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The Season Seven Showdown: Episode 5 - "Shut Up, Dr. Phil" vs. "Selfless"

This week's showdown is coming in a bit late, so let's get right to it. For those just joining us, we've been asking ourselves the question: Since the shows are so similar, will Season 7 of Supernatural go down in flames like Buffy season 7 did? We've been comparing the shows episodes week-to-week to find out just that.

Before I even start this week 5 comparison, I have to point out that this is a very special showdown event as we have some major Whedon royalty throwing themselves into the mix here. That's right, both James Marsters & Charisma Carpenter turned traitor and finally made their much anticipated "Buffy Reunion" appearance in this season's Supernatural! They join an amazing 18 other Whedonverse actors who have done Supernatural! 20 crossovers in total...incredible.

Supernatural Episode #4 - "Shut Up, Dr. Phil"
Episode Synopsis:
People are dying in a town called Prosperity and it's all because James Marsters can't keep it in his pants. See he and his witchy wife, played by Charisma Carpenter, are having a "War of the Roses" type separation and the boys need to stop it asap. There's jogging, bees, and in the end, Spike bags a Leviathan, so Sane!Sam and Drunk!Dean just let him and wifey go to kill more innocent people.

The Deets:
Episode starts off with major gore set in a hair salon, of all places. Bitch gets electrocuted by a hair dryer, poor thing, complete with bloody pieces of scalp and all. Dean explains to Suddenly Sane!Sam, who is sweaty having just come in from a jog, that this and other events are taking place in Prosperity, Indiana. He knows this because he drunkenly googled "Freaky Accidents" at 8 am and is generally (and hilariously) unhappy at Sane!Sam's new attitude about fitness. Side note: Jared Padelecki shared an amazing gem via The Twitter this week about this very scene. I have to interrupt this current showdown to share:

Hysterical. That outtake right there boosted this episode up a point for me! So where was I? Oh yeah, the boys put on their best FBI handsome and go check out the freakiness currently taking place in Prosperity. Dean ends up finding gold coins at both the hair salon and the construction site where a worker took it in both eyes via nail gun in a port-o-jon. Ugh. Sam later learns that there is a connection between all of these "Freaky Accidents" - all the vics were all in on a real estate venture at one point in addition to tonight's special guest #1, James Marsters! ::applause:: He's still alive, so they go pay him a visit.

Upon arrival, they are greeted with a bust sculpture of this, Mr. Donald Stark...and honestly the thing doesn't look anything like Marsters. I thought it was an asian man when I first saw it. Someone in props needs to be fired. Or at least be given a stern warning in this economy!

Anyhoo, they question Don in his office and since it's fairly obvious he has a wandering eye from the way he's ogling his bouncy blonde administrative assistant, it should come as no surprise that Sam finds witchcraftery up in the man's closet. Turns out Don's wife is a witch and she's pissed. When they leave they notice some dead foliage ala "Amends" and Dean deduces that she can “literally kill off everything around her just by PMSing at it”. And I'm sorry, Supernatural, but degrading period jokes? Really? That was lame. The point this episode made from that outtake just got taken away. Moving on.

So the boys jump in the Impala and head over to...Charisma Carpenter! Yay! Sam's trying to distract her character, Maggie, while Dean pokes around inside her apartment and finds witchy stuff featuring her next victim pinned on a board. Yep, next thing you know the bouncy blonde assistant is eating cupcakes filled with hearts and choking on her own blood. Man this episode is disgusting. Lucky for the bouncy blonde that the boys arrived just in time to find what Bobby mentioned is a Romanian Coin and stop the spell. After questioning her they learn that she's not actually banging her boss at all, it was only the bitchy blonde from the top! So they go back to Don's workplace where they witness Don's bust statue exploding with fury after an argument he had with Maggie involving her friend Sue. Things are not going well for the Starks.

Later, Dean's in this week's motel room about to enjoy a delicious pie when Sam slams some stinky chicken feet on the table. Yum! They needed feet for the potion recipe Bobby gave them to stop Maggie. And speaking of the devil, Don is lurking outside the charity auction she has been meticulously preparing for all day, but looks like things aren't going to go the way she planned because Don just magically decapitated Sue with an Hors d'oeuvre tray. See he's a witch too! The boys arrive on the scene just in time and oh! I forgot about the Leviathan that's been tailing them. I'm happy to report this episode features our Big Baddies once again. I missed them.

When the boys decide to take the witches down over at Maggie's apartment, chaos ensues. The chicken foot spell goes badly and the next thing you know, not only are the witches NOT ding-dong-dead, but Maggie is flinging Sammy up against a wall and setting a swarm of bees after Dean's hot face. Lay off the face, Charisma. With this, Sam decides to play marriage counselor and help the Starks work out their issues. It works! There is some nice chemistry between the Whedon Alums here in this scene, followed by some very awkward kissing. Honestly, I decided to rewind and watch it twice just to check it out and I'm sorry I did.

In the end, the boys go back to the motel room and get jacked by the Leviathan creeping in the room. And just when it looks like the 2 main characters might end up in the back of an ambulance for the second time, Don shows up and zaps the Leviathan right in the ass! Well, on the head, actually. He also retrieves the Romainian Coin Maggie stashed there to kill them with, thus saving them twice in one minute! Honestly, Marsters really is a good actor. Convincing in everything I've ever seen him in. I think I say that objectively and as a non-Whedonite, but who can say, really? Anywho, he instructs them to drop the Leviathan in a bottomless pit because the spell will only last a few days. So they chain him up, throw him in the back of the car and that's pretty much it. It was a fun time.

Buffy Episode #4 - "Selfless"
Ah "Selfless". The shining star in an otherwise dark period of the Whedonverse. It's got a B-side from "Once More, With Feeling" for crying out loud! Why couldn't the rest of Season 7 be like this one?

As Willow discovers that Anya had some frat boys butchered at the request of a scorn wisher, we get a fantastic peek into the past of Anyaka - or Aud rather as her name was then. Unfortunately we also get the black eyes of evil and a short glimpse of big-bad Willow. Until the day I die, I will never understand why - oh why - they did this to this character. But enough about that because there's another character to be annoyed with: Xander, who is worried about Anya's sadness as he well should be since he left her at the alter!

