Sunday, May 17, 2009

fanvid Sunday: T:TSCC Edition

It's no secret that we here at Buffyfest are huge fans of Sarah Connor Chronicles. While we've been happy to see Joss, Eliza, and Nathan all get the pickup for another season of fun, our hearts have been breaking for Summer Glau and crew who turned out killer performances week after week. With that in mind we present this special fanvid Sunday created by allii6 in celebration of Terminator in all it's glory.

What are your favorite TSCC moments? I really hope a miracle happens and it gets a third season. Happy Sunday, everybody.

Tara's note: In response to that I'm adding this (thanks DarthAngelus for the link!) Hey look at me! I'm on Fanvid Sunday!:

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Anonymous said...

Alli6 makes great vids! Really hope there's a third season of TSCC!