Monday, November 1, 2010

Whedonverse Celebs - Halloween 2010!

Halloween 2010 is now over and Celebs of the Whedoverse really stepped up their game this year. First up, the Hannigan-Denisof clan. Last year when little Satyana was a wee tot they dressed her up as a fuzzy pink dog, but then the whole fam got together for round 2 and dressed as fricken' adorable Kangaroos. Now that Saty has grown a bit, they decided to all dress up as a bunch of toys! Check out Alexis as a Toy Soldier! He rocks! Alyson Hannigan went as Raggedy Ann and Saty is an adorable sock puppet. Love them!

Next is the Queen of the Whedonverse, Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar and little Charlotte Prinze. This is Charlotte's first Halloween and Mama has put her in a Dorothy costume from The Wizard of Oz. Cute, but I wish Smidge would take a page out of Willow's book and get in the Halloween spirit herself instead of wearing that incredibly chic quilted leather jacket she's got on! Oh well, I'll forgive her if she signs on for a Buffy movie some time this year.

Last but most certainly not least, is little Dawnie, Michelle Trachtenberg, who very clearly wins the creepiest costume of the year award. Michelle went for a Child Beauty Pageant Queen, complete with huge tiara, frilly socks, blonde hair set in pipe curls, boxed doll pose and CRAZY EYES! AAGH! WITH FAUX LASHES! Yeesh.

Click to enlarge all photos. Hope you had a great Halloween!

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