Thursday, September 26, 2013

Our List of Sarah Michelle Gellar's Top Comedy Moments

Personally, we've always thought Sarah Michelle Gellar's comedic timing was stellar and a much overlooked aspect of her thespian skills. So now with her new sitcom series with Robyn William "The Crazy Ones" premiering tonight on ABC, we've decided to compile our favorite SMG comedy moments!

#10 "Earshot" - The scene at the end when Buffy says as deadpan as can be "You know, if you're not too busy having sex with my mother" and poor Giles runs into the tree.

#9 "Pangs" - Buffy gets her panties all in a bunch over Giles not possessing a ricer. It's so funny that the slayer can be so anal retentive. (*note: what is NOT funny is Buffy's cowboy hat in the beginning. That's a gripe for another post.)

#8 "Him" - In general season seven's "Him" is kind of skeevy (spell-or-no-spell) what with Buffy seducing a student on her desk and all. But once it comes down to Buffy digging out the old rocket launcher and turning it on Principal Wood (forcing Spike to tackle her to the ground), you have to at least chuckle!

#7 "Superstar" - Pretty much all of "Superstar" is Buffy being a starwhore to Jonathan's celebrity. Couldn't have been easy!

#6 "Something Blue" - "Spike and I are getting married!" Both a hysterical performance and a Spuffy's dream!

#5 "Welcome to the Hellmouth" - Buffy tells a random vamp: "Live in the now, you look like De Barge" Hilarious 80's reference with given superb delivery. HA!

#4 "Beer Bad" - Many people love to hate on "BB" but between Buffy's tragic hair and stumbling around like the drunk, belligerent caveman that she is, I can't help but laugh every single time. This bit of dialogue between Xander and Buffy is my fave: "Is there a lesson to all this? What did we learn about beer?", "Foamy!", "Good, as long as that's clear."

#3 "Life Serial" - Struggling with that damn, cursed Mummy Hand. Comedy gold!

#2 "Goodbye Iowa" - The speech is amazing and goes like this:
Buffy: [serious] You guys research the Polgara demon. I want to know where it is. When I find it I'm going to make him pay for taking that kid's life, I'll make him die in ways he can't even imagine.
Buffy: That probably would have sounded more commanding if I wasn't wearing my yummy sushi pajamas.

#1: And the number one moment is...

"Hush" - In an otherwise terrifying episode hides the legendary scene where Buffy is enthusiastically wanking off to prove her point. Miming masturbation? Enough said!


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