Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dr. Horrible Soundtrack this Tuesday (Sept 2nd)!

From MTV:

They also say that Zack Whedon is writing a Moist comic as well as for Lost creator JJ Abram's new show with Pacey Whitter on Fox called "Fringe". Hmm...the Whedon family taking over Fox, Dr. Horrible (& Moist!) taking over the world. Good times.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Abridged


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Buffy Cartoons by Amy Mebberson

Trish pointed out this chick (thanks!)...and I think I remember her showing them to me a long time ago. So cool, Peanuts and Buffy??! Ridonkulous! I really can't take it. They are fantastically illustrated and funny to boot.

Check out the artist's personal site here:
and page on deviantart here (where these were found):

and usually I don't post so many pics in one shot, but these are so awesome I have to give a sampler. LOVE! Click to enlarge:

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Buffy Animated...this thing is gonna happen. I just know it!

MTV is covering this story today. Seems like they had the option to buy at the time and are now regretting that error in judgment. Check it out:

and in that article is what I'm assuming is now the official online petition? find it here:

Buffy > Church

Because we don't have enough backwards thinking anti-feminists spouting insanity on, say, Faux New$, England thought it would be awesome to fill their side of the pond's quota with crazy, delusional psycho hose beast (and sociologist at the University of Derby) Dr. Kristin Aune. In her recent bat shit insane study which is as rooted in fact as my right now claiming that Armenian Soup will bring about the oncoming apocalypse (which will be the tastiest apocalypse of all) she claims that 50,000 women per year leave the Church thanks to Buffy. You're probably thinking to yourself "What? How? What?" and, much like Giles, I say unto thee "Three excellent questions".

Have a yummy quote:

"Because of its focus on female empowerment, young women are attracted by Wicca, popularized by the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

I'd call that a pretty radical interpretation of the text. Frankly, if Buffy was causing that many women to cast off "the Church" (which is a huge and disgustingly misogynistic tool of the patriarchy anyway) I'd do a little jig. It's far easier to point fingers at the gay, Wicca girl with the black hair (see picture above) than to look within and realize that the Bible could easily be retitled "Thanks for Fucking it up, Eve, and other reasons women are to blame for everything".

[source: NYPost]

Principle Snyder makes the list...

In a well-deserving tribute, Principle Snyder makes the list as one of the worst educators on T.V. and he also makes it onto our blog, for what I predict to be first and last time.

Here's some great quotes from Sunnydale's worst principle:

"Call me Snyder. Just a last name, like... Barbarino." -Band Candy

"There are things I will not tolerate. Students loitering on campus after school. Horrible murders with hearts being removed. And also smoking." - Puppet Show

"People can be coerced, Summers. I'm no stranger to conspiracy. I saw JFK. I'm a truth seeker. I've got a missing gun and two confused kids on my hands; pieces of the puzzle. And I'm gonna look at all the pieces carefully and rationally, and I'm gonna keep looking until I know exactly how this is all your fault." - I Only Have Eyes for You

"Congratulations to the class of 1999. You all proved more or less adequate. This is a time of celebration, so sit still and be quiet." -Grad Day Part 2

"In case you haven't noticed, the police of Sunnydale are deeply stupid. It doesn't matter anyway. Whatever they find, you've proved too much of a liability for this school. These are the moments you wanna savor. You wish time would stop so that you can live them over and over again. You're expelled." -Becoming Part 2

"It's worth nothing, Harris. Whatever comes out of your mouth is a meaningless waste of breath. An airborne toxic event." -What's My Line Part 1 (This might be the one and only times I agree with Snyder)

"That Summers girl, I smell trouble. I smell expulsion and just the faintest aroma of jail." -When She was Bad

Monday, August 25, 2008

Buffy crafters

So I go to Etsy a lot to check out the craftiness and peruse the goods. There's a whole bunch of Whedonverse stuff to enjoy there. This one crafty chick crafts up these Buffy Linocut prints (Angel one shown). I also found the Plush stake (not unlike the knitted stake posted a while back) and a bunch of other great stuff. Go check it out:

Also check out this Whedoncraft site for some other hand made fun:

Spike Lives Blog - The ongoing adventures of Spike

This blog is so cool. Go check out this person's cultural journey with a Spike figure and a little forced perspective at Love it!