Sjornjost, 1890. Olaf, the troll we see in Season 5's "Triangle", is actually Aud's husband at that time. Aud is charitable and an amateur bunny breeder, of all things. The hilarious dialogue in this scene pretty much explains that even then, Anya had her signature strange way of speaking. Olaf says, "Your logic is insane and happenstance like that of the trolls" for he is not yet a Troll himself. She loves him, you see, but is afraid he's cheating. He responds with loving words such as "Your hips are small and narrow like a Baltic woman from a more arid region." Ha!

Flash to present day Anya, scrubbing blood off the walls at the scene of the crime. Even though the vengeance world is praising her, she's feeling guilt and regret over this latest massacre. Meanwhile, Buffy is trying to get Spoike the eff up out of the basement already, as the fricken Hellmouth is down there. That's pretty much all we see of him this episode.

Next thing you know, we're back in the past and Olaf has turned into a Troll, running around scaring the village people. Someone yells "Hide your babies and your beadwork!" Hee! It's then that Aud gets a visit from the very cool D'hoffryn. Turns out Aud is a very powerful witch and he's impressed by her revenge tactics. He says she is really "Anyanka" and she will help wronged women punish evil men.

Buffy's balancing a pencil cup on her head  in her Guidance Counseling office (real professional) and oh yes, this is the beginning of Buffy's braid period. Cute! Willow calls and fills her in on the frat boy murder, but not on the Ayna factor. So Buffy and Xander take a walk through Season 7's favorite set, the forest, and kill the spider demon that was summoned for the vengeance gore. Back at the house Willow finally lets on that it was Anya's doing and Buffy decides that she has to kill her. Xander's shocked and appalled, accusing Buffy of black-and-whiting a gray situation. He yells that if it's a demon that she's say "boning" then it's different. And this is where the pent up anger over Xander's Season 2 message of "kick his ass" finally comes out. Buffy says "I loved [Angel] more than I will ever love anything in this life and I killed him", explaining that this thing with Anya is no different. So she grabs a sword and heads off to slay Anya.

Meanwhile, Willow summons D'Hoffryn with the coin he gave her back in Season 4. Nice callbacks in this episode all around. They exchange pleasantries and he compliments her, saying the flaying of Warren was "Water cooler vengeance" and that "Floyd has a sketch of it on his wall." Ha! Vengeance demons in a corporate cubicle environment! Meanwhile the fight is on betwixt Anya and Buffy with Xander in the middle trying to break it all up. But in the end, Buffy drives that sword right through Anya's chest and we flash back to....

The night of "Once More, With Feeling"! Sure, Anya's sporting a wig that's a tad different from that magical day, but no worries. Fact is, we're just so lucky to get this post-Musical bonus track which features Anya singing about the marital bliss that being Xander's "Mrs." will bring. Oh and we learn Anya's full name! Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins (lame-ass maiden name) Harris. The song's a delight and Emma Caulfield sings it well, but it gets cut short as we flash back to: Anya being impaled by Buffy's sword. She awakes though because duh! Everyone knows you need to smash a vengeance demon's necklace first in order to kill them.

Enter D'hoffryn in a blaze of lightning, the big drama queen. He notes that the scene looks like "someone slayed an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog" and who wrote this jewel of an episode? Have to check my charts. Ah, the very talented and handsome Drew Goddard. So D'hoffryn lays the whole thing out as follows: if what Anya wants is to take it all back, then the price will be the life of a vengeance demon. She agrees and just as we brace ourselves for Anya's demise, Halfrek arrives all smiley upon seeing her best friend. D'hoffryn kills her without even blinking, much to Anya's dismay. He goes for the hurt over death every Anya's out of the vengeance business and her best friend is dead. When she says it should've been her, D'Hoffryn quotes this season's tragic tagline: "From Beneath You, It Devours"...basically sealing the deal on Anya's death in the series finale. In the end, Anya leaves and Xander goes out to try and console her, but she decides to make her own way in the world as a human with tears in her eyes. Well done, everyone.

How do the eps compare?
Vengeance is the theme of this week! Both episodes feature a little witchcraft, substantial carnage and a whole lotta man-bashing vengeance. Not to mention seeing James Marsters in both. How weird is that?

Mini Battles!!:
Best Witch-Bitchiness - The Starks vs. Black-Eyed-Willow - Winner: Supernatural
Best Flashback to "Once More, With Feeling" - Buffy (Song: "Mrs.") vs. Supernatural (none) - Winner: Buffy
Best Episode Villains - The Starks/Leviathan vs. Anya/Spider Demon/D'Hoffryn - Winner: Buffy

Final Ruling:
This was a little difficult for me. I actually think "Shut Up, Dr. Phil" was funny and these guys crossing over definitely confused me. Still, as fun as it was seeing Charisma & James together again, this is clearly the best Buffy episode of Season 7. I knew going into this week that beating "Selfless" would be tough and I was right. If Supernatural had kept that hilarious out take in, it might have had a slim chance...but I'm giving this to Buffy. Straight up.

Season tally so far:

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The Internetz Explode Over Joss Whedon's Just Announced Secret Project, 'Much Ado About Nothing'

I woke up to some chaos today! Joss Whedon has managed to take a bunch of Whedonverse alum and film a whole entire movie under the world's nose, all while The Avengers and Buffy Season 9 are underway! The film? Shakespeare's (or Shakespeare inspired?) Much Ado About Nothing - "A film by Joss Whedon based on a play", as the website states. And how we all slept through this, I'll never know. Upon rising, my reader was going nuts, people were emailing (thanks Chris!) and it's all over the press!

It all started with Nathon Fillion, the kook, tweeting something about having to speak Shakespearean some weeks ago. He and Fran Kranz then tweeted again yesterday, pretty much confirming everything and linking to the film's website...currently a placeholder with photo and list of cast. Oh and Buffyfest fave and she of the lack of last name vowels, Shawna Trpcic, is doing costuming! The Whedonverse alum listed are as follows:

Amy Acker (Fred/Illyiria, Angel)
Alexis Denisof (Wesley, Buffy/Angel)
Tom Lenk (Andrew, Buffy/Angel)
Nathan Fillion (Mal, Firefly - Captain Hammer, Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog)
Sean Maher (Simon, Firefly)
Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson, The Avengers)
Reed Diamond (Laurence Dominic, Dollhouse)
Ashley Johnson (Caroline/Hayden Leeds/Wendy, Dollhouse)
Fran Kranz (Topher, Dollhouse)
Riki Lindhome (Cheryl, Buffy/Angel)

Trent from Pink Is The New Blog actually got to participate in the film. His friends were in a few scenes and he played an extra. Must have been awesome for him as he is a big-time Buffy and Whedonverse fan himself.

