Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Buffy Season 10 Teaser Image and NYCC news!

Earlier today, ComicVine.com asked the question: "What can we learn from this image?"

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Well that's a very good question! We will be sitting down with Scott Allie tomorrow to answer this and other queries about the Buffyverse comics. Look out for that on Friday morning, during the Dark Horse panel at New York Comic Con! If you want any specific questions asked, let us know at Buffyfest@aim.com.

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Anonymous said...

Well, apparently spacetime is gummed up enough for a shot of London with tentacles and Medusa and angels to be captured in the background of a picture of a wrecked up portion of Santa Rosita.
And Willow is still dressing like a D&D character.Also, the london portion has gas street lights, so it's probably prewar London.