Pics courtesy of Spike Lives. Please note that this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

can we rest?

I considered not saying anything at all but...

Happy 46th birthday, Marsters! Thank you for getting so old that there can now never be a Spike TV movie. Lay on that cross all bare chested, buddy. You've.... you've earned it.

Sarah Michelle Gellar on Howard Stern

Howard is a big Buffy fan. He's just being his regular self and SMG is trying hard to be normal. He just wants a lesbian vampire on the show and for SMG and Michelle Kwan to get naked. I'm going to date this around end of season 2.

Looks like the Buffy Sing-along people are really trying for Dr. Horrible!

If they do it, I really hope it comes to NYC! The Buffy sing-along was so fun and the IFC center was the perfect spot.

Check out the latest on the Buffy Sing-along site:

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Firefly on Blu-ray deets

New commentaries and extras and everything! Too bad I have an HD-DVD player. Stupid ass, scheming DVD/electronics industry. Anywho, read about it here:

Vote for Buffy to be Shown at the Emmy Awards

Buffy the Vampire Slayer seemed to be under the radar when it came to Emmy nominations. Here's our chance to give it a shining moment during this year's award ceremony.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Now let's pay Buffy a visit!

Sure it's the back of me, but there I am, going to Buffy's house. 1630 Revello Dr. Sunnydale, California. Maybe Buffy can come out to....slay?

Here's a bit of trivia:
Everyone knows that Buffy's address is 1630 Revello Drive, but Giles' address was only revealed recently, when Fox auctioned off his $10,000 check to Buffy from "Life Serial". The address is 3441, Oakhurst Lane, Sunnydale, California. Although you can't see all of Giles' ZIP code on the check, it starts 900, which contradicts the Sunnydale ZIP code is 95037 seen on Buffy's college rejection letter in "As You Were". Mind you, that claims she lives at 1630 Crestview! Giles banks at the City Trust & Savings Bank on the corner of Third and Main, by the way.

If you're interested, check out the floor plans of Buffy's house:

Happy 200th Blog post everyone!!

Oops! Look at that, we went and made another 100 damn blog posts! May there be another 100 thousand x 10 more! Buffyfest forever!!!!!


Some might call this slapdash. I call it... flashdance?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sarah Michelle Gellar is learning Spanish by watching dubbed repeats of "Buffy"

Sunday 10 August 2008

Sarah Michelle Gellar is learning Spanish by watching dubbed repeats of ’Buffy The Vampire Slayer’.

The 31-year-old blonde actress - who played the deadly slayer in the hit US TV show from 1997 to 2003 - claims the unique language practice is working for her.

She is quoted as saying: "That’s actually how I learn some of my Spanish, by watching the ’Buffy’ reruns which are dubbed in Spanish.

"I can understand Spanish really well, but I have trouble communicating. I don’t know how to structure the sentences. So I found that by watching stuff that I knew it’s an easier way to work on the language."

Sarah Michelle jokingly added: "I sound pretty good on the show in Spanish, I have to say!"

Since leaving ’Buffy The Vampire Slayer’, Sarah Michelle has starred in movies including ’The Grudge’, ’Suburban Girl’ and ’Southland Tales’.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Angel's Mansion on Crawford Street

Angel's Mansion, or "The abandoned mansion on Crawford street" is actually the Ennis House, designed by the celebrated architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It stands on a hilltop at 2607 Glendower Avenue in Griffith Park. It was under construction when we went in 2006. That's me there in the second pic w my broken arm. Learn more about it here:

Now if I could only find all of the other pics from my other Cali trip- saw Buffy's house, Sunnydale High, the Hyperion, W&H. All the fun.

It's Hot.

Remember when I said that every issue of Entertainment Weekly has at least one mention or reference of Buffy. Well, this week's issue is no different. I found this on page 4.

Donna Reed would be reeling: Since prim-and-proper no longer rules the tube, we asked PopWatchers to recall TV's steamiest love scenes. They happily obliged.

