Friday, July 13, 2012

More SDCC Friday News: Dark Horse Joss Whedon Panel and More!

David Boreanaz jokingly proposes an Angel movie at today's Bones panel, quipping: "I would love to do an Angel movie. It got canceled because I think it run it's course...also, if you can call WB a network."

He went on to say "I think Angel ended the way Joss wanted it to end... Although the character continues to live on. I would love to work with Joss again, Tim Minear, David Greenwalt, David Fury... It was a great show with great writing. We'll see."

Joss is still undecided about directing Avengers 2 saying. “I have not come to a decision on directing Avengers 2 yet,” he said. “I am having too much fun with this (Firefly reunion) now.” Anyone who was naively expecting some sort of Firefly announcement today too was also just a tad let down. Still, we did get all that amazing reunion energy and fan love, so let's not look a gift horse in the mouth, mmmkay?

Later this afternoon, Dark Horse held Joss's annual panel in Ballroom 20 hosted by Super Scott Allie. Wearing a black Much Ado About Nothing shirt, Joss mentioned that they just finished post production on that film. Joss called Much Ado a "weird little piece". “We are submitting it to some festivals and hopefully someone will be submitting it to theatres...if not, iTunes,” Whedon said, adding that he wrote the score for the film, “It’s my first film score and if it’s terrible then, well, it was my first. Leave me alone.”

Newsarama has a full live blog of the Joss Whedon panel on their site. Some highlights:

Scott Allie, "We're building up to the end [of Buffy Season 9]. If you're reading it we're only halfway through, but we're working out the end with Joss right now"

New Firefly comics are in the works, to be written by the Whedon brothers.

There's one more mini-series coming up that Joss hasn't told Allie about yet!

Whedon said he is going from Comic-Con to London to meet with Warren Ellis about Wastelanders.

Joss says he “absolutely” would go back into TV because it’s where all the best storytelling is taking place.

Also, next season, Joss said "we'll have a special presentation by our friends at the CW who are airing Dr. Horrible on Television for the first time ever. And I think that's cool."

And on the Buffy subject?
Joss: "Well everyone loves a villain! If they believe that what they're doing is right that will be a good story.

"No one is completely evil except a COUPLE of guys and no one is completely good except for me. When I wrote Angel's scene when he slept with Buffy, I had no idea I was such a douchenozzle. When he just turned around and acted like he was blowing her off in his evil way, I put down my pen and couldn't believe I just wrote that and made him say that."


Joss: I think "The Body" is the best episode of television I ever wrote"

On The Avengers front, Joss gave a little love to Black Widow saying:

"I love her character in a way I don't love the others in that she has the most darkness in her. It's something Scarlett and I talked about right when we first met, that she has a really twisted past.. And that's something I had fun with making a little Noir in the middle of my superhero film.

"When we shot the first scene with her where she's all tied up, the producer Jeremy Latcham said this is the only scene in the movie that's in the shooting script word for word. I said that's depressing! But then the reason was, it just worked. I said look, it just works because it's my entire career in a scene 'Look, she's helpless! Whoops, no, she's kicking ass'."

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