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Sorry it's pretty offensive...but remember it's him, not me.

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Bones on TNT - slightly off topic

If anyone would like to catch Boreanaz on his other show (that actually proved to be a minor hit) from the beginning, they will be showing them starting tomorrow night on TNT. Check this link for the deets:

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Alittle more You Tube fun

What to watch...

From - By Webmaster - 2008-01-21

Sarah Michelle Gellar on "Late Show with David Letterman" tonight

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Wow! SMG is still going to be American McGee's Alice!

Alice Movie

She called it her "Passion project". I'd looove to see her in this part. Get on with it already!


Click the link above. WTF? Vaseline? Sheesh

Happy Birthday Buffy!

From - By Webmaster - 2008-01-19

Happy Birthday To Buffy Summers

Birth of the Buff

In 4.11 Doomed, Buffy says that she’s a Capricorn on the cusp of Aquarius, which confirms that her birthdate is somewhere between the 17th and the 20th of January. This corresponds to the fact that her birthday episodes usually air that week in the US (usually the 18th or 19th episode of each season).

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Buffy Vlog Volume the Second

So this is the second of our motley video blogs aka 'vlogs'. As we evolve and come up with new ideas, please bear with us as we shake out the bugs or do some other mixed metaphor that equates to figuring out how to make these things. In this case there are pluses and minuses.

+ actual opening
+ actually talk about Whedonverse
+ actual closing
+ other person in background making fun comments

- opening goes on forever
- Whedonverse talk is mostly covered up by talk of other randoms
- other person is talking cockney and never appears onscreen.

All that being said, it's a big leap forward for us here in the Buffy Vlog land. Without further ado, please enjoy Episode 2!

Hee! Grr Arrgh...

Poor, Poor Buffy

Further illustration showing how screwed up it is to be Buffy when, in reality, your most stable relationship is with Riley...

Seriously. Bitch needs a therapist, quick.

Buffy Snog-o-meter

click on the image to see the cute full view!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Check out these amazing custom figures
I don't know why I sent out a mass email when that's what this blog is for. Duh. Click the link to see this amazing range of hundreds of truly gorgeous Buffy/Angel customs.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Buffy Vlog Volume #1

Come on a magical journey where we discover just how useful a vlog can really be!

Skip to the end of the interview....New show?

From - By Webmaster - 2008-01-14

Summer Glau - "Terminator : Sarah Connor Chronicles" Tv Series - Interview

Summer Glau spent the hours before last night’s premiere of her new series, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, hanging out with fans and posing for pictures at the Los Angeles Comic Book and SciFi Convention. We were able to snag a few minutes with the newest addition to the Terminator factory line before she was whisked away in a frenzy of marketing and fandom. In the new show, Glau plays the good Terminator, sent to protect John Connor. You can catch the second hour of the two-part premiere tonight — an hour that in our opinion kicks a lot more butt. Find out more about Summer, and hear a rumor about the all-singing, all-dancing mystery version of Firefly, in our interview.

You’ve been involved in Firefly, Serenity and The 4400. Are you particularly attracted to science fiction or do you choose the the projects based on the roles?

Well, scifi has sort of chosen me! The first scifi I ever auditioned for was Firefly, and it was the first television series I’d ever read for too, as a regular. Scifi fans are so loyal, they love to see their actors working, and I think that’s why I keep going back to doing scifi.

The characters that you’ve played are all superwomen who kick ass, but they’ve all been "tweaked" somehow, or in some cases aren’t even human. Do you feel like that’s anti-feminist?

Well, look at Lena’s character. She’s a powerful woman, but she’s normal but thrust into extreme circumstances. I like playing roles that are very vulnerable, and I think that Cameron is very vulnerable. Even though she’s a robot, there’s a vulnerability about her because she’s alone in this new reality. She’s childlike in that she’s absorbing everything around her and trying to fit in and find her place. That’s what’s interesting to me. I don’t want to play a character that is one-dimensional. I think that the women, I’ve played, while they’re powerful, they’re also vulnerable, they’re emotional, and they are multi-faceted.

We’ve hear that Joss Whedon likes his actors to have some input in their characters, did you do that when you played River Tam in Firefly?

Oh, you heard that did you? *laughs*

Was it true?

No, not for me! We don’t change anything about the characters. Although it’s important for every actor to answer their own questions about our characters... we used to joke with Joss like "Hey, I have idea for this scene!" And he’d be like, "Uh, yeah. We’re doing it my way." *laughs*

I trust him completely, and there were days when I came for scenes and I didn’t know how I was going to do them. If Joss hadn’t been there, I would have been lost.

