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Buffyfest Backyard BBQ 2008: Recap

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This year's Buffyfest is now over, and it was arguably the best one ever! There were games, there was yummy food, there was "Buffy/Angel under the stars". The weather was great and everyone was in good spirits. Thanks to everyone for coming to/helping with this special edition of Buffyfest and hope you all had a wonderful time.

Here's a blow by blow:
  • Morning - Mike did all of the grocery shopping and Ivan and I thought it would be fun to set up the inflatable screen early (see pics for how that went). Jen successfully reads every single Buffy and Angel comic book. Impressive!
  • 4 pm - Ivan and I give up after a 5 hour bloody battle with the Blue Marshmallow Monster. The last of the guests arrive.
  • 6:30 pm -The Buffy Trivia Game show *Hosted by Michelle*. Ryan becomes the undefeated champion of the Trivia Game show and wins the coveted "Golden Stake" award.
  • 7 pm - Gift bags! Full of goodies! The episode theme of the night is decided as "The Period Pieces".
  • After eating dinner (Ted's home made Pizza, Fred's Tacos, Anya's World of Shrimp and other various "Staked" foods/meats) and watching "Darla" inside, we move outside where the now expertly hung screen has been arranged almost solely by Ivan.
  • Sat 9 pm - Episode time! We watch "Are you now or have you ever been" followed by "Amends". As an added bonus we finish with Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog. It's almost like a drive-in except not really at all. Drinking and fun and Buffiness continues throughout the night.
  • We started the day with breakfast (funny shaped pancakes and Hey! Juice! amongst other things...Maman made the peach sauce!) and continued the fun with the Buffy TV fantasy game. This is the one where you scream at the TV "Cordy, make a snappy comeback..what the hell are you waiting for!?" or "Buffy, stake a demon already!" Episodes chosen out of a hat were: This Year's Girl and later, I Only Have Eyes for You. Winners were: Jen and Mike respectfully.
And that was about it! Thanks again all, it's great that we do this. See you next year where we already know we'll be watching The Prom and Graduation Day parts 1 & 2.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The More You Know...

Comic Con has brought about a fistful of news for the Buffyverse. Included are Allie, Joss and DB (2 parts) interviews. Watch and learn:,27373.html,27369.html

Here's some info on the continuation of the Angel comic:

Live Blogging from the 'Fest

The buffyfest backyard bbq is still in full effect - recap to follow. In the mean time, Felicia Day talks Dr. Horrible live at Comic Con 2008.

And the winner of the Super Duper Character Showdown tourney is:

Rupert Giles

The Watcher

as portrayed by Anthony Stewart Head

to read more about Giles and all of his tourney-winning coolness, click here:

Friday, July 25, 2008

Buffyfest Backyard BBQ 2008: this weekend!

To those who are attending this weekend's special 2-day version of our yearly Buffyfest, can't wait to see you there! Pics to follow....

Please note the special edition of the footer banner at the bottom of this page, in celebration of the event.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Krevlorneswath "Lorne" of the Deathwok Clan and Jay Manuel of America's Next Top Model

I heard someone else compare them and really was too hilarious and cute to resist.

NPH does the Dr. Horrible evil laugh w Kristin Chenoweth

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Penny vs. Misogyny

If you've been trolling any of the many Whedon forums, either general or "Dr. Horrible..." specific, you might notice that accusations regarding the Penny character range anywhere from "She's kinda weak, dude" all the way up to "Joss is teh sexist zomerz internet rage ftw!!11". To this I say, respectfully, chill. Our dear chica could have done with a sense of humor but a crime to womanity she is not. While she may not possess the sheer strength of will that say a certain slayer named Buffy might have, she is very human and arguably more altruistic than any other character male or female we've seen in the land of frolicking Whedons. Let's discuss what the three main characters motivations are in this story.

The 'hero', Captain Hammer, never seems to act selflessly. Whenever there's a good deed to be done he's there so long as it serves his best interest. He mounts an out of control van in the most overt, "look at me", hair flowing in the breeze way possible. He knows people are looking and looking like a hero guarantees him accolades. He shoves Penny out of the way and only notices later that, hey, she's kind of hot ("Not my usual, but nice"). From there he aids the homeless only because he knows that, to put it in terms I think Captain Hammer would appreciate, he'll totally get a crack at that crack if he does. When Penny does respond to his, hrm, affections, shall we say, he boasts about it and talks about sleeping with her a second time because he'll get to do the "weird stuff". Bottom line? Captain Hammer is a tool. We kind of already knew this but it bears repeating, I think.