We can only assume that this all stemmed from Whedon and the Shakespeare readings/parties he has at his home. This is how the character of Illyria came about and probably other ideas over the years as well. It looks like Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker play the lead characters in this project (shocked that there is an absence of Summer Glau here). Shakespeare's original version of Much Ado About Nothing is a comedy about two pairs of lovers: Benedick and Beatrice, and Claudio and Hero. Benedick and Beatrice both talk a mile a minute and proclaim their scorn for love, marriage, and each other. Claudio and Hero, on the other hand, are sweet young people who are rendered practically speechless by their love for one another.

Exciting! Now how long before Joss goes all purple on Whedonesque and gives us some more info?

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Finalists Announced for the #MyBuffyLife Video Contest!

Dark Horse teamed up with us for a contest of epic proportions! Battling for a prize pack like no other, contestants created videos inspired by Buffy's Season 8 and 9 comics and the results are in! The big news is EVERYONE WHO ENTERED IS ADVANCING TO THE NEXT ROUND! That's right, all contestants who submitted entries and met the criteria will have their videos viewed by Editors Scott Allie & Sierra Hahn, who will then decide the Grand Prize Winner of the following amazing prizes:

1. Full Set of the Buffy Season 8 trade-paperbacks
2. Hardcover of Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Tales
3. A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Lunch box. Cute!
4. A Signed copy of Buffy Season 9 #1 25th Anniversary cover from Georges Jeanty
5. A signed Buffy/Angel & Faith Trifold - signed by Joss Whedon, Andrew Chambliss, and Jo Chen.
6. 7 foot tall amazing Buffy Banner.

So sit back, relax and enjoy all of the video entries below. Thanks to everyone who entered and Good Luck to you!

**Update. Finally, the video below isn't part of the competition as the creator is outside of the US, but we'll give it an honorable mention!:

The Season Seven Showdown: Episode 4 - "Defending Your Life" vs. "Help"

Are both Buffy & Supernatural doomed to the same fate? Will I regret believing that Supernatural won't go down the same path as Buffy during it's Season Seven? Well hope is dwindling fast, that's all I have to say. Starting today though, I'm going to put a poll up so that you, the reader, can also weigh in on this Season Seven Showdown. Now let's get into episodes #4.

Supernatural Episode #4 - "Defending Your Life"
Episode Synopsis:
In a very Season One-esque fashion, ghost car & ghost dog turn out to be the handiwork of Egyptian God Osiris. He's preying on the Guilty, you see, and leaving red dirt from the floor of his court-in-an-apple-farm-barn all over town. No seriously, RED DIRT is a serious plot point. There's also nary a single Leviathan in sight and Sam's hair and chops are at an all time whoa.

The Deets:
I'm just going to say it right off the bat - I'm not happy. And waiting until Thursday to write this has just made it fester even more. What happened here in just 2 weeks?

So, this convoluted episode starts off with a reformed drunk who drunkenly killed a girl 10 years ago getting smashed to death himself by what seems to be a killer car. Next, a former dog fighting ring host gets offed by a killer dog. Then, a paroled murderer runs out into the middle of the road and nearly gets run over by the boys. All of these events are accompanied by the accessory of red dirt.

The boys, dapper in their FBI looks, argue a bit about the validity of this case. See Dean doesn't feel too guilty about bad people getting murdered and this brings me to my first problem: the way this episode paints Dean's character as the guilty one of the family. Some people don't agree with me, but I think this episode is strangely re-writing Dean's character. More on that later. Anyway, Dean doesn't want to follow up on Drunk Dude's past because it requires him visiting AA and he "gave up AA for Lent" to which Sam responds "We're not Catholic!" Hee! But that's the other problem with this episode. Dean's a drunk too! They've been punching us in the face with it for several episodes now and I think it's time we do something with that plot line. It would be far more interesting than red dirt, I'm just saying.

Anyway Dean decides to investigate the bar Drunk Dude was last seen at (no surprise there) and we meet Mia, who I swore was at least in on this episode's evil. She isn't, but the dude eavesdropping is. Later, the boys speak to Bobby whose 5 minutes of screen time is for exposition only. He explains that the Monster-of-the-week is Osiris, Egyptian God of Guilt. So they better haul ass because Dean's is usually really sad about all the pain he's caused and NO HE'S REALLY NOT. That's Sam you're talking about Bobby! Later, Dean's waiting to meet with Mia whom with he made a date and giving himself a pep talk about his own hotness...which isn't really necessary honey and I'm sorry to interrupt again but really, what the hell is going on here? The Dean I know is hot and he knows it, he's a bad-ass demon hunter and knows it, and usually sleeps pretty well at night as stated in Awesome Episode 1 of this season. He's been this way at least since season 4 onward. Again, it's Sammy that has all the emotional issues and torment. If the writers need it to be backwards this season for whatever reason, can't they think of something that feels natural instead of just pretending it's always been so? I'm annoyed.

Long story short, Osiris gets to Dean and he's tried in the Red Dirt Court. At this point in the game, Sam's settled into Season One mode by turning on whatever attorney skills he learned while at Stanford. The first witness called is Jo who died an respectable death. To bring her back this way, full of scenes from the past reminding feels a little cheap. Sam then takes the stand and has a little trip down memory lane himself. It's this point that I realize we're kind of having a "flashback show". I'll admit, all the callbacks were nice, but it made the already upsetting ep feel even more like filler. What was entertaining about this though was we got to compare Sam's hairstyles over the years. At least that's something?

"This whole thing is like an episode of Pee-Wee's Playhouse". Not even close, buddy.
Next on the stand is Dean. Osiris taunts him but all this "calling of the next witness" business is really just Osiris' way of making Dean squirm over whether Sam is going to find out about Amy Pond, who he killed behind Sam's back just last week. We don't actually ever get any hard evidence that he feels guilty over it, though...just that he doesn't want Sam to find out. I guess Osiris sees into Dean's soul, or whatever, because he's sentenced to death...but instead of doling it out right there, Osiris decides to let the boys go and figure out a way to kill him. Stupid.

Later, Bobby calls with more expo, telling Sam that they need to find a ram's horn and stab Osiris with it. Easy peasy because the Jews use it on holiday and there's a temple right down the block. Quick flash to Sam getting caught by the Rabbi who says "I'm guessing you're not here for Bar Mitzvah lessons." And scene.

