Monday, April 22, 2013

If You Threw The Whole Buffyverse on One Shirt...

...this is what you'd get! A fantastic t-shirt of 25 Buffy quotes, by Tom Trager. Buy it on Red Bubble.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Recap of Last Night's Twitter Chat with the Buffyverse S9 Writers!

Last night we had the immense pleasure of co-hosting a twitter chat with Dark Horse/all the major players of the Buffyverse writing team and it was bananas! We got some hints, we got some scary, nail-biting tidbits and we got photo evidence that there was a top-secret Season 10 Summit in LA some time last month - verified by Angel & Faith writer Christos Gage!

If you missed it, see below for a full recap. Thanks to Dark Horse and all the Buffy Season 9 writers!

You can also read on Storify here:

 OK, Good evening everyone! Welcome to tonight's Live Twitter Chat with basically every current writer of the Whedonverse!

We're here Co-Hosting with the wonderful !

 Time for the Twit-chat with ‏, , , and me!
And that is , who joined us! [in the pic]
  Even with his huge success in features, Joss was so eager to dive into talk about the books. Inspiring.

A lot of good stuff that day. I'm in awe of everyone's creativity.  
 I'm the one that looks like I live on beer and chicken wings. *burp*

 I guess we'll start: Question for What can you tell us about Xander's rage, which seems to be worsening?

  in #20 we saw how Xander's rage has been building up over a LONG time watching lots of people he cares about get hurt
  it's finally bubbling to the surface as rage, but he may redirect that in more active ways for the rest of the arc

Throw some love at - making S9 work so beautifully while still holding down his day job!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tonight's the Night! Join Buffyfest & Dark Horse for a Live Twitter Chat with the Buffyverse Writers!

Reminder! The Buffyverse comics are all gearing up for a major finale. Tonight we're co-hosting a GIGANTIC live chat event with Dark Horse Comics and all the MAJOR writers on the current Whedonverse comics roster! Get your questions answered from the creators themselves!

Use hashtag #BuffyS9Chat to join the fun! And make sure to follow:

In addition to that awesomeness, there will be some crazy prizes too! Spread the word and don't miss it! Tonight at 5pm PT/8pm EST.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Joss Whedon on 'The Avengers 2': "We're All Our Own Worst Enemy"

Prior to winning, Joss Whedon spoke to The Hollywood Reporter on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards last night. He let on that he's is already hard at work on the sequel to The Avengers and said he's nearly done with the first draft.

"It's been enormous fun, followed by deep, deep panic," Joss told THR. "I'm in the deep panic stage now. Actually, I've gone past panic into a vague nether-stage."

See the full video below:

Joss Whedon & Avengers Hotties win at the MTV Movie Awards, Get Cut Off. Wah Wah!

Last night's MTV Movie Awards was bizarre, to say the least....but I really didn't expect to see Joss Whedon there in his skinny jeans winning the awards for "Best Fight" AND "Movie of the Year" alongside hotties Tom Hiddleston, Chris Evans and um, Samuel L. Jackson (sure, why not?) Best line? "What's the opposite of humbled? We're Biebered to be standing here." HA!

But even though I didn't notice at the time, Perez Hilton reports "MTV pulled an OSCAR and cut Joss Whedon’s mic during his acceptance speech. NOT COOL." Oh snap!

Oh well, at least our boy got the win, right? See the full clips below:

Thursday, April 11, 2013

We're Co-Hosting a Live Twitter Chat With a Ton of Buffy S.9 Writers and Major Prizes!

Is the suspense from the final arcs of Buffy Season 9 making you nuts? Are the questions burning you from the inside? Well get ready to cool down because we'll have the writers ready to answer all those
inquries next Thursday!

In addition to getting soothing explanations, we'll be giving out some MAJOR PRIZES! Dark Horse will be sending 3 lucky winners signed Angel & Faith comics and one Grand Prize winner will win all four (4) volumes aka the ENTIRE RUN of the Season 8 Library Edition Hardcovers. Holy SMACK!

From Dark Horse's site:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 is gearing up for the final arcs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel & Faith comics and we're stoked to see how this season's climax brings the scoobies back together. We've joined forces with Buffyfest to cohost a chat with all of the writers of the Season 9 comics!

Join @buffyfest and @DarkHorseComics next Thursday, April 18th at 5pm Pacific Time for a Live Twitter Chat with Andrew Chambliss, Christos Gage, Jane Espenson, Drew Greenberg, Victor Gischler, Jeff Parker.

Follow:  @andrewchambliss, @christosgage, @janeEspenson, @drewZachary, @victorgischler, @jeffparker

We'll be taking over the Dark Horse Twitter feed for one hour next Thursday April 18th to chat with Season 9 Writers about the season and the various comics that have brought us to this final arc and what it's like writing for one of the most beloved pop-culture series!

We will host the chat using the #BuffyS9Chat hashtag.

Join us to ask your questions about the series, the writing process, and what we can expect from our favorite heroes in the future in this #BuffyS9Chat!

Participants will have the opportunity to win prizes! One (1) Grand Prize winner will win all four (4) volumes of the Season 8 Library Edition Hardcovers. Two Other Winners we'll receive a signed copy of Angel & Faith TPB Vol. 1, signed by Christos Gage! 

We'll pick three (3) random winners that qualify and work with you to ship your prizes to you! Participants must use the Hashtag #BuffyS9Chat in at least 3 separate tweets with appropriate questions or comments. Winners will be chosen randomly at Dark Horse Comics discretion.

Make sure you're prepared for this incredible #BuffyS9Chat!

Be there or be square!

Monday, April 1, 2013

We have a Winner of MARCH MADNESS 2013: The "Most Shocking Moment" of the Whedonverse Tourney!

March has come to an end and so has our 7th tournament here on Buffyfest. We finally have an answer to a complicated and heavy question: Of all the shocking moments this 'verse has brought us over the years, which is the most abominable? Of those scenes that are usually followed by a black screen saying "Created by Joss Whedon", which was the most atrocious? Which makes you shake your fist in the air and scream "Joss!" more than any other?

The answer and clear winner is:

The Death of Tara Maclay,
"Your shirt"
May 7th, 2002

As we all know, Joss Whedon has killed so many of his beloved characters that it's arguably no longer even shocking. But there were a certain few special deaths that were particularly detestable and scandalous - Tara's is now officially the #1.

Who can say the exact reason why? Tara was a VERY popular character on BTVS and her profoundly moving relationship with Willow is considered a LBGT milestone in television and pop culture. People tend to describe Tara as genuine, compassionate and kind. It was all of these things combined that likely made viewers so devastated at the loss of her spot on the show. At the time of her death, fans pretty much revolted. The backlash and hate mail was considered staggering by the Mutant Enemy team and the media that covered it. It clearly still stings to this day! RIP, Tara....and damn you Joss Whedon.

Well that's all for this year! If you missed the tournament, Click here to see how the entire month of shockers went down. Thanks so much to everyone who played this year's March Madness and the hundreds of people who voted. Until next time!