Which brings us to Dr. Horrible. The villain with the heart of gold, right? Wrong! While Billy's intentions seem good at first, he quickly falls into the same traps that his nemesis does. When we first encounter Billy he's all about the social change. He hates Captain Hammer because he represents the status quo and "the status is not... quo", thus sayeth the doctor. Most of us would tend to agree so, early on, he's very identifiable as a heroic figure. However we see quickly that Billy, much like Captain Hammer, is far more interested in his own image than helping save the world. Case in point: when Penny is right in front of Billy asking him to take two seconds to sign her petition to help get shelter and food for the local homeless, he's far too distracted with trying to steal the random gizmo he needs. It isn't until he remembers, that, hey, this girl is kind of hot that he finally takes a moment to sign the petition only to immediately go back into his own little world totally ignoring Penny in the process.

Dr. Horrible gets a second paragraph? Yes, he does, and with good reason. When the tables turn and Captain Hammer stands frozen and unable to prevent Dr. Horrible from having his way (settle down, slashfic writers...), we discover Billy's true motivations. Social change is only an afterthought to what really matters: "All the cash, all the fame". Dr. Horrible sings in triumph as he declares that "heroes are over with" all the while showing off that he has got the biggest, ahem, "gun".

Then the worst occurs, the gun malfunctions and Penny is killed in the crossfire. What of Captain Hammer and Dr. Horrible? Captain Hammer doesn't even know what happened. He's too busy crying for "someone maternal" because he's got himself a boo boo. It's all about him. Same for Dr. Horrible. Does he give up the life of crime? Does he realize he's gone too far? Nope! He pulls a "Wah! I'm so tragic that now I have no choice but to become totally evil and do all the cliche things villains do." Really, Billy? Really? Why not just hang up the spurs, quit the life of crime, and take up your former love's mantel by quietly helping those in need? In the end you're not any different from Captain Hammer: it's all about you, Billy buddy.

Which brings us to our fallen friend, Penny, who was the only real hero all along. True heroes are almost always unsung, always the ones who get screwed in the end, and Penny is no exception. Look at her behavior throughout. She defines the phrase "helping the helpless". Sound familiar, kids? Whether she's trying to help Billy keeps his chin up or help feed and clothe the homeless, she's always trying to do the right thing for others without really thinking of herself. Do you really think she wanted to sleep with Captain Hammer? I have to tell you I think she did it because she knew it was the price she had to pay for him to help her cause. When she talks about "years of stormy sailing" and having "finally found the bay" she hardly seems happy. Honestly, I can totally hear her nagging mother in the background guilting her to just settle down and "give me some grandchildren before I die". Oh, wait. That was my mom! Still, I don't think it's a stretch to think that Penny is feeling the stress of social pressure that all women face day to day.

In the end, I think Penny reminds us of the struggle we all face. While the boys are busy trying to make a name for themselves whether they're the football jock or the computer nerd, we girls are really just trying to do right by the world in the hope that the world will be right to us in return. Is this a little bitter and anti man of me? Yeah, maybe, but it's also pretty fucking true. Penny's death shouldn't translate into "Joss is saying women are weak". If anything it suggests that people like Captain Hammer and Dr. Horrible (aka, men) talk about making the world a better place when really they only want to make the world a better place for themselves. The lesson is that, if people were more like Penny, then there would be less badness in the world.

In other words: Women are awesome and men are selfish bastards. Thanks, Joss. I already knew this but I think that particular axiom always bears repeating.

Darn, I think we all missed Joss on last Friday's "Best Week Ever"

Here's a tease:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Sounds like there's trouble in the Dollhouse. According to Variety, Joss is deciding to air episodes of his forthcoming drama out of sequence.

“I showed some scenes to David Lynch and he’s all, ‘Whuh?’ Bad sign,” says Joss. As it stands episode two is being reworked and presented as the pilot and the original pilot will air as episode two.

However, in addition to the comments made, Joss also went on to say: “There were some slight issues with tone. I was in a dark, noir kind of place and didn’t bring the visceral pop the network had expected from the script." Issues with tone? Sounds like the new show is already off to a very bumpy start.

I hate to think what the suits mean by "visceral pop". Are we dealing with another case of "Your show is too dark visually so brighten it up" a la Angel season five or is there something more insidious at work here? Ever since it was revealed that there would be limited commercial interruption for this show I've been dreading the possibility of product placement. Could this visceral pop translate into something that looks and plays more like a commercial?