Dead Jo (in a fashionable mlitary jacket) pops by to kill Dean. She tells him he basically shouldn't feel guilty about anything at all whatsoever...even Amy Pond, I guess? Meanwhile, Sam kills Osiris and saves the day because he's the only one that did any work in this entire episode. The next day, the boys have a heart-to-heart but Dean never even fesses up about Amy, the one thing that I thought WOULD get wrapped up in this episode. So I guess that's going to get unnecessarily drawn out. Matter of fact, this episode didn't advance the plot in any way whatsoever. The only thing we learn is that Sam doesn't feel bad about anything anymore because of his stint in hell. The end.

Oh Supernatural, I have so many questions. Like what the hell is up with Sam's wall? I thought it was going to be a world of chaos and agony that no human could withstand? Is this really what we're doing with it? And why has there been no mention of the death of Cas? Can we see at least a minute of conversation about that?

Buffy Episode #4 - "Help"
Buffy, Dawn and Xander exit a few coffins where they were hiding waiting for a freshly sired Grandma-vamp to rise and vent about their problems: Willow's reform, the season's big bad and Buffy's first day of counseling the students tomorrow. Buffy then stakes the Grandma, which will probably put the kibosh on the funeral.

Next day, Xander and Willow bash on this season's tag line "From Beneath You, It Devours." Yeah, it always sucked. Then leave it to Xander to compare Willow's plight to hammering a nail, but Willow's more concerned about going all "black eyed baddie and cracking her friend's skulls like coconuts." That's a problem. A season 6 problem, so let's move on, ok? On the bright side, Willow's hair is looking fabulously ginger today. She shines like a copper penny in the sunlight in front of Tara's grave and damn if Alyson Hanigan never had a bad cry day on the set of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Girl knows how to work.

Meanwhile at school, Buffy's dressed kinda less than appropriately and having trubbs with the slew of kids she's counseling. She meets a bunch of students including some douche bag who is just trying to get out of class followed by Cassie, played by Azura Skye, who says she's going to die next Friday. Buffy's understandably freaked and sends Dawn to do some social recon, has Xander check her medical records (yeast infections, thanks for the info!) and asks Willow to check her LiveJournal where she finds some emo poetry. Willow then admits her own early internet experiences which included "Doogie Howser Fanfic." HIMYM shout out! Or was it Doc Horrible she was shouting out? Both work for me.

Flash to: a bunch of dudes in red robes doing a spell. That's never good.

It's Friday and Buffy visits Spike-Crazy-In-The-Basement. He reveals there's evil down there and it's him. He starts punching himself in the face for hurting Buffy, but that's not what Buffy's looking for so she makes towards the door. He wants her to stay with him but she walks off anyway. Later, Principal Wood is doing locker checks and locker #281 turns up some evidence. Then physically threatens the student. Batting a thousand here, Buff! Turns out, the culprit is the douche bag from earlier. We see him and his buddies in their evil red robes conjuring a demon for some kind of get-rich-quick scheme. Buffy's there, undercover in her own red robe and even though she stops the sacrifice of Cassie, the demon still appears.

Enter Spike who saves the day with a torch then kicks the douche bag's ass even though his chip is going off all over the place. Cassie says to Spike "She'll tell you, someday she'll tell you." After, the demon bites the douche bag then explodes. Despite Buffy's efforts which include catching an arrow when a booby traps sets it off straight towards Cassie's face, Cassie dies anyway.

The ep kind of ends with a whimper-downer. Back at home, Buffy's wearing a brown Juicy Couture velour track suit (which my friend Kris and I have dubbed the "poop suit" for years now). She informs the gang that Cassie had a heart irregularity. Buffy's feeling guilt for not saving her, but Dawn says it's not her fault. What we don't ever find out is what the hell happened to the douche bag who got bit by the demon and the rest of the red-hooded crew who attempted to murder a girl. Oh season 7. You so crazy.

Mini Battles!!:
Sam's Season 1 hair vs. Sam's Season 7 hair = SEVEN!

Willow's Season 1 hair vs. Willow's Season 7 hair = SEVEN!

Best Episode Villain - they were seriously both so, so lame. Did Buffy's demon even have a name? I guess the villain was the Douche Bag.

How do the eps compare?
I mean, there's a guilt factor... but it's not that strong in Buffy. Honestly, I think the only thing these episodes proved is that Season Sevens are way better for hair than any other season.

Final Ruling:
I'm giving this one to Buffy. I don't remember liking "Help" as much as I do now, but I think what's happening is some kind of Season Seven chemical reaction in my brain. I have no expectations at all for this season of Buffy (having hated it the first couple of times) and therefore every episode seems that much better. OTOH, Supernatural is finally feeling the effects of Michelle's challenge in the first place, which was that I will regret ever giving this season hope because the letdown will be that much greater. Plus, Azura Skye has a soothing voice.

Season tally so far:

(SPOILERS) Angel and Faith #3 - REVIEWED!

What it is: Angel & Faith #3
Who done it: Christos Gage (w), Rebekah Isaacs (a)
When it comes out: October 26, 2011

The review

Some issues, there’s a lot of metaphor to tackle, the down and dirty “read between the lines” kind of stuff. This issue? Was good. However… it’s very heavy on the expositiony, move-the-story-forward fare. Basically, it’s nearly impossible to review this one without spoiling the crap out of you. I’ll give it a shot but, word to the wise, I’m a gonna have to reveal some stuff otherwise all I’m going to say is “I sure did like it, hurr”.

This is another focus-on-Faith issue which I love. There’s a lot of talk about how Faith has taken over the role as the responsible adult and how conflicted she feels about that. I dig it, though. She’s a lot like Spike, actually – she went through some dark times, made mistakes, went through a baptism of fire, and came out the other side not unscathed but still whole.

Angel is being very, well… Angel. He broods, he fights, he feels really bad about his checkered past. There’s some nice interplay between him and Faith which almost made me forget how completely delusional he’s being about the Giles resurrection thing.

We’re still rolling along with great secondary character support. Nadira and a few of her slayer buddies get into a bar brawl at one point which causes Faith to come to their rescue. The scene that takes place there really puts Faith’s evolution on full display.

