Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Exclusive Interview with Brian Lynch Part 2: Angel: ATF Finale *Major Spoilers*

The final issue of Angel comes out today, but Brian was kind enough to give us an advanced copy on Friday. Here's the 2nd part of our interview from NYCC and as you'll see from this discussion, Brian has a great understanding and love for these characters. Please be aware that there are major spoilers in this interview, not only for Angel #17 but for the Spike comic and all that comes next. You have been warned.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this interview, Buffyfest! I loved AtF, and I really, really like to hear Brian's ideas on the series and on the Whedonverse in general. It's really cool to see how some ideas shaped up within the comic and how others are discarded and for what reasons. Great, insightful interview. This is why I love it when fans get to interview creators, b/c we don't ask the generic questions, but questions that are very specific to the 'verse.

Great job, all!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say: I'm sooo glad that Brian made mention of Joss not wanting Cordelia to come back. I loved Cordy on Buffy, and Angel 1-2, but I really think the character should have died around the time Wesley stole the baby. Her arc (to outgrow her selfishness) was done, and everything that came after, even before she ascended, was an annoying blip on an otherwise great series! When Brian brought her back for AtF, I was afraid that I would be treated to endless Angel/Cordy googly eyes, so I was quite releived when her appearance there was more true to who Cordy was when she was truly Cordy. Other than that, here's hoping that character stays out of the picture.

On the topic of Spike, I know a lot of people are clamoring to have him on Buffy S8, but I thought that it was fitting that Spike ended up on Angel. Angel (the show and the character) gathers outcasts who have to atone. The whole theme is atonement (while Buffy's is: coming-of-age). Angel gathers characters who couldn't be reconciled into the Scooby Gang. This is why I think that Spike is much more suited for this series than for Buffy. Here's hoping our two favorite vamps with souls can continue to see a lot of each other.

Michelle said...


I felt the same exact way about the Cordy appearance in Aftermath. I was afraid when I first saw her, but in the end it worked out fine. I also had the same feelings as you about the character on the show. My favorite Cordelia was in Season 2 - a mix of attitude and empathy. What happened later was a travesty.

Re: Spike - I never thought about it that way, but Spike's story does seem to fit better on Angel, than on Buffy. As for the comics, I'm more excited to see Angel's appearance. We always get a great cameo by Angel each season (except for the off screen meeting in Season six) and I hope they continue the tradition.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this interview!!! I'm so exited about the new Spike comic books series and I made a trailer:
I love Spike and Angel together, and I'm agree with Michelle his story fits better on Angel than on Buffy comics, but as a Spuffy fan I would be happy if he makes an appearance on Buffy season 8. I think Buffy have to know that he is alive... well, not dead ;))

Michelle said...

That great insight on Spike was actually from Artemis, who deserves all the credit. Don't worry Veiriti, I have no doubt that Spike's non-death will be discussed in the comics at some point. It's too interesting a topic not to come up.