Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Wonderful Maladys 101 (Not Really)

The Wonderful Maladys

It's hard to write a "101" post when there's not much info to go around. You gotta love the internets because there's already a wiki page here with a small bit of info, but not much to go on. TV Script Dude also has a positive review of the show with a sneak peek at the pilot script here.

Here's what we do know:

Wonderful Maladys centers around a dysfunction family of 3 siblings who lost their parents when they were young. There's Alice (Sarah Michelle Gellar), the borderline alcoholic; Mary (Molly Parker), the ironically screwed-up therapist; and Neil, the eccentric. Creator, Charles Randolph has said from the beginning that the role of "Alice" was created with SMG in mind - very complimentary - and she is now one of the Executive Producers.

This dramady should be a perfect fit for Gellar who (as we know from our love of Buffy) can make us laugh and cry with the best of them
. I, for one, hope this works out because the girl can act and her career, post-Buffy, has not allowed her to really show her stuff.

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