Monday, September 1, 2008

Six Degrees of Buffy Challenge

Did you happen to notice the poll to the right of this post? Believe it or not, it was inspired by an interview done with our beloved Danny Strong...kind of. It all started when Strong revealed that the video store he would frequent as a 10-year old child had a very special employee who would become the auteur of a generation - Quentin Tarantino. Jonathan, the Geekiest Geek of Geekdom, would get movie picks from, arguably, the Coolest Cat in Cat Town. Here's the article:

The article led to a discussion about fans, which led to an argument, and ultimately the Whedon vs. Tarantino poll. Yet, the ideas didn't stop there. Danny and Quentin, the most unlikely duo, have inspired us to find out just how far the Whedonverse reaches in Hollywood by playing "Six Degrees of Buffy".

Here's how it works. We'll tell you the name of a Whedonverse actor and another unrelated actor and you're going to find a connection within six degrees or less. Write it in the comment section of the post and we'll do the rest. The first person who figures it out can suggest the next actor combo. Just make sure one of them is from the Whedonverse. Let the games begin...

The first challenge will be:

Charisma Carpenter and Johnny Depp


Ghost said...

Charisma was in Buffy with Juliet Landau who was in Ed Wood with Johnny Depp.

Ghost said...

Also, if you want not someone in Buffy with her:

Charisma was in some Charmed episodes with Oded Fehr
who was in The Mummy with Brenden Fraiser
who was in Airheads with Steve Buscemi
who was in Spy Kids 3-D with Anotnio Banderas
who was in Once Upon a Time in Mexico with Johnny Depp.

If I got it I want someone to do Seth Green and Tommy Chong.

Tara said...

Wow! Yeah that'll do it. That was fast and extra points for doing it 2 different ways! OK, next up: Seth Green and Tommy Chong it is.

They were both on That 70's Show...but never together so that doesn't count. In that case, it seems like a toughie.

Ghost said...

Yeah, I didn't even remember Seth was in that 70's Show when I posted this, otherwise I would've went with someone else. Lol.