Friday, May 15, 2009

Fans fight over who really crashed the Fox phone line!

The most hilarious thing about this is how the T:SCC fans and the Dollhouse fans are fighting about who crashed the Fox line better. This was all after Miracle Laurie tweeted the phone number to the world.  Unity people, sheesh! Our people are on both shows!

Hee! Love it.

Here's the number, by the way:


nyrk said...

yeah, it's pretty funny. And coming next Monday, if only one of the two shows is picked up (I'm sooo deluded I still harbor a tiny tiny hope both will be) I can see some ugliness happening between the two fandom's fringes. "TtSCC is dead because Fox chose DH over it, let's boycott DH!" or viceversa. Kinda like when Dark Angel fans decided to hate Firefly, way back then.

On a different note, you'd think such passionate followings should count for something against raw numbers. But I bet no one even listens to that voicemail at Fox anyway.

Anonymous said...

Personally, my call was for both shows, so maybe there were a lot of us out there voting for both to be saved. I hope so.

But I think Fox knows that all Whedon fans are rabid and vocal. meaningt hat they maybe don't take us all that seriously. They should, cause we mean business!!