Variety itself goes on to remind us that the original Buffy pilot had been largely reshot (not to mention recast) but this smacks more of issues that Fox, and subsequently the viewing public, had with Firefly. Establishing the rules of the Dollhouse universe and helping us understand and identify with it's protagonist is, frankly, Scriptwriting 101.

Thankfully, with the success of Dr. Horrible, I have a renewed faith in Joss's ability as a thoughtful creator of setting and characters both. Still, I'm nervous and ever more critical of the frothing at the mouth Whedonites who have already decided that Dollhouse will be this incredible program, completely above reproach. I hope that this news will act as a reminder that even the best writers can't always get it right and, the more they treat a tv show like it's the second coming, the more likely they will be incredibly disappointed.

You can find the original article here.

No F-ing Way

Did SMG have a cameo in Doc Horrible? This is nuts, Seriously, look at this picture then follow the link below:

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Obsessed with Dr Horrible's Blog-a-blog-a-ding dong? That came out wrong.

Some comments I've read around the internets about Doc Horrible's sing-a-majiggy's conclusion:

"Well that was quite a dickpunch."

"Is it wrongthat I got all kinds of giddy when I saw the Mutant Enemy logo at the end?"

"Doctor... Horrible"

"Yeah Joss, whatever. I think we're used to that by now. More to the point, yay! Dr. Horrible made it into the Evil League of Evil! :) I love it when people achieve their dreams."

"After Act Three, I feel cheated... annoyed... and maybe even a little angry that I gave this thing such high recommendations to friends and family based on the strength--and hilarity--of the first two installments. That was--no pun intended--a HORRIBLE ending."

"HO. LEE. SHIT. Joss, dude. Seriously. That's all I can say and I'm not even 100% sure what I mean."

"I gotta tell ya, this has been one of the most enjoyable pieces of film I've seen in quite a while."

"I would go so far as to call it tragic"


"Mr. Whedon, if you accidentally wander across this blog post on your journeys through Netland, I'm offering to come to LA and give you a really big hug and a blueberry muffin if you will, just once, not have one character in your work suffer horribly. I agree that it adds a lot to the impact of the story, but really, you're killing us here. You big, brilliant, disgustingly talented meanie you."

and the usual

"Joss is God"

I also read that there was some distaste for the fact that dr. horrible's sing a long blog website didn't have, you know, an actual blog on it.

and a Review/Interview w NPH:

Dr. Horrible's Blahblitty Blahhg Act Three

Final part! Go check it out:

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Buffy Merchandise

Just some of the awesome shirts at this site. Beware of some of the not-so awesome shirts, i.e. the "Spander Shipper" shirt.

Buffy Tribute Album

Check out the free mp3 for "Kinda Wish D'Hoffryn was My Boyfriend" here:

For the main site go here:

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The Buffyverse Wiki

Um, did we know about this?

Charisma Carpenter and David Boreanaz MTV

Why on Earth is he smelling her??

I found a lot more of these with the whole's another:

Dr. Horrible-y Awesome!

Part 2 is out! I love it more than I thought I would. I would quote some of the brazilliant lines here but I don't want to spoil anything about this next installment. Click on the pic.

The Buffy/Angel Trivia Guide & behind the scenes!

Lots and lots of behind the scenes trivia that I never heard before:

Also, tons of behind the scenes photos:

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Did you guys see Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Thingamajiggy?

I'm going to post it in the sidebar for a while so everyone can link to it. Part 1 is up now. The 3 complete parts will being taken down on July 20th (that's this Sunday!!) So don't forget to check it out way before then.

Buffy & Angel 1-800 collect commercials 1998

version 2:

Do they even have 1-800 collect anymore? The winner of the competition was Jessica Johnson of Maryland, who won a three day trip for two to participate in the episode "The Prom."

Why is she about to stake a vamp with an icicle!! Ha!

Joss Whedon, Eliza Dushku & David Boreanaz - 2008 FOX All Star Party

I couldn't make the picture any bigger. I'm not sure I'm a worthy blogger yet. Anyway, click on the link for more...

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Cats and Dogs - Charisma Carpenter Pilot from a few years ago

This actually has some really great'll see what I mean.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Charisma interview 6 weeks before Angel season 5 premiered

She's singing a different tune by now. I wouldn't be surprised if she was straight up livid at this point. Her answer (toward the end) is quite different from 'She said she is absolutely willing to return to the series to provide closure to her character's story arc and bring the beloved Cordy out of the coma in which she remained during last season's finale," which was from an article from just 2 weeks earlier.