No Giles flashback this time, but we do get a former arch mage who is decidedly very Giles-like. Through him we get a little more understanding of how the whole “no more magic” thing is affecting the supernatural population. There’s also some more “seedy underbelly of demon crime” fare that accomplishes the same.

We asked Scott at NYCC about Faith’s conflicted feelings re: bringing Giles back from the dead. There’s another wrinkle introduced here and, I gotta say, where they leave us off is very intriguing for both the future of Giles and Angel.

Good issue, but it’ll probably read better in the trades when I don’t have to wait a month to see the payoff for all the set-up this book offers.

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(Spoilers) Exclusive Interview with 'Angel & Faith' Writer Christos Gage & Artist Rebekah Isaacs

In just a few issues, Angel & Faith has become a fan favorite. It's really no surprise, the art is fantastic and writing is super-solid. We had the opportunity at New York Comic Con to meet the team responsible for the first time in person, writer Christos Gage & artist Rebekah Isaacs. Watch as we pick their brains about the Whedonverse...

Monday, October 17, 2011


Dark Horse Comics Editor Scott Allie and Director of PR Jeremy Atkins were joined by Angel & Faith’s writer Christos Gage and artist Rebekah Isaacs as well as Annemarie who was representing House of Night. The panel focused on not only Buffy and Angel & Faith, but other books in the Dark Horse catalog that feature vampires and would be recommended to Buffyverse fans. These other titles included Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden’s Baltimore, P. C., Kristin Cast’s House of Night, and Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s The Strain.

After the panel, every attendee received a free copy of Angel & Faith #1! See below for the full video of the panel. Enjoy!

Exclusive Interview with Scott Allie at NYCC 2011

So New York Comic Con 2011 is finally over, but we're still rolling out the footage and tidbits! After Dark Horse's Panel here at NYCC, we had the always lovely chat with Super Scott Allie, Editor of Buffy Season 9 over at Dark Horse Comics, of course. We will have that panel up in full as soon as possible as well.

Here we spoke to Scott about all things Whedonverse Comics: The 'Free Comic Book Day" Serenity Flip Book, beloved characters like Giles, Illyria and Harmony & Clem, Buffy getting pregnant (I know, huh?), the structure of the rest of the Buffyverse season and the crossing of the universes with the Angel & Faith book. Most of the Angel & Faith stuff was reserved for our interview with Christos Gage and Rebekah Isaacs. enjoy!

Interviewers Tara & Dan
Camera: Nanci Ocello
Audio: Michael Flaccavento

Sunday, October 16, 2011

'Husbands' Panel from NYCC 2011 featuring Jane Espenson

Whedonverse alum Jane Espenson and writer/performer Brad Bell (aka "Cheeks") have created a marriage equality comedy called Husbands (

At this panel filmed at New York Comic Con 2011, Espenson, actor Sean Hemeon and Cheeks spoke about the show. It was moderated by Alyssa Rosenberg. Enjoy!

(Spoilers) 'The Avengers' Panel from NYCC 2011, Full Video!

Yesterday was definitely "The Avengers" day at New York Comic Con 2011. Anticipation was off the charts and the largest hall in the Javitz, the IGN theater where the panel was being held, was full from the morning on. Con guests were not budging to see this thing, leaving many others sad. Finally at 7:10 pm, over a half hour late, the audience cheered so loud that the audio was a bit distorted for the first few minutes. It was crazy. Seriously, you'd think we were seeing The Beatles reunion show.

Panel guests include Clark Gregg (Agent Phil Coulson), Cobie Smulders (Maria Hill), Chris Evans (Captain America), Tom Hiddleston (super villain Loki) and Surprise Guest Mark Ruffalo (The Incredible Hulk). Highlights included: Clark Gregg singing "Avengers" theme. Ruffalo shared that since he's a friend of Ed Norton, that they'd be making jokes about the whole "Hulk casting" situation. Hiddleston hinted that he also plays his villainous character in other forms (Sif?)  Kevin Feige confirmed that he is in pre-production talks for Iron Man 3 which will be phase 2 of the Avengers Initiative and will lead into an Avengers sequel.

During the panel they showed the official trailer and a fantastic scene cut just for NYCC 2011 that focused on The Incredible Hulk's impromptu encounter with Black Widow, which had a very "Joss Whedon flavor" to the directing and dialogue. The film is of course written and directed by Whedon, who wasn't present because he was busy editing. It opens May 4, 2012. See the panel below in full!

Camera: Nanci Ocello
Asst: Michael Flaccavento

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Get on a Buffyverse Comic Cover at Dark Horse's Booth at NYCC!

Yeah so....this happened. Not sure what went wrong, really. The concept of the Green Screen booth they're doing at Dark Horse is awesome, but Bits and I kind of screwed the pooch on the whole thing. I mean, that doesn't even look like me. I look more angry at the photographer than the "vampire" I'm staking. And Bits just looks confused. He isn't even showing his fangs! Fail.

If you want to take a crack at it, the Angel & Faith/Buffy cover will be back on the schedule on Sunday at Dark Horse's booth!

"Spotlight on Felicia Day" Panel - NYCC 2011

Conventions can be so tricky with the scheduling. Yesterday, the panels for Felicia Day and Jane Espenson were at the exact same time, of course! So Bitsy and I split up and filmed each separately. Now not only does everyone else get to see these panels, but we even get to see what we missed.

Felicia was with fellow Guildie Sandeep Parikh, who was hilarious at the panel. Watch as they chat about The Guild's season finale, writing & producing Dragon Age on a budget, kissing on camera, the idea of a musical version of The Avengers inspired by Dr. Horrible and more!

Friday, October 14, 2011

New York Comic Con 2011!

It actually started yesterday and so did Bitsy's drunkenness...but that's neither here nor there. We're here today at New York Comic Con, holding it down! We got Dark Horse Comics, we got James Marsters, there's some Jewel Staite action in the house, Clare Kramer, Felicia Day, Seth Green, the fabulous Jane Espenson and what's this I hear? Last minute Summer Glau and Eliza Dushku? And let's not forget some serious Avengers goodness. Where the hell else would we be? Now let's get this party started!

James Marsters is Screening his Supernatural Episode Along with a Q&A!

As you prolly know by now, James Marsters (along with Charisma Carpenter) is going to be guesting on Supernatural, which actually is a mini-Buffyfest dream with rainbows and unicorns. Bonus for the people who live in the Ohio region, though, because James Marsters himself is showing the episode at Mid-Ohio Comic Con and participating in a Q&A afterwards! WTH? How awesome is that!? Dammit, wish the timing was better and he was doing this for New York Comic Con this weekend :(

Tickets are 50 bucks, because hey...what did you expect at this point? But this time it's more than worth it. And there's a raffle! Now get over there before it sells out.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ringer Re-Enacted with Dolls!

