  • Customize their phone with Buffy iPhone Gelaskins, featuring the beautiful art of Jo Chen.
  • And of course, they will need a fresh Buffy 2012 Wall Calendar

    For the Spuffy:
    • If your Spuffy is a Christian, why not send them a Spike Christmas Card where he's dressed like a vampy Santa?
    • Or if you can afford it, maybe a 3' tall Spike Bobblehead? He's 3 FEET TALL!
    • Now even the baby on your list can be a Spuffy through no will of his own! Check out this Onesie declaring the little one's 'ship.
    • If you're a Last Minute Larry and a friend of a Spuffy, maybe download some new music from James Marsters' BandGhost of the Robot.
    • You even can have your Spuffy's face drawn into a customized sketch of Spike mounting her (or him!) Now that's what I call a Holiday Party!

    Recession Specials!

    Last Minute Larry - downloadable and emailable gifts:
    • If you're late you're in luck because Dark Horse has finally gone digital! May we recommend Joss Whedon's One-Shot Sugarshock. Even better, get an Android or iTunes store gift card so your fan friend can get the full collection of Whedonverse comics on the quick. Great gift!
    • Since it's a pre-order, you won't even technically be late if you purchase this Buffy Season 8 Hardcover - Volume 1. It's set to ship next year.
    • For your Apple Fanboi friend who's also a Whedonite, instantly download Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog in HD from iTunes, so they can load on their devices and sing along for a mere $7.99!
    • And as always, a charitable donation to super browncoat fellowship Can't Stop The Serenity is the perfect instant and feel-good gift. 

    For the Super Hard-Core fan who has everything:
    If you have a Super Hard-Core on your list like these guys, you'll need to be just as hard core:
    • Joss Whedon's favorite shirt of 2011! It's baaaack, and available at Urban Outfitters.
    • For the extravagant gift, here is Bittersweets' lovely Vamp Teeth gold ring set. Split them up and share!
    • When the fan on your list is hard core, s/he's probably also a trivia hound. If s/he's also a Browncoat, then you're in luck! Get them The Big Damn Firefly and Serenity Trivia Book.
    • Hard-Core fans of Faith can get stuck in the gut by Buffy just like she did with this printed long sleeve tshirt.
    • The Buffy Blanket that's been around for years has now been updated to a Season One Style! Cozying up with Season One is strictly for a Hard-Core, not for everyone.
    That brings 2011 to a close. Happy Shopping and more importantly, Happy Holidays everyone!


      hamstap85 said...

      what, no celtic love knot ring set? i know it's not a whedonverse exclusive, but come on!! at least find one!

      Tara said...

      Oh yes, the Bangel Claddagh ring? Totally, I'm surprised we never put one on here before. Maybe next year we'll do a "For the Bangel in your life" section.

      Incidentally, here is the best price I've found for a Bangel inspired Claddagh ring. Only $14.99! And Sterling Silver:

      Skytteflickan88 said...

      Nice gift list, always a treat to read these.

      But mounting? LOL Does that mean what I think it does?

      Btw, the digital comics can't be transfered on a USB stick. Last time I checked, they have to be read in Android(not sure if that's up yet) or Apple apps or in the webbrowser(which works fine if you have a big enough screen). I wonder if giftcards aren't possible though.

      Tara said...

      Haha "mounting" well look at the photo! It's clearly the balcony scene! And the redhead looks so happy about it.

      Thanks for the info about the digital files. I just assumed they were PDFs! Of course they'd have digital rights management on them. I'll amend the suggestion :)