Monday, June 25, 2012

Help Fund Eliza Dushku's Untitled "Albania" Documentary.

Kickstarter is such a fantastic idea. I actually first heard of it when Tom Lenk successfully funded his film "Who Do I Think I Am?" last year. Fast forward to today, Eliza Dushku's own Kickstarter Campaign is only 43% funded so far with only 12 days to go! She's looking for backers for a film that her and her brother Nate are making which is pretty much a love letter to their native Albania. The 20 hours of footage they already shot looks lovely and inspired.

The incentives are pretty cool too! You can see the film for a mere $10, but for $40 you can get a Dushku Family Recipe for "Byrek" (a savory pastry using phyllo dough) signed by Eliza along with the DVD and Advanced Online Screening! And if you really want to support the hell out of this project and have $4000 lying around, you can star in a music video alongside Miss Eliza Dushku herself!

Hear more of the deets below straight from the source:

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