That's right. It's either genius or your worst nightmare...

Look it's no secret that we've been avoiding talking about Ringer on this here site. I've been hanging in there, barely, but Michelle hates it and Bitsy's barely watched it. It's not SMG's fault. She's still fabulous. But whatever we think the CW just picked up the show for a full season and that's good news for Smidge, so I'm going to try as long as I can. Meanwhile, a site named Guys & Dolls are getting their Ringer on and it's hysterical. One thing I'm pretty sure of is this will prolly make the whole experience more attractive!

She’s a cheating bitch who sleeps with married men!

The Season Seven Showdown: Episode 3 - "The Girl Next Door" vs. "Same Time, Same Place"

In case you're behind on this little shindig, for the 2011-12 TV season we'll be comparing and contrasting the Season 7s of some of our faves, Buffy & Supernatural. In doing this, we're going to find out if a Seventh Season is maybe a season or two too many in the world of television. We're on episode 3. Here we go!

Supernatural Episode #3 - "The Girl Next Door"
Episode Synopsis: The boys are on the run but there isn't much running as Dean has a bum leg, all courtesy of Leviathan. While holed up in cabin de Ruphus, Sam goes on a tangent Monster of the Week story of his own, bumping in to a past demon love. Starts with a bang! Ends with a downer. Jensen Ackles directs and Traitor Whedonverse alum Jewel Staite guest stars, throwing this whole Showdown for a loop!

The Deets:
The ep starts off right where "Hello Cruel World" leaves off, which for the third time in a row is fantastico. That will be no longer, however, as the ep does NOT end with a kick-ass cliffhanger this time. Oh well. Sorry I skipped to the end, but it was worth noting. So the ep starts off with the hotness in the Sioux Falls Hospital which, if you'll remember, is infested with undercover Leviathan at this point. Dean's freaking out, but Bobby pops in out of nowhere (seriously, what happened?) and they, plus Sammy who is also all healed up, scootch the eff out of there. This *right here* is where the amazing pace and intense, edge-of-the-seat suspense that the show has been enjoying since last season's finale leaves us, hopefully just for now. Guess it had to end at some point, but is this where the season takes a turn for the typical 7-style worse?

It's three weeks later and the guys have hoofed over to a cabin owned by the late, great Ruphus Turner. See Bobby had copies of all of his irreplaceable books stashed there, so it's ok that Bobby's house burned down. I'm not sure how I feel about this. One one hand, I like Bobby's house. It's the one place the boys could call "home" and Dean fixed the car up about a hundred times there. On the other hand, I have been missing the retro-themed hotel-motels. I guess the cabin will be home base for a while, where Dean is mending on the sofa and Sam is insisting for the umpteenth time that he's insane but "managing" it.

Eventually, Sammy goes off on his own tangent, hunting a monster of the week who just happens to turn out to be an old teenage flame. And what's this!? She's cute, she's a mechanic, she eats strawberries and pituitary glands for breakfast, it's Jewel Staite everybody! Long story short, Jewel plays Amy Pond (a reference to Dr. Who, I hear) who is a Kitsune demon gone good. She's been killing a lot of people lately but the only reason is because her son is sick. Sam doesn't want to hunt her down because it turns out she killed her own mom to save Sam's life when they were kids. In the end, he lets her go...only to have Dean sneak in and finish the job. And for that, the son is pissed. For the record, I'm annoyed with Dean too.

The Leviathan are mostly absent from the ep with the exception of them learning of the guys whereabouts by tracking a stolen credit card. The end.

Buffy Episode #3 - "Same Time, Same Place"
The episode starts with Buffy, Dawn and Xander at the airport with a sign written in yellow crayon, which I don't really find that cute. They're waiting for Willow who seemingly never arrives. But Willow does arrive in a separate, but identical scene and sadly goes home alone to Buffy's where similarly, no one ever arrives. I'm seeing a theme here. When the Scoobs do actually get home, it's clear that something wacky is definitely afoot. This is confirmed by the fact that elsewhere, some guy is getting killed by a Danny Elfman type voice.

Skip to the next morning, Willow has a chat with Anya at the Magic Box. After, Willow (and then Buffy and Xander) find a skinless body ala Warren's demise. Of course everyone thinks Willow is the murderer because of her flaying history. Oh and Spike's still in the basement! I knew my memory wasn't failing me. The reason I remembered him being down there longer is because he is. We're then shown the same scene twice: Spike's babbling his basement talk first with Willow, then a repeat of the same conversation from a different angle with Buffy and Xander present. So it's revealed that Spike can see everyone, but Willow and Xander/Buffy can't see each other. Xander's passing it off as Spike's crazy. It's all actually very nicely done.

Willow goes back to Anya to ask for some Spell Casting Assistance reminiscent of "Doppelgangland", the findings of which are a location for the demon du jour. Meanwhile, Buffy, Xander and Dawn are doing a little research the old fashioned way, with Dawn being the new Googler of the house. Turns out the demon is called "Gnarl"and since he skins, eats and drinks the blood of their victims, Buffy figures they can use Spike as a blood tracker. You know, these later seasons of Buffy have a lot of walking through the woods. Were there this many woodsy scenes in the earlier seasons?

Spike leads them to a cave. Inside, Dawn gets a scratch and since the nails of Gnarl are paralyzing, they all scootch the eff out of there and block the place up with rocks. Little do they know that they barricade Willow up in there, because she's still invisible to them. Back at the house, Anya is called over to babysit paralyzed Dawn (she's posable!) and it's then the Scoobs finally find out that Willow's back in town after all. They all run back to the cave where Anya points out to those who can't see her, that Willow's being eaten alive...gross. After defeating Gnarl by way of THUMBS IN THE EYES (foreshadowing!), they learn that the demon didn't cause Willow's invisibility at all. It was all because of Willow's fear. Back in Buffy's old bedroom, Buffy admits that she thought Willow might have been the murderer but she wants to trust her again. Then they start the healing process, together. The end.

How do the eps compare?
Well, the biggest comparison here would be the people eating Monsters of the Week. I guess there's also the theme of both Willow and Sammy getting passed their past. Oh, and the fact that Giles and Cas are STILL ABSENT! Dammit, Cas!

