Wednesday, May 19, 2021

'The Nevers' Mid-Season Finale SLAPPED [spoilers]

Listen, it's not just because we're some bamboozled Joss Whedon fangirls over here still. We are most certainly not. But after seeing the mid-season finale of The Nevers entitled "True", we realize that he really created something amazing here and I personally am not afraid to admit it. The twists and turns elevated the plot to something so much more than "Buffy in the Victorian Era." It was wild. 

And I'm angry. This continues to make me so angry at Joss. He had a fresh, unique idea for a show that is aesthetically pleasing and different from anything else on TV right now. What a comeback it would've been! For all we know, at this moment in time, this show could end up being the the next Game of Thrones-level hit for HBO! And I'm angry that he blew it. Maybe HE needs to time-travel back to Victorian times to clean up the mess he made and make things right. If only. 

Until the Galanthi come to scare him straight, here are some cool behind-the-scenes photos of what is most likely the last times that Joss Whedon will be on the set of The Nevers.

And if you loved the finale as much as we did, please check out this fantastic interview that Esquire did with Laura Donnelly, who of course plays protagonist Amalia True/Molly/Zephyr Alexis