Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Top 10 Best Moments of the Whedonverse

Spoilers for this month's Angel: ATF comic below. Read #8 at your own risk!

As the year comes to a close, let's reflect back on 2008's most memorable moments in the Whedonverse - Buffyfest Edition.

#1 - Dr. Horrible
This made me laugh and made me cry, but most of all, it left me yearning for
some more.

#2 - The Buffy Reunion at the Paley Center
Buffy cast on stage and talking - 'nuff said.

#3 - Buffy/Satsu
Buffy's bed mates have been known to stir up some controversy with fans (see any shipper argument), but this pairing got even the non-fans going.

#4 - Angel's Human!
2008 started with a bang with the shocking conclusion to Issue #3 of After the Fall . Of course, in true Joss fashion, being human comes with a price and this time it's a trip straight to hell.

#5 - Buffyfest 2008
There's nothing like watching Buffy & Angel under the stars with some good friends. Throw a little Dr. Horrible into the mix and it's damn near perfect.

#6 - Dollhouse Anticipation
The high expectations followed by the low expectations of this show are making me dizzy.

#7 - Buffy wins an Emmy (sort of) for "Most Dramatic TV Moment of All Time"
"The Gift" took this title and although absolutely deserving, they were 7 years too late.

#8 - The Death of Connor
I hated Connor, then I loved Connor, then Connor died.

#9 - Twilight
Buffy's new nemesis is intriguing and constantly brings up the question, "Who the hell is this guy?"

#10 - The Return of Fray
It's been over 5 years since we last saw Fray and not only do we get her in the Season 8 comics, but we get to see her crossing scythes with none other than Buffy herself.


Mailoo said...

I was from. Your blog is very interesting to read my attention.
nice to meet u =)


Rich L of New Haven said...

Instead of saying "Spoilers for this month's Angel", you should have said, "Spoilers for Issue 16", then I probably would have STILL read it, but it would have been my fault. I didn't stop to look at the date at the top of this broadcast. But strictly speaking, I never liked Connor either. From day one I hated him. He got a bit better in Angel season 6 comics but just barely. He did protect Angel for a moment there but it was to little too late in my opinion.
Oh but the real reason I am writing is to say Dr Horrible does NOT deserve to be number 1. Buffy and Angel should be 1 & 2 and Joss on the picket line striking should be # 3.

Tee said...

Sorry you got spoiled Rich. The Connor spoiler is not for #16 or any future issue, it's for #15, the most recent one. Hope that helps.

I definitely agree with Michelle that Doc Horrible is #1 (I think everyone knows by now what a sucker for DrH I am.) Since it's a result of the strike I think it goes hand in hand. I'm curious, though...what about Buffy do you think should be #1?