Since we're digging into the past...

I found this. It was an event sometime before the start of Angel Season 5. Boreanaz is the main event but there's also an appearance by Joyce, Xander (and his brother?) and Groo.

Controversy around Doyle's exit from Angel

I had no idea how much drama there was about this situation. Some people thought he was taken out at the last minute because he wasn't working out (and now it definitely seems possible that it could be related to his drug use.) Joss claims they wanted to kill him all along. Wonder what the truth is?

David Boreanaz was interviewed in the March 00 issue of FANGORIA...
FANGORIA: There were rumors of conflicts on the set with Glenn Quinn, who played Doyle in the first season. Is there anything you want to say about that?

DB: Glenn is like a brother to me. It just didn't work as far as the connections with the characters were concerned. They were two dynamic, brooding people. The writers attempted to separate them, but we found that they were getting closer and closer. So it wasn't conflict, it was a breathing-room thing. He's doing great—he's a great actor, and I look forward to working with him again down the line.
Charisma Carpenter said this at the time:
The party line states that Doyle was never intended to be a permanent fixture on the show, but was to be killed off midway from the start. Scuttlebutt, however, suggests that Quinn was let go after the producers determined that the character had outlived his usefulness, that he simply wasn't working out. "I really don't know which is which and I don't ask," Carpenter says. "All I know is that I am sad. I was very sad to see Glenn go. Personally, there was a kinship. There is a friendship that forms when you work that many hours. He was very charismatic and jolly and just an all-around fun person to be with."

"As far as the characters go, Cordelia and Doyle had such a great, great relationship. There was a lot of chemistry. My Mom said, 'I was really sad to see him go because I really felt for him wanting to get to you. I felt he was going to reach you and then he pulled back. And it was so compelling.' So I think the show suffers a bit for taking that away. But Joss and David are very smart. They're very good writers, so I'm sure they'll make up for it in some other area. I don't think that our show is going to die, that we'll lose out momentum or anything. But I have a little bit of a thorn in my heart over it."

Ironic that she was the next casualty from "the wrath of Joss". Check out this site for all the juicy gossip:

Also check this link out for a thoughtful piece on Joss's (sometimes poor) decision to kill off characters:

SMG Interview

Great interview from February. I love how she speaks of Buffy.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Some Quotes on the Buffy/Angel Reunion in Season Seven

Quote by Joss:

"It was important for David to come and do [the Buffy finale], which is really sweet considering he's all over the end of Angel at the same time. It means a lot to me and Sarah and David and the writing staff as storytellers, because Angel was there from the beginning and because their relationship transcends everything. "

Quotes by DB:

Boreanaz is looking forward to working with former co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar once again. “I think one just steps right back into that situation, and that feeling and that chemistry. I think we have a really great working chemistry together. These two characters are right on with each other, so we’ll see what happens when we have that moment together again.”

Plus, Angel is sure to get a boost from the title do-gooder's long-awaited reunion with his Chosen One on UPN's Buffy sendoff. "Angel and Buffy meet, of course, in a perfect moment," Boreanaz reveals. "I won't say much about it, but I will say that it was good to see the two characters back together. It was easy, too. Sarah Michelle Gellar and I just kind of stepped back into it again."

"It was fun. It was a chance to get back and see everybody. It was great to work with Sarah (Michelle Gellar, who plays Buffy) again and be reminded of what these two characters brought to the table."

“Again, it's going to be an open-ended question, but I just don't think Joss wants to kill these two characters, and so it's going to be a lot of fun. That next episode, the season finale, it sort of sets up the reason why he goes back to Sunnydale. It's going to be exciting to watch.”

“As far as getting back to work with Sarah [Michelle Gellar] again, you know, she's great. We're just kind of stepped into the shoes, the characters picked up where they left off, and we kind of rocked it. It's going to be good to see Angel and Buffy back together again in those specific instances.”

"I liked the simplicity of the Buffy/Angel relationship in the first year," says Boreanaz. "They shared a camaraderie and it was obvious that they were both at ease around each other and really enjoyed their work. As an actor it was a joy for me to feed that creative process. A number of positive things came out of Buffy's first season and they served to build a solid foundation on which the series could grow." -Dreamwatch-2003

"It was fun. It was a reunion of sorts between Sarah and I and some of the cast people that were still there and the crew members. It was stepping back into those shoes and seeing those two characters together again, which I'm sure the fans will really like. It's good to give them that which they've been asking for quite some time now. We had a good time. It was pretty painless." -Dreamwatch 2003

Did you and Sarah Michelle Gellar fall into your old rapport? "We pretty much did. That's what's so great about her and the rapport that the two of us have. We just stepped back into those shoes and had some fun. All I can say is that the fans saw those characters where they wanted to see them. Again, it's probably going to be an open ending, but hey, that's life [laughs]..." Dreamwatch 2003

“It’s been a great time so far,” says Boreanaz. “There is nothing detrimental about Angel crossing over to Buffy, just pour it on. The experience has been wonderful; there are no negative feelings between the two casts.”

