Sunday, September 21, 2008

Buffy snubbed at Emmys.....again

Buffy's OBVIOUS poll win for Great Dramatic Moment, or whatever, was not shown during the Emmy broadcast at all. Thanks, douche bags. Here's a pic of "Hello, hotness" from tonight to get us through this dark time.


Michelle said...

I am so pissed about this. I tuned in about 45 minutes late and I thought I had missed it. What the hell? It would have been great, too, because there were a lot of Buffy alumni there - Angel, Conner, Darla and Jonathan! Why does Buffy always get the shaft.

David Mello said...

Well, the Emmy people may say "well, we could have shown that Buffy clip because it won 'Best Dramatic Moment', but we didn't have time. We'd rather have Tom Bergeron use Heidi Klum show the difference between drama and comedy (and wind up bruising her) instead." Well, they'll regret that decision...and probably still do.
To be fair, they also didn't show the "Funniest Moment", which was Ross finally kissing Rachel on "Friends"....and that may be a bigger shame, actually. Still, I wonder if the Academy was hoping someone else would "Who shot J.R.?" on "Dallas" because that practically stopped the country back then.