Thursday, October 9, 2014

Breaking News: Dark Horse's Scott Allie retires from the Buffyverse!

It is with a heavy heart we bring you this big announcement out of Dark Horse comics today. We've been told exclusively that Editor-in-chief Scott Allie, who has just had a baby, is retiring from the Buffyverse comics after a whopping 16 years. Scott has been instrumental in bringing Buffy to the comic world and has arguably worked longer and more consistently in the Buffyverse than anyone else, other than Joss Whedon himself.

Scott started working on Buffy in 1998 when Dark Horse first got the license and when the show was still in it's infancy - Season 2. He has seen it become a small, niche show on a then small, fledgling the powerhouse fandom it's become today and has been creating stories within it every step of the way. Editor Sierra Hahn will now be overseeing all things Buffy at Dark Horse.

We conducted a big interview with Scott and will be showing it in two parts. This first part we talk about how he feels about leaving the 'verse, the early days of the Buffyverse comics and the reboot in 2007 to official canon with Season 8.

Check back for part 2, later today where we talk about fan mail, where he'd like to see Buffy end up and the future of what is now going to be his main focus at Dark Horse, Abe Sapien.

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