Sunday, October 6, 2019

A Slayer By Any Other Name

As news trickles in, we’ve come to find out that the Buffy reboot isn’t so much a reboot, but the story of a new Chosen One with her own set of adventures. We’re more than fine with that - no need to redo the perfection that was Buffy Summers. A script hasn’t been penned yet, so we thought it might be fun to take this opportunity to make a Wish List of sorts. Here are a few story ideas (out of a gazillion) that we came up with off the top of our heads:

The Future Dystopia: What if our new slayer lived in a dystopian future a la the Buffy episode “The Wish”? We could see a world ravaged by climate change, making it fertile hunting grounds for nasty night dwellers, demons, as well as desperate humans. Sounds like a perfect time for Wolfram & Hart to enter stage left and take advantage of the situation.

The Metaphor: Buffy was known for the “high school is hell” metaphor and since one thing we know for sure about the new slayer is that she will be a person of color, it would make sense to use vampires as a metaphor for white supremacy and racism. This could be a powerful telling of our present state of affairs.

The Period Piece: Literally anytime in our past would make for a great telling of a young girl’s story as she comes into her own power and faces the resistance of the society around her.

The Crossover: Recently, SMG and David Boreanaz were asked about the new slayer and both shot down the idea of appearing in it, but if you read the articles here and here, I think you’ll see that they might be a little confused (like we all were ) and think it’s a literal reboot of their characters. It’s not and any and all guest appearances are welcome, even annoying Xander (kidding, not really).

No matter what, I know we’re all looking forward to watching this world come to life again. The possibilities are endless and that’s a good thing.