Let’s say something magical happened tomorrow, and they said Firefly was coming back on the air. Would you be up for it?

You know, I never had another experience like Firefly. It was very different for me because I’d hardly worked before. I was like a little sister and it was a very safe environment for me. I’ve never had that since, and I would definitely go back in a heartbeat.

Your character changed the most on the show, going from an innocent, lost little girl to a superweapon who could kill everyone in the room at the drop of a hat. Did you bring some of that to the role as Cameron?

I’ve wanted to make them very different. My main concern when I got this role was ’How do you make people care about a robot?’ I’ve been trying to do that in a lot of different ways. What happens in the show is that you’re drawn to her and you start to care about her, but then you see her do something that is so cold, and so inhumane that it’s scary. That’s what I’m going for!

You have a background as a dancer, do you still do that?

I do, although it’s not easy. I go to classes often. I have a very physical role and I have to work out a lot, but I’d much rather go to dance class than go to the gym.

Do you have any shows or projects coming up where you dance?

Well, you could ask Joss about that. We might have a little something coming up...

Firefly, the musical? Summer had to run off to her panel, but we’ll be checking into this!

If only.....

Click on the image to enlarge.

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Radio Buffy

You'll have to patiently wait through some commercials (and snooze-worthy full versions of songs by the struggling 90's bands that were featured in episodes or performed at the Bronze) to get to anything good, but you'll hear some gems here and there like background music from "The Wish" and other goodies by Christophe Beck. There's also good dialogue, songs from the musical, and of course the odd-but-obvious Bif Naked and Michelle Branch cameos.

...Click the link above (or copy it into your browser) to listen!

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Wacky Angel dancing then and now...

Marc Blucas vs. Brad Pitt

From - By Webmaster - 2008-01-10

Marc Blucas - "Buffy" Tv Series - Interview

When Blucas was hired to play Buffy’s new boyfriend in 1999, he was warned to expect hostility from fans. After all, he was taking the place of Buffy’s ex Angel, a brooding vampire who had gotten his own spinoff series.

"Joss (Whedon, the show’s creator) told me, ’We could hire Brad Pitt and they’re still going to hate him,’" Blucas recalled. "It didn’t matter. They did everything humanly possible, as writers, to get them (the audience) to like me."

But though some fans accepted the character, heroic nice-guy Riley Finn, many others were rabid in their hatred of him. And they took their complaints to the Internet.

So did Blucas check out what was being said about him on fan message boards online?

"Sure I did," he said ruefully. "That was a real bright move. That can hit your confidence."

Whedon and other members of the cast and crew warned him not to look at those comments, "but it was like driving by a car accident," he said. "They were writing such bad things about me, I thought my parents would disown me."

Despite the bruises to his ego, Blucas appreciated the chance to be a part of Buffy lore.

"It was like being a freshman in the ACC," he said. "I didn’t know what the heck I was doing, but I was playing with some of the best players out there. I got to get my feet wet and pick up good habits instead of bad ones on my first real job. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience."

After about a year on the show, he went to talk with Whedon and they agreed that it was time for the character to leave.

"I was ready to be off the show, not because of the audience," he said. "I don’t want to play the same character all the time. It’s important to play different roles."

He has resisted series television since then, focusing on movies. He did, however, take a guest role last season on an episode of Fox’s hit medical drama House. In it, Blucas played an ex-Marine whom Dr. House had a dream about.

"They win awards for a reason," Blucas said. "They’re a great group of people, but by day three I was going crazy. To each their own. Some people want the security of a series, to be on the set and with the same people all the time. Again, I had a great time, but it told me what I already knew - which was that I didn’t want to sign up for a big TV show."

Angry Naked Angel

So for those not in the know, Brian Lynch, creator of a very funny character/series called Angry Naked Pat, is the man behind the writing of the first canonical series of Angel comics entitled After the Fall. What you may not know is that he has been kind enough to post an enjoyable podcast wherein he answers a solid number of questions that people asked via the magic of MySpace.

I hate MySpace. That's not important but I'm throwing it out there because, other than the aforementioned podcast, MySpace is basically a black hole of useless people spouting useless things and generally camwhoring all over the place. Alright, I tracked down a few high school friends with MySpace and that was pretty good but other than that it's about as fresh and flowery as anything else scatological.

