Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Joss and Eliza quotes from the Dollhouse Event

Ok, I got in a lot of trouble for taking this but they are right in front of me and I couldn't resist! They are showing the same clip from Comic Con. Oh my god, Eliza's back by me right now and she's dancing along to the Lady Gaga club scene. So surreal right now.

All of us Buffyfesters are still crazy exhausted from NYCC and we really didn't plan on coming to this Apple Store event. At the last minute, I decided to come for a quick photo and leave. 3 hours and a Joss meeting later with my face all over Fox 5 news, I'm done. I have no idea what  just happened.

Here are some tidbits from the panel:

Joss went home after the now infamous Pizza date and said to his wife "Honey, I accidentally came up with a Fox show!"

Eliza - "Buffy was my first television experience.....No one has ever looked after me like this dude [Joss]."

Joss - "This could be the one they crucify me for and that gives me a [sarcastic] warm feeling. I have a box of Tums"

Roush - "How is Echo different by the end? Joss - "She's an elderly Hispanic gentleman"

Eliza - "I don't want to sound narcissistic and cocky but it's really cool!"

Talking about Eliza being sexy and it making Joss uncomfortable - Eliza says: "Joss would say ' do Did I fall asleep without sexy bedroom eyes' and I said 'I am, I am' and he would say 'do it again'." So she thought of her little niece while doing that scene.

Re: Morally ambiguous characters

Joss - "Even though Olivia is British, she's not totally bad"

Eliza - "When I came on as Faith I was this crazy girl and killing people and Joss comes in and makes you think...not everything is black and white.....you still felt compassion for her and rooting for her."

Joss - "If I've done my job right the audience will walk away feeling compromised themselves."

Eliza - "What he says"... "He talks good."

Re: the Friday Night Death Slot -

Guess Joss really likes T:SCC "Terminator struggled in the ratings but they stayed with it...mostly because I hounded them puts fake phone to his ear "How's terminator? Don't cancel it!"

Eliza - "I always wondered why there aren't good shows on Friday night? I go out on Saturday night."

Q. Some kid wants an autograph instead of asking a question and Joss said "if the question good enough" so he asks "how are you so awesome?" and Joss said that's not a question, that's a statement. Hee!

Q. What's your favorite character (I couldn't really hear exactly how it was worded) Joss - "echo is the most challenging" Eliza - "the blind cultist...I had on this Amish cult gear.....um not that Amish is a cult. Oh boy" Joss responds "Stupid English." Ha!

Eliza then goes on about how kissing Tamot is challenging. Joss (flustered) "Kissing Tahmot is challenging?" Eliza - "He's a whole lotta man.....I had that problem with David Boreanaz once. "Take out the vampire teeth, they're puncturing my tongue!" (laughs) people said "Why are you using your tongue?" Scandalous!

Q. Someone wants Nathan Fillion on the show "Again with Nathan Fillion on the show thing!" Then they just confirmed not only Alan Tudyk being on but9 announcement FELICIA DAY!

In response to why he reuses cast: Joss - "I'm lazy, casting takes a long time. Have to pretend to listen to people when they're talking. (Laughs) Who'd I just turn into?".... "I'm always worried that people will think it's too incestuous. Then I was reminded (says sadly and slowly) Noooobody saw Firefly...they won't care."

Then this amazing thuggish dude gets all "I need a Buffy and Angel movie, son." Haha! I love him.

Q. Does [the balancing the controversial topic subject get in the way of your story telling...I'm paraphrasing here. Joss - "besides the me being awesome question... This is the most important question of the entire week" He talks about Equality Now, and how he pitched the show to them. They deal with human trafficking in the real world. A lot of them understand but he got the feeling of "Do it wrong and I'll kill you." He said it was daunting and terrifying.

Finally Joss said "Watch out for episode 6, that's all I'm saying. I need to tell a story that's dark and challenging. We just get to mess with everybody. This is some of the best work we've done...but creatively - the most frightening and arduous struggle of my career."

Whew! That was hard to transcribe in real time! I hope I did it justice...

I met Whedonite John who brought his silver metallic sharpie so joss's autograph showed up properly on his season 4 dvd (it's a rather dark cover). He had a question in response to Joss's incestuous-actor-reuse statement, "If he uses everyone else from all of the shows...What about  Sarah Michelle Gellar?" Great question, John....great question.

So John truly goes up to Joss and says "So you slyly eluded that Buffy Angel movie question...I'm assuming it's not gonna happen." To which according to John Joss replied "Nope! You kind of need both of stars to make the movie and they don't want to do it."

And I'm done.
-sent from my sidekick


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, love the blog. I read religiously.

If anyone wants to read my account of the evening, it can be found here.

In response to that incestuous casting conversation, I asked Joss to cast Alexis Denisof in Dollhouse, and he said he'd love to work with him again as soon as possible.

Tara said...

Wow, that was a fabulous recap. Thanks Artemis, I was so busy trying to transcribe in real time, I still don't know half of what happened.

I totally agree with you about the lack of Angel love. I couldn't believe when they showed the slideshow of his shows on itunes afterwards, they went straight from Buffy to Firefly. Huh? Angel is one of the best shows ever, IMO...but as I've said before, it's become the redheaded (sorry Joss) step child.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, Tara! Glad you liked.

Anonymous said...

did you get to meet Eliza, or did she scoot out of there?