Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Drug Scandal in the "Other" Vampire Fandom!

Seriously, they are peddling Twilight brand heroin on the streets of our city via this crafty villain in Long Island. The dime bags are "branded" with Edward Cullen's face on them. So wrong! First with the sparkling, cold-like-a-dead-man's-penis sex toy, now this. Joking aside, it's really not anything like throwing an appendage in a freezer. I'd feel terrible if it was a Buffy logo or Blue Sun type situation. Capitalizing on someone's fandom addiction is one thing, but substance addiction is another. I can just hear someone OMGing "Look how cool my Twi-hard dope baggie is!" This really is too far.

And don't forget...then Buffy slayed Edward, the end.

P.S. the guy on the bag actually kind of looks like Spike, no?


Anonymous said...

Actually, they aren't trying to sell to Twilight fans. It is well-known that heroin dealers call their batches by clever names (like pot dealers too) but heroin they also have like smiley baggies, pink panther baggies, etc. It is just a way to get drug "brand recognition" and they often use timely pop culture stuff so it can be easily remembered. so you can say "oh yeah twilight is crap" or "be careful, twilight is really strong." But it isn't pointedly marketed to fans of whatever the name is taken from.
Screwed up but not for the reason you thought.

Michael (mbatz) said...

Well, I suppose if you want to have that glazed, empty, wind blowing between my ears "Bella" look than have at it:)

Anonymous said...

First let me say that's just wrong.

Second, I think that the guy on the bag looks more like Lance Bass during his Nsync days. :) :) :)

Emily said...

Oh goodness