That's not the point. Stop sidetracking me, alright? Alright. I'm calm. I'm collected. Where were we again? Oh, yes: podcast. I'm going to post a link to it right about... here! I recommend clicking on it, having a listen, enjoying the commentary on *spoiler alert* Alvin and the Chipmunks, married life, and, oh yes, talk of the wonderful IDW published comic, Angel: After the Fall. If you haven't picked up a copy of your own I highly recommend doing so and then you know, reading it before listening to the podcast because otherwise you're just going to look silly. You don't want to look silly, do you? No, of course you don't. That's what midgets* are for.

* sorry about that, midgets

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"Deaths of Buffy"....pretty dark. Uses A Perfect Circle remix.

SMG in Maxim

I found this on It's just the Buffy related questions from maxim:

MAXIM: Let's talk Buffy. Could you tell that it was ground-breaking while you were filming it?

SMG: I had a feeling because it was the first of it's kind. There wasn't anything else at the time that said women could be flawed and sexy and kick ass. A vampire is the ultimate sexual metaphor: You love someone so much that you want to suck their blood. You want to drain them, you want all of them. Not to mention leather pants, and high heels kicking butt!

MAXIM: Have you ever seen any of the porn versions of Buffy?

SMG: Yeah, I think there was a Muffy the Vampire Layer....
We had a cast viewing in one of the trailers. You know you've made it when they make a porn version of you.

MAXIM: Are crazed fans like us still coming up to you to talk about the show?

SMG: At least once a day, but at least they say nice things. When I was on all my children, people would get so mad they'd yell at me. A woman came up to my mom in a bank and yelled, "I don't think it's right of your daughter to lie on the witness stand about being raped!" People take it very seriously.

Here's another one.....

Love it...watched it like 5 times.

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Enjoy the new music player to your right

Buffyness all day and night.....

Fandom, Fun, and... Fangs?

Oh, internet. Such a love/hate relationship we have with ye. Our dear Buffyverse probably would never have lived on without you but oh, the Spuffy. Why, oh why? The good news is that not all internet fandom consists of "What if they mated?" scenarios and general strange romantic pairings (Xander and Oz? Seriously? Come on, internet).

For example:

BtVS/AtS icons

which is home to the very many icons that can be used on say, oh, I dunno... a certain forum we've all been using, perhaps? Take a look, find your favorites, and realize that you haven't lived until you've changed icons every five minutes to suit your mood of the moment.

And since you've all been such good little boys and girls, you've also earned another super fun YouTube fanvid. Warning: Don't go looking for these yourself. YouTube is probably a scary place full of deviants who think Buffy and Giles should have a three-way with Clem.

That's all for now! Keep an eye out here for all the fandom that's fit to digitally print!

Ripper News

From - By Ben Rawson-Jones - 2007-12-27

Joss Whedon - "Ripper" Tv Movie - He confirms the commitment

Joss Whedon has confirmed that Ripper - the proposed Buffy spin-off starring Anthony Head - is still going ahead.

Whedon, speaking to SFX magazine, stated: "Ripper - or whatever Tony [Head] and I get to make - isn’t imminent, but it’s absolutely on the slate. The Beeb has been grand about it."

News on the show has been sparse since widespread reports in August that the project had been green-lit by the BBC and filming would take place in 2008. The narrative would focus on Head’s Buffy character Rupert Giles, a ’Watcher’ who helps mentor slayers in a bid to prevent vampires from overrunning the planet.

I felt like this should be immortalized here forever

Us at the Buffy Musical Sing-a-long November 2006 (featured on the official website):

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From the Buffyfest 2006 DVD

Just thought it would be fun to add to the Buffyfest blog:

My first time

I've just lost my blog virginity. Never did this before.

Here's some Buffy news...

Sarah Michelle Gellar's January & February Tv Schedule : 5 Tv Shows in 1 Month !

"The Air I Breathe" opens in Theaters on January 25, 2008 - All photos, news, interviews and videos are here :

"Possession" opens in Theaters on February 22, 2008 - All photos, news, interviews and videos are here :

Sarah Michelle Gellar will appear in 2008 on these shows :

January 23 - "Live with Regis and Kelly" - ABC
February 11 - "Late Show with David Letterman" - CBS
February 12 - "The View" - ABC
February 18 - "Rachael Ray Show" - CBS
February 20 - "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" - CBS

Is this what I'm supposed to be doing here?

Welcome to the Buffyfest Blog

Hi all! The Buffy Winter Conference is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, February 2nd, 2008. Please go to the Buffyfest Forums for all of the info and discussion. The forums can be found here: Buffy Boards

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