Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Joss Whedon! Time for a Buffyfest...

Today is the 48th birthday of the dude who's responsible for all this! In honor of Joss on the anniversary of his birth, why not gather your friends and have a Buffyfest with a birthday theme tonight? It was actually @notmikestark's suggestion to visit Buffy Wiki, which has compiled a comprehensive list here of all the Buffy and Angel birthday eps. Below are some of my faves and if the official Buffyfest gang was all together today, these are the ones I'd vote for...but definitely visit that link to make your own choices.

"Birthday" (Angel Season 3) - It's Cordy's 21st birthday celebration at the Hyperion Hotel and to celebrate Cordelia experiences a vision so painful that she is rendered unconscious! Fun! That's when the awesome sitcom adventure begins and ends with Cordy becoming a half-demon. This is actually one of my favorite Angel episodes.

"A New Man" (Buffy Season 4) - Now it's Giles turn to become a demon. One of Buffy's birthdays are foiled again as Ethan Rayne returns to town on and transforms Giles into a Fyarl demon. Strangely, Spike is the only one who can help so the wackiness ensues. LOVE this ep.

No I didn't choose "Surprise" or any other because this is Joss's Birthday, a time to celebrate not be depressed! And I'm already down enough over that Firefly Panel announcement. Oh and don't get lost over at Buffy Wiki, you could literally spend hours over at that site.

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