WERE YOU SURPRISED THAT BUFFY WAS BROUGHT TO AN END? “I wasn't surprised. I kind of saw it coming. The time was right I'm sure that Sarah [Michelle Gellar] came to a very peaceful feeling inside that, 'Yeah, this is the time.' Of course everyone is going to bash her because they've got nothing better to do. She's going through a very strange period with that, but she's a strong girl and a really good actress, and I'm sure she'll get through it. It's a transition time for her, but she'll be fine.”- Oct 2003

YOU ENDED UP GUESTING IN THE LAST TWO EPS OF BUFFY. WHAT WAS THAT LIKE AND WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO DO IT? “It's something that, for me, was really for the story and for Sarah. Buffy is how it all started for me. I'd do anything for Sarah. Doing the show is how I got my start, as far as the character was concerned. In terms of the story, getting the two characters back together was important for the fans. They were waiting for it. I think there was another story to be told. Hopefully, Buffy will come and see Angel next season on our show. You never know where these things will lead.” Oct 2003

Quotes by SMG:

When the show ends, would you be upset if Joss didn't pair up Buffy and Angel again? "I would be terribly upset, but Joss doesn't necessarily believe in happy endings, so it probably wouldn't happen anyway. I'm not getting my hopes up."

"There has always been a connection between David and I, personal and professional."

"Working with him was like putting on your oldest and favorite pair of jeans, you just slip right into them."

"My reunion with David Boreanaz makes this final Buffy episode extra special!"

All quotes are found at the link below. There are so many great Buffy/Angel quotes by Joss, SMG, DB, other actors and writers at this site. Take a gander. It's long but worth it.

Charisma/Cordy Coma Controversy

I'm taking it back, way back...back into time. From 2003 to be exact:

Angel Mystery: Will Cordy Wake Up?
by Michael Ausiello

Now that Angelus and Co. have assumed control of Wolfram & Hart on Angel, we suggest they use their new seat of power to solve the show's biggest mystery: What the heck happened to Charisma Carpenter and her alter ego Cordelia? Carpenter — a former Buffy cast member who, like David Boreanaz, has been with the show since its inception — went off to have a baby last season and hasn't been heard from since. (Cordy remains in a coma on the show.) Making matters more murky, a new Angel cast list makes no mention of the actress. The WB and 20th Century Fox have been cagey about the omission, and numerous attempts to make contact with Carpenter's agent have proven unsuccessful. So, what's a journalist to do? Go straight to the big boss himself, Joss Whedon.

TV Guide Online: Why was Charisma's name removed from next season's cast list?

Joss Whedon:
Mainly because we felt like we had taken that story — just like Buffy for seven years — about as far as it could go. The Angel/Cordelia [love story] had gone pretty much as far as we wanted to take it. Their romance was definitely not a popular move on our part, and I think with most fans. It just seemed like it was time because we were revamping the show, and then paring it down... it just seemed like a good time for certain people to move on. Not completely, obviously. I'm hoping that we'll get Charisma to do some episodes as Cordelia sometime during the year. She's a new mother, so, like Sarah [Michelle Gellar], I'm waiting to hear what her schedule is like. But it just seemed creatively like... I once said that I finally got to tell the story of Buffy that I tried to tell in the movie, and I did it with Cordelia. Which was the story of someone who was completely ditzy and self-involved becoming kind of heroic. But the way the series was different from the movie was that I didn't know where you go from there. So, I felt like we spent seven years playing that very arc, and it had played. Like Buffy itself, it's time to look at something new.

TVGO: Isn't that a disservice to fans who invested all those years in the character and her redemption? It seems an odd thing to do to the show's leading lady.

That's a fluctuating concept, the leading lady thing. And it is a little odd. Some choices are ultimately kind of controversial about who stays and who goes and who we focus on. But obviously, we had to have her out of a bunch of episodes toward the end of the year because she was having a baby... so what we had [leading] up to it wasn't a dynamic I wanted to play out that much. The fact is, this is not the end — unless Charisma herself says, "You know what? I don't feel like doing any recurring episodes." But when you have an increasingly large ensemble week-by-week, and you come in in your [fifth] year kind of having to revamp the show and trim the budget and also think creatively, "How am I going to service all of these people?," sometimes the people who have been around the longest, you've done the most with them.

