Friday, October 10, 2014

NYCC Day 1 Recap: Amber Benson, Firefly Online and more!

Day 1 of New York Comic Con was a bevy of geek madness, giant inflatables, themed food trucks and costumes, as per usual!

We met up with the always lovely Amber Benson (who played Tara on Buffy of course.) Look out for our mini-interview with her in a day or two where we discuss her new book, The Witches of Echo Park and Buffy.

Dark Horse's Booth is all decked out in the usual Whedon fare:

It was announced at the Diamond Retailer Breakfast that Dark Horse will be celebrating Buffy's Birthday in January once again. Here’s a shot at a Georges Jeanty variant cover….

I actually saw Seth Green outside when I was getting off the bus. He swizzled into the celebrity side door at the Javits. The panel he did later that day was pretty cool, though. He's doing a Vimeo channel with his Stoopid Buddy Stoodios that will offer a two-hour animation class exclusively on Vimeo's pay-for-view on-demand channel on December 15.

Finally, some food fun! This year there are definitely a few cool extras at NYCC. For instance, Did you know that New York Comic Con has an official cookie? Einhorn’s Epic Cookies at booth #130!  Einhorn’s Epic Cookies is an extra-cool cookie company -- each cookie comes with a free comic book, like the “Prize Inside” snacks of our youth but better (because it’s a comic, of course!)

And check out the Wikia Food Truck - line up early! It's so awesome, they did a tournament focusing on “Fantasy Foods” like Harry Potter’s Butterbeer, Fallout’s Nuka Cola, Glee’s Slushie and Doctor Who’s Fish Fingers & Custard. And you can sample some of the discussed treats for free at Wikia’s Fantasy Food Truck at the show from 2:00-3:00pm TODAY!

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