Saturday, December 13, 2008

What to make of this James Marsters event?

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I'm not even sure what to make of this. So James Marsters is going to be at the South Orange PAC in South Orange, NJ. He will apparently be performing in several different ways and the event will span 10 and a half hrs. The tickets are $195(!) per person but like I said, it's an all day affair with Spike so I'm sure the limited 150 capacity will fill up without a hitch. To top it off, the event is called James Marsters: Your Funny Valentine. He will be doing the following:

- exclusive theatrical performance
- signed souvenir from Dragonball
- personalised autograph
- Q&A with James
- photo session (with professional event photographer)
- acoustic concert
- screenings
- free raffle for exclusive goods

Now for $225 you can sit in the first 2 rows. So this event will be making a little more than $30,000. Not sure how much of this will go to our Mr. Marsters himself....but this whole thing does beg the question: Do we need to buy Spike a sandwich?

WTF is going on?


Skytteflickan88 said...

Huh? Buy Spike a sandwich?

Tara said...

oh, I only meant like "is he having hard times with money and possibly food". It's Bitsy's term and was used mostly to discuss Robia LaMorte and her Scotch Tape Commercials/Selling signed posters on eBay. Ha!

Skytteflickan88 said...

I thought so.

It just sounded a bit negative. But if I was that popular, I would make money too. Because he has what, 20 years left of acting? Assuming that he's popular in a few years. Things change. In a few years, maybe he will nedd a sanwich...

And I'm definitly not complaining that he wants to hang out with fans. hehe *leer*

Anonymous said...

It's been going on for a while. He used to charge $500 for a 3-day events, or stuff like that.

Aaron said...

I actually attended this event! It was a little slow moving, but a lot of fun. It was worth the money in the end :)