Mini Battles!!:
Best Episode Villain:
Jewel Staite as Kitsune vs. Gross Gnarl Winner=Supernatural

Best Quote About Eating People:
“Plain old people taste fine, but everything is better with cheese.” - Leviathan vs. "Maybe it's a vicious skin-eating rock cliff." - Xander. Winner=Neither, they both squick me out.

Epic Episode Ending:
Dean offing the old girlfriend without his brother's permission vs. Buffy offering Willow her slayer strength to help her heal.  Winner=Eh, I guess Buffy?

Final Ruling:
Neither of these episodes were particularly stellar. They were both just fine, not bad. "Same Time, Same Place" isn't nearly as terrible as I remember, but the lame and disgusting demon really kicked it down a notch. Jewel Staite kind of tipped the scale, the little minx. Winner=Supernatural

Season tally so far:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

(SPOILERS) Buffy Season 9 #2 - Reviewed!

What it is: Buffy Season 9 #2
Who done it:Andrew Chambliss (w), Georges Jeanty (a)
When it comes out: October 12, 2011

The review:

When last we left Buffy, she had come face to face with her newest and most mortal enemy – student loans. The juxtaposition of the usual demon peril with the seemingly mundane looks to be the main thrust of the first arc of Buffy’s season 9 and issue #2 delves further into that while adding a new mystery or two along the way.

You remember how vampires came out last season a la True Blood? Do you also remember how that seemingly huge plot point took a backseat in favor of space sex? The good news is, if you liked the former idea, it’s making a comeback. While Faith is in her own book still mourning the deaths of the humans she killed back in Season 3, Buffy is dealing with the new consequences of murdering (not slaying) vampires.

During the course of the show, killing vampires was a thing Buffy was never really questioned for. Vampires bad, Buffy slay vampires, Buffy good. Since monsters on the show were usually metaphor that made sense. Things are different now, though. In a world where a demon needs a day job, even your random baddie in a darkened alley is no longer easily expendable. They’re people, too.

One thing that Buffy (and the audience) hasn’t quite earned yet, is a return to the idea of a team of Scoobies. If issue #1 showed us that Buffy and co. could still throw a party, issue #2 reminds us that their party is still very over. Willow, Xander, and Dawn all have lives of their own and, when Buffy hits the skids, they don’t really have the desire or the energy to help. It’s hard to gauge how to feel about this element of Season 9. I’ve personally been craving that feeling that Buffy et. al. really belong to each other, that they’ll work together until the end. At the same time, though, that feels like an unrealistic request after last season. What I’m saying is, I hope we start moving beyond the whole ‘family torn asunder’ thing by the end of the second arc at the latest.

The Spike/Buffy thing is still happening, albeit in drips and drabs. Some of this issue harkens back to Season 6 when Buffy felt that Spike was the only person she could really talk to and rely on. Granted, here that relationship is a far healthier affair. Still, there’s this gnawing feeling at the back of my mind that, before Buffy and Spike can really try again, they kind of both need lives of their own. Buffy should be hanging out with those new roommates of hers (before they get the chop, at least) and Spike should really look into companionship that isn’t giant, alien bugs just for a change of pace. Buffy (as both a show and a character) has kind of done the whole “only we understand each other’s pain” romance story to death, so something a little more adult would be preferable. All that being said, the dialogue between Buffy and Spike is sweet and in keeping with a season more defined by the interpersonal than the intergalactic.

Yes, there is a new character you may have heard something about. Yes, that character will relate to Buffy in a “professional” way, let’s call it. That, coupled with a mysterious intruder in Buffy’s apartment are the mysteries at play in this issue. Also worth noting, is the focus on police investigation, an element that adds something more adult and real to the story. Again, we can see that difference between the two comic seasons. Season 8? The army. Season 9. The fuzz. Macrocosm vs. microcosm.

I wonder what the microcosm answer to Twilight is?

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Season Seven Showdown: Episode 2 - "Hello Cruel World" vs. "Beneath You"

This TV season we'll be comparing and contrasting the Season 7s of some of our favorite shows, Buffy & Supernatural, trying to answer the question: Is a Seventh Season a couple of seasons too many? See our scientific data below for some real-time answers.

Supernatural Episode #2 - "Hello Cruel World"
Episode Synopsis: Don't drink the water without boiling first or you might end up like all of the main characters on this series who either die, disappear or are badly injured by the end of this episode. Season 7 is seriously hard core, yo!

The Deets:
The ep starts off right where "Meet the New Boss" leaves off, which again, I love. If you remember, Leviathan/Cas had Dean and Bobby cornered, but his vessel isn't looking so hot so he has to TTFN. Since Cas is bleeding black ooze from pretty much everywhere, his inner Leviathans walk him right into the city's water reservoir, tainting the drinking supply and killing off Misha Collin's pretty face and body all in one shot. Boo. And oh! Now I see the connection to the new season titles! I like the black Leviathan goth ooze effect. After, the trench coat that Cas has been rocking since we met him washes ashore and Dean is sad. At this point I realize that the show is finding it's musical groove back. Season 6 deviated from it's Classic Rock roots a bit, but not only is "Oh Black Water" a perfect fit for the scene, it's a nice ripe year - 1974.

Meanwhile, Sam is still battling with his hallucinations of Lucifer who is explaining that Season 6 was so unbelievably silly, that he must still be in Hell. Not really arguing with you there, Lucie. Sammy finally breaks this news to Dean and Bobby who have the usual reactions. Dean yells at Sam out of love and then Bobby yells at Dean out of love. Strangely though, no one drinks.

By this point, the Leviathan water has reached the populace. First members of the swim team go on a murdering rampage. EVIL SWIM TEAM! If that's not a shout out, I don't know what is. But one possessed little girl who got it in the face at the water fountain is particularly tricksy, thanks to an episode of Dr. Sexy she caught on the tube. Her plan is to take over the body of a surgeon at Sioux Falls General (Bobby's neck of the woods) and have an unlimited supply of human organs and flesh, with which the Leviathans survive on. Creepy!! Fortunately, Sheriff Jodi Mills from episodes past just had her appendix out, so she's able to pass the message along to Bobby and the gang. She gets away via taxi in the end, I won't be surprised if we see her again by season's end.

