Friday, July 13, 2012

San Diego Comic Con Firefly Reunion Panel Today! #FireflySDCC

Today Comic Con goers are gearing up for today's Firefly Panel. This 10th anniversary reunion event will have Nathan Fillion, Joss Whedon, Alan Tudyk, Summer Glau, Adam Baldwin, Sean Maher, showrunner Tim Minear, and writer Jose Molina on hand. Even though the Buffyfest team is usually there to film panels in full, it probably wouldn't have been possible this year anyway because no cameras allowed in this puppy! Reason being, the reunion event is now being filmed for parts of it to be included in a special documentary coming on November 11 to the Science Channel. Cannot wait to see this and so jealous of everyone who gets to see it live and in person and not edited to shreds!

In addition to all of that fun, even though I don't ever remember participating in an overnight line-up at SDCC, word on the street is that Whedonites have been waiting all night in the rain for this panel! And in an extra special bonus plot twist: some time in the middle of the night, JOSS WHEDON, ADAM BALDWIN & JOSE MOLINA DECIDED TO CRASH THE PARTY! They worked the line, signed autographs and jumped in sleeping bags. Must have been amazeballs, although I must admit I'm slightly sad that Joss is not still wearing his infamous shirt from SDCC (and everywhere else) last year. Anyway, see below for some pics:

Photo Credits clockwise from top:
Joss working the line @egal
Joss signing @TheOneTrueB!x
Joss Jumps in a girl's sleeping bag @melslegacy

I mean, come on! Now do you happen to be at SDCC right now but decided to flake on waiting on that line, thinking you'd still have a chance to get in? Well sorry kiddo, that's not the way...but you still have a chance. Science Channel is giving away a ticket! Follow this link for the details and get cracking! The panel starts in just a little over an hour.

Everyone else not in San Diego, make sure to follow @ScienceAt and @Firefly10th where The One True B!x will likely be tweeting pics of the event.

And here is the Science Channel's commercial teaser for the event airing Nov 11:

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CJBunce said...

I was at the line and met Joss and saw the panel. Awesome experience. Check out my photos at for Friday and tonight after midnight some video.