Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Gift Guide - What to buy for your Whedon-worshipping friends!

So the Holiday shopping season is almost over with less than 10 shopping days left until Christmas. We've gone and compiled a list of the bestest Whedon loot there is. There are more goodies than ever to choose from and some that are even great for the "Last-minute Larry" shopper! So whether your list has a casual Buffy fan or hard core Whedon-worshipper on it, we've got you covered. Better get on it and take advantage of all the sweet free shipping deals!

For the Casual Viewer or Newbie:
The Serious fan:
Recession Specials!
Last Minute Larry - don't even need to leave the house for these finds!
  • Pre-order Buffy comic subscriptions at TFAW
  • Dr. Horrible Soundtrack available on iTunes
Crazy-super-duper-hard-core-fan that has everything:


Michelle said...

Wow, there's some great stuff here. I don't quite understand the "Burst Angel" though.

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to talk everyone I know into pitching in and buying me a ticket to go see James Marsters for Christmas!

Ray Radlein said...

Burst Angel is a Japanese anime (and manga) series. Nothing to do with Angel.

Michelle said...

Ray, Thanks for the info.

TiLT said...

great list...saw the Angel set on Amazon for $50!!! but waited a day to buy & missed out - argghhh!!!
But I do know where I can get the scythe...felt though :)