This is where shit gets really crazy. Sam's hallucinations direct him to an imaginary office building/warehouse and he's armed. Dean finds him via GPS and you'd think the brotherly love-fest might be tired by now, but dammit if this isn't some fine acting between these guys. With a little help from last week's hand injury, Sammy finally has a breakthrough that this is, in fact, the real world (because we're in season 7 now and Sera Gamble refuses to be treated like Marti Noxon was!) The hotties head back to Bobby's place, only to find a shocking turn of events. It's been burned to the ground! Bobby's missing or dead, Leviathan's attack, Sam is knocked out and the boys barely make it out of there with the help of a Sioux Falls General fricken' ambulance!! Dean begs to take them elsewhere, to no avail.

This cliffhanger is so good. It's practically "penultimate ep of the season" good. Can they keep this momentum up until the real penultimate episode of the season? Only time will tell.

Buffy Episode #2 - "Beneath You"
Previously on Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy asks Spike if he wants her, Buffy and Spike have a lot of sex, Buffy tells Spike she's using him and it's killing her, Spike tries to rape Buffy in her bathroom, Xander leaves Anya at the Alter, Anya tries to murder Xander, Warren murders Tara, Willow murders Warren. Yes, this is really the "previouslies", I'm not exaggerating. But I do rest my case. Please don't shoot the messenger.

Note: The most interesting this about the "previouslies" is that Halfrek mentions something "older than the old ones." Death says a very similar thing to the hotties in their "previouslies", "There are things much older than souls". I think this all sums up what reader Mbatz theorized pretty well - that by season 7, our heroes on both shows have pretty much used up every villain possible. So they have to go back, way back, back into time. It's a season 7 thing.

The Deets:
The ep opens with a slayer dream Buffy's having of a Run Lola Run situation featuring a potential in Germany who gets killed. And then our season tagline...oh god I nearly forgot..."From Beneath You, It Devours." Next, the monster of the week shows up - an underground snake thingee and there are some seriously bad special effects in this episode. I can't give it credit for being 10 years old now, either, as Angel ran concurrently and (almost) always looked amazing. This is just UPN budget, Season 7 bad.

Meanwhile, Crazy-In-The-basement-Spike is still down there, poor thing. Also, it's Buffy's first day on the job as Guidance Counselor and Xander's driving the girls to school and still giving good friend pep talks. It's the one nice thing that carried over from Willow's trip to the dark side. Speaking of, Willow is departing England but first asks Giles all kinds of questions about her fears and abilities and if during this season's Big Bad problem, if she's going to need to become a bigger bad-ass than last season? Not until the finale, dear Willow. You'll get no love until then. Spoiler alert!

Then a Hilary Swank look-alike loses her dog via monster of the week and oh look! It's SeeminglySaneSpike! And he bleached his hair! Well, that didn't take long. I thought I remembered the roots sticking around a bit longer. Anyway, Buffy decides to team up with SaneSpike!, even though Xander threatens him and Dawnie threatens him pretty graphically. Aww, and they used to be so close. Outside, SaneSpike! tries to explain the basement to Buffy but she's got some major PTSD over the bathroom incident. Smidge's acting is really good here. She still has the hope Season 7 would be good and so did I at this point.

Xander walks Hilary Swank home, but the monster of the week takes out the building's foundation in all it's bad CGI glory. Turns out that Anya granted a wish and turned Hilary's ex-boyfriend into a Sluggoth demon. The gang confronts her at the Bronze and one Spander joke later Anya sees something off about he punches her in the face! It's shades of Season 2 Spoike, really, but it turns out it's all in self-hate. Outside, SaneSpike! turns insane again after injuring the Sluggoth who is now back to being human as Anya reversed the spell. Spike freaks out and runs off to church. It's there where he confesses to Buffy for nearly 6 minutes and we learn the HUGE news of the era that Spike didn't have his chip removed in Africa, he got a soul! Marsters sold it in this scene and he actually always sold it, right to the end. I have to give this ep (and season) at least that. Now, can we rest?

How do the eps compare?
Listen, people, I'm seriously worrying that Cas might be the Giles of Season 7, meaning Special Guest Appearances only. This is the exact episode we lost Giles too for quite a spell. It effing killed me then and it's killing me now. Don't leave us Cas!

Also, there is a LOT of crazy happening with both Sammy & Spike and both actors are doing a fine job with the material. The only problem is that Sam's storyline has shades of "Normal Again" and pleasae don't make me think of the slap in the face that is "Normal Again".

Mini Battles!!:
Best Episode Villain:
Bad CGI Sluggoth Demon vs. Leviathans Winner=Supernatural (that poor Sluggoth wasn't even evil)

Best Quote using Genitals:
"He might not know your appendix from your vagina” - Patient who got her liver eaten at Sioux Falls General vs. "Oh, penis..." - Anya when she sees the Scoobs. Winner=Supernatural

Epic Episode Ending:
Cas and Bobby both dead or missing and the boys being in an ambulance for the first time ever vs. Spike having a soul. SUCH A TOUGH CALL! Winner=Buffy

Final Ruling:
This one was really hard for me, and so early in the season! I actually really planned on giving this one to Buffy for it's incredibly emotional ending and superb acting on both Smidge and Marsters' part, but this Supernatural marks a 2-episode punch that might be one of the best beginnings of a season ever. "Beneath You" was definitely good at times, but "Hello Cruel World" had me on the edge of my seat the whole entire ep. Winner=Supernatural

Season tally so far:

Saturday, October 1, 2011

#MyBuffyLife Video Contest Update: Deadline Extension & Even More Prizes!

Two great bits of news if you're thinking of entering the Buffy S.9 Video contest that is currently underway. Dark Horse has decided to extend the entry deadline to October 16th! The final winner will now be announced end October.

Also, a fantastic new prize has been added to the mix: A 7 foot tall Buffy Banner featuring some Jo Chen art from Season 8! (Image to the right.) So this brings the incredible prize pack to:

3. A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Lunch box. Cute!
4. A Signed copy of Buffy Season 9 #1 25th Anniversary cover from Georges Jeanty
5. A signed Buffy/Angel & Faith Trifold - signed by Joss Whedon himself along with, Andrew Chambliss, and Jo Chen
6. *newly added* 7' Tall Buffy Banner from Season 8.

There is so much at "stake" here! (sorry) So again, get cracking on those videos and you can win the best prize pack of all time and the glory of creating the best Season 9 FanVid. All you have to do is follow the instructions in our original post.