TVGO: Some are speculating that she was a casualty of James Marsters's cross over as Spike next season. Like, there wasn't enough money in the budget to pay for them both, so she got the boot.

That's a hell of a thing to lay on James. It was a creative decision that we made before Spike came over to the show, and like I said, I don't intend to leave Cordelia in a coma for the rest of the Buffyverse. But the creative decision to have the character step down happened long before negotiations with James [started]. It should not be laid at his feet.

TVGO: Were things left on good terms with Charisma?

Yeah, but that's also stuff between us and not stuff that I would talk about in an interview.

Friday, July 11, 2008

"Buffy The Vampire Slayer : Sacrifice" Video Game - Announced on Nintendo DS

Buffy vs. Twilight series

I've been meaning to post about this. It's not about Buffy per se, but Joss recently discussed the villain in (our) comic having a similar name to this hugely popular series, "Twilight". His actual quote was this:

So far, in the dozen-plus issues that have come out, Buffy and her slayers are up against Twilight, who wants to bring an end to magic because he believes that the slayer activation caused a major imbalance between good and evil. (This Twilight, however, is not related to the other series about a girl in love with a vampire. "It wasn't actually an original idea, so I can't say, 'Oh, "Twilight," they stole it from us,' because when it comes to star-crossed lovers, honestly, who else is she going to love?" Whedon said. "Besides, vampires are sexy.")

That's taken from this article about season 8:

Check these links for the Twilight buzz. MTV is producing the movie:

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sucks for Charisma - having all her dirty laundry aired out here

Bad enough you have to get divorced, but now everyone and their mother knows every little detail. Sheesh. At least she has some work...she's going to be on that "Greek" show again. I guess she's a recurring character now.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

If Dawn ever wanted to visit Conner at College or vice versa....

View Larger Map

David Boreanaz is possibly a douche

Yeah, I don't know what to say about this translation. Check this article, per Michelle. She wasn't sure if we should add this desecration to our blog (especially if it's a false rumor)...but the translation is so hilarious, that I made the executive decision to add it. I mean, just read this lusciously engrish translated bit for a taste of the fun:

David Boreanaz thus obviously definitively turned the page on his role of nozzle of blood in the large heart. Difficult of more on this subject since the interested party refused to justify himself as for this decision.

His role of nozzle of blood in the large heart? Lol. Read the full translation below:

But it looks like Boreanaz does not want to give us what we want. He's become too good for us and the show that made him famous. I think Michelle's biggest fear of posting it - is that it really is true, and she'd be the bearer of the evil news. I will do it for you, innocent one. Maybe it'll lessen the break of the nozzle of blood in your large heart.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Vote for Buffy!

Can Buffy beat Thor...You decide.,0,4881219.special

News from all around

Here we go again with this Friends movie crap. What are they waiting for?! Buffy Movie before these tools get to it!:

Will Anthony Stewart Head be the next Doctor, Dan? Will he?

Should Charisma Carpenter be on the next Dancing with the Stars? The answer is no, of course but read on anyway, if you'd like:

Strangely, all of these are a bunch of "What if" lists.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Alice Movie Update

I'm so confused. In this article, it talks of SMG no longer being involved with the Alice project:

In this older article it claims that SMG (and I guess the Prinze) own the rights to the film, and states that she said will "write it herself if she has to" though "she may be too old to play Alice.":

here's the official Interview that apparently came from (even though it said SciFi Wire in the previous article):

Hmm. What to believe, what to believe.

Repo! The Genetic Opera trailer

Looks like ASH is basically the main character in this (the Repo man). Too bad Paris Hilton is in it. Not that I'm bashing her per se, it's just that it's more likely that it will be perceived as a joke and get the wrong type of publicity, than the cult-y thing it's trying to be. But you never know...the "Saw" guy does have a strong following.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July from Buffy and Angel!

This one's even better!

Final Fantasy does I've got a theory! This is so geeky. Michelle isn't going to have a clue what's going on here and I do only to a limited extent...but I know enough to know. I know enough.

Silly and weird: I've Got a Theory ~ Disney Style

It's weird, but I like it!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The philosophy of Buffy's hair

Yup, it's all about the hair over the years here. Check it out:

Wednesday, July 2, 2008