Saturday, June 6, 2009

Recap: The Sunnydale HS Reunion -The Bronze Edition

The final Sunnydale High School Reunion was held at Galapagos in Brooklyn on Wednesday night (part 1 here) and I'm not exaggerating when I tell you this space was so much like the Bronze. The dark lighting, the balcony and the 90's music almost made me wonder if Angel was skulking in the shadows somewhere (I wish).

The night's great fun included "Bloody Mary" drink specials, trivia, the awesome Buffy Season 1-3 movie trailers, "Buffyoke",  and the biggest surprise of the night - The Buffy "Once More with Feeling" Sing-along! That's right folks, the 200-plus in attendance were given the gift of the musical. Even cooler, our very own Bitsy graced the stage as Spike, blond hair and all. It was very surreal and ironic. There were the usual "Shut up, Dawn" moments, but the funniest part was when the actress playing Dawn came out towards the end of the episode wearing Michelle's "Buffy Loves Angel" t-shirt. That got a few in the crowd fired up.

There were some great prizes given out, too. One special guest recieved a real Class Protector award made by our lovely Tara (which was especially hilarious given it was a dude who now owns a pink and gold sparkly umbrella). Another group recieved a gift bag filled with Buffy books, comics and other goodies. All in all, a fun Buffy-filled night.

Here's a video showing some highlights of the night. They showed the fantastic fan-made Buffy trailers of the first 3 seasons, you know the ones. You'll also see below a clip of the "Buffyoke", Trivia winners, and of course, our very own Bits - doin' the Spuffy.


Steph said...

Oh man. I wish I could have been there! It looks like it was an awesome time. I loved the videos and pics!

Erica said...

It was a lot of fun. Thanks for doing all this hard work - it really shows.

(This was totally Bronze-like)

Becca said...

Yeah, this event definitely made my whole summer. I've never attended a Buffy event before and this was just so enjoyable and well planned. Thank you so much for your hard work. If you ever decide to do this again, I'll be there!

Tara said...

Oh, we really can't take credit for the event itself, that's really all the Buffy Sing-Along people. We did help out with the promotion, designed some programs & prizes, helped with trivia, and of course Bitsy was totally in it! It was a fun time, but I do believe it will be the last one. If we ever get involved with any other events, believe me it will be on this blog!

I highly suggest picking up tickets to one of the many amazing 'Can't Stop the Serenity' events in 47 cities. We're attending and sponsoring the one in NYC which will be a dinner/dance/Serenity screening. And it's for a great cause!

Robin Hudson said...


I've never been to anything like this. And, unfortunately, I've always been stuck here in Korea during CSTS time, so I've never been to one of those either. boo.

I AM going to SD ComicCon this year, though! I have high hopes for something awesome happening! :D