Saturday, February 14, 2009

Joss Whedon's most painful character deaths on Fandomania

We love lists around here and this one on Fandomania is exceptional. They've gone and nailed down "The 16 most painful character deaths" and it's spot on. I really didn't realize how many people have died in the verse. The 16 top ones are listed  here....but how many are there total?

I also loved that they pointed out a connection between Angelus's personality trait of taking great pleasure in artfully killing people and Joss himself having the same trait. Holy cow, brilliant! Joss is Angelus! Anyway, check it out:

Side note - By the way, I don't care if she sang it...Buffy's first death will never count to me. Matter of fact, the only reason anyone ever references it is because it called the next Slayer. Other than that, she was just out and needed CPR. She didn't actually die. This has been bothering me for a while. The Gift, on the other hand, needed a full-on resurrection complete with ritual sacrifice. Big difference.


Michelle said...

I love this list!

Anonymous said...

I watched Buffy just last year, then Firefly/Serenity, then Angel. I think the deaths I've seen in the Whedonverse all served some purpose. But Tara's is something I can't get over with. *sob*

Anonymous said...

I was really touched by most of the deaths on the shows (except Cordelia's, which as I said in a previous comment, was looong overdue).

Most shocking, to me, was Jenny's, both because I didn't think they would take Angel that far into darkness and b/c I was truly, truly horrified with what Angel set up for poor Giles. Also shocking: Tara and Lindsey. I made sure to keep away from spoilers, so both those deaths were shocking to me.

I really, really was most affected by Fred's death (b/c I loved her character and b/c of what it did to Wesley) and above all, by Wesley's death (not surprising, considering he's my favorite). Add to the general sadness of Wesley's death the fact that the series and the Buffyverse itself was ending, and you have a really depressing hour (though my favorite of the entire show).

Michelle said...

I'd have to say that Tara's death was the most shocking to me. Doyle comes in at a close second.