Kate and Sawyer in the cage. It's the only love scene that made me want to look away because it seemed like such a private moment. —JK

Six Feet Under
The scene with Nate and Brenda in the supply closet in the pilot episode. Very hot and a good foreshadowing of their relationship on the show. —Tracey

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
When Buffy and Angel finally did the deed. It was pretty frisky. Too bad it sucked out his soul and turned him into a murderous fiend. —Nick Ross

Tru Blood

This guy called the "True Blood" series (by the creator of Six Feet Under) the possible evolutionary "Buffy". Since I'm such a hard-core skeptic, I'll leave my reaction to that out and let you guys have you're own opinion. Read on:

Incidentally, I saw Anna Paquin on the street in the city one day on 5th ave (near Bendel's) and it was clear and sunny but she was all wet. Wet hair...everything. Not sure what that was about.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Charisma's real feelings about leaving Angel

Finally some answers, from Charisma Carpenter herself. This is from SFX Toronto last summer:

Watch all the parts on the YouTube. Very interesting stuff. Charisma seems to have been in a weird mood. Cool that she does this.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Was Buffy Animated leaked after all? Plus more SMG in Dr. Horrible speculation..

This article suggests:
Given that the clip first surfaced a few days ago and has yet to be yanked by its copyright owner, the forum buzz could be right and the "leak" could really be a gauge to test fan interest. So far, the clip has tallied more than 80,000 views in four days -- compared to the five-day total of more than 2 million views for Horrible's three-act miniseries.

That's true, it hasn't been pulled. It's certainly pointing to "Mutant Enemy inside leak" more and more. But that leads me to believe that if they do stuff like that, they prolly would've told the world the secret of the "Smidge in the wig" cameo in Doc Horrible. So it must not be her after all. Hmmmmmm.....

Actually, update! The girl in the wig was apparently confirmed by Joss at ComicCon to not be Smidge. I repeat, the suspicious extra in Dr. Horrible is NOT Sarah Michelle Gellar!

at the comic con panel:
"It was Nicholas Brendon," Whedon joked. "The man is a chameleon."

Sadly, we can now call this a myth. Case closed!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

young David Boreanaz in an old vampire movie? spoof?


Some very telling Joss stuff in here....

For instance:
THR: As for the "Buffy" Season 8 comics, are you going to be writing more or is your role shifting more toward oversight?
Whedon: I’m finishing the Fray arc and then a couple of other people are stepping in and I have a plan to do one more arc before the end of the season. Although I’m looking at that with a cold eye; maybe I should just oversee that because I’m late with an issue, and it gets harder and harder.
**darn, was looking forward to hard-core official canon from the horse's mouth.**

THR: But there will be something that follows [Dr. Horrible]?
Whedon: I can not say with absolute certainty that there will be just because who knows where everybody’s going to be and if we’ll be able to put it together. Plus, this has gone over so well I’m a little scared now. Like we won’t have the excuse of, "We did it really fast" anymore. And I always need an excuse.
**hmm....wonder if he feels this way about putting Buffy back on in any live action form.**

THR: Would you consider adapting the "Buffy" musical "Once More, With Feeling" for the stage?
Whedon: I don’t think so, because it’s an episode in the middle of seven years of history; it doesn’t stand on its own. Whereas something like, say, "Dr. Horrible," you start at the beginning. I have thought about doing a "Buffy" musical but I wouldn’t do "Once More, With Feeling." I would do a musical adaptation of the concept starting from square one.

read the full hollywood reporter article via,27471.html

Monday, August 4, 2008

Charisma Carpenter and Julie Benz at CC's Bday in Vegas

Fun that they hang out! This from - (tons of pics at that link). Read on:

"Celebrating her birthday in true Las Vegas fashion at Christian Audigier The Nightclub was actress Charisma Carpenter. The starlet spent the evening dancing with her friends, including fellow actress Julie Benz, as club goers packed the dance floor and patio overlooking the excitement on The Strip. Earlier, Carpenter started her special night with a spectacular dinner just upstairs at Social House, where she and her party enjoyed yellowtail jalapeno, kobe sliders and krafts of sake."

here's the original invite. I'm sure she was paid to "host" this event. Good for her, I say:

Dr. Horrible: The Early Years

This is GREAT. Someone over at the YouTube said this video is fail. But this video is not fail.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Must've totally missed these juicy Joss tibits from Comic Con

Guess it's because we were so busy at the Fest. Anywho...

According to Entertainment Weekly's recap, we learned these points from the horse's mouth at ComicCon:

• Joyce Summers had Whedon's favorite death on Buffy. Said Whedon: It was "the most time I got to spend with something that close to me."
• a Buffy Comic spoiler that I won't add here, even though some of us already know it.
• Willow was basically outed only because Oz left the show.
• And, no, Whedon was never going make Xander gay.

and Dr. Horrible stuff (which has taken over this blog, as of late):
• NPH randomly decided to do the shoulder shimmy during "My Freeze Ray".
• While filming, Whedon sang as Hammer to Penny and co-writer Maurissa Tancharoen has it on tape. (awesome!)
• The Dr. Horrible soundtrack will be available for download in a couple of weeks. (a week, now)
• Lastly, you too can log onto the very same iphone interface Doc Horrible used in the film at
• They're hosting a contest for "Evil League of Evil" video submissions (no longer than three mins). The top 10 will be on the Dr. Horrible DVD.

That last one? One of the talented people on our team is totally doing that last one. Although that Dr. Dreadful" guy that was lobbying right after part 1 came out should really win that honor.
You know, this guy:

full EW story here:

Angel: Aftermath Interview

Angel will continue in comic form with Angel: Aftermath. Here's a tidbit of info from the writer.

Comic-Con 2008 - Dr. Horrible Panel

This is part 3 of of the videos on the YouTube. The first 10 seconds show how this is 100 gajillion X 10 better than the Buffy Reunion at Paley Fest. Just telling the truth!

Some interesting things were said in the other parts too. What did it mean that Dr. Horrible was in plain clothes at the end? NPH says that he was gutted and facing harsh reality of what had just taken place. Fillion suggests that Dr. Horrible got what he wanted and Billy lost everything.

Click through to watch all of the parts.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Buffy Animated!

Alright! Take a peep before it gets pulled down. Here's a three and a half minute glimpse of what the Buffy Animated Series would have looked like. It makes me super sad because it really could have been awesome.

Why in the world did this not see the light of day again?

Dr. Horrible, Firefly and Buffy Inspired Teas

Spike drinks a splash of Dr. Horrible Tea of Evil in his blood and it's Captain Hammer Tea for Giles.
Man that was lame.

I want all of these! Needed them for Buffyfest! Grrr Argh.:

Dr. Horrible's Tea of Evil
A tea as dark as the Dr.'s heart. This black tea is highlighted with berry blues and a hint of vanilla in honor of the frozen yogurt he shares with his love.
Contains: ceylon sonata, vanilla, berry blues

Capt.Hammer Corporate Tool Tea
An over-the-top hero, like the Captain, needs a patriotic tea. But this black tea is over-the-top too with apple, caramel and cream. Think of it as a gooey apple pie for our hunky, cheesy hero!
Contains: apple, caramel, cream

Buffy Tea:
It, of course, contains blood oranges, but is also rich with chocolate chips (the secret passion of Buffy and Willow).
Contains: chocolate chip, blood orange

Firefly and "Sereniteas":

There's more if you dig. A Spike "William the Bloody" one and a Willow one and even Moist! The Dr. Horrible fan blog did an interview with the creator of the Doc Horrible teas here:

Angel in the 12 Great Pop-Culture Vampires

Why did "The Count" beat him? Why is he #10 and, in reference to Tara's previous post, why is Twilight so huge?,,20153015_0,00.html

Friday, August 1, 2008

The vampire's time is now (again)

So we're at the mall and mike goes: that chick over there has fangs, is that real? I'm like "I dunno."

We go to eat.

And hour and a half later, we leave and look over to see a loooong line from the register area all the way out the door of barnes and noble. A Harry Potter type line.

Mike says "WTF??" Hmm, oh I get it. It must be because of the last Twilight book. (It's called Breaking Dawn for the record and I don't think it's on sale until midnight, so that line at 10 pm was not a good sign...or a great one if your B&N.)

We then walk around the mall to the other side and pass a mini pg-rated seance. Complete with book readings and a yellow colored lava lamp.

Ohhhhhhhh, it's all just clicking. After I explain a little to Mike about what's going on and he responds "that's why the girl had the teeth!". Took a few hours to piece together that puzzle and it wasn't even me who pulled off the discovery.