Monday, June 30, 2008

Buffy Summers is #1 on IGN’s list of "Sci-Fi Babes"

The Slayer is proof-positive that one doesn’t need lazer guns or logic-spouting aliens to bleed over into a sci-fi context. Remember, at the beginning of our trek across the known Babe galaxy, we said that if Blockbuster can put Buffy in the "Sci-Fi Section", then so can we. And justifiably so. While broadening the range of what science fiction usually incorporates, the girl made "girl power" cool, if not a terrifying responsibility and power in the hands of a sixteen-year-old girl. What could have been just another high schooler who spouts wit and stakes monsters-of-the-week, turned into a tragic hero.

Still not convinced? Fine. You try loving the one thing your purpose on this earth says you have to kill, and then deal with your vampire boyfriend going ten different kinds of evil on you because you slept with him, gave him a moment of pure bliss the curse on his soul says he cannot have, and then see if you have the sterner stuff to fight the not-so-good fight – for a total of seven. Years.

Buffy may not have been abducted by aliens, or assimilated by Borg, or even know what "DRAIDUS contact" means, but she knows what it takes to be a hero. She knows what it takes to be more than just a pretty face and killer of those that kill. And whatever that is, it’s enough for the number one slot.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Five Buffy/Angel spinoffs

These are cute, especially this one:

Up Late with Lorne
Move over Conan, step aside Carson. Make way for the hottest late night host in years. After Jimmy Fallon failed miserably as the host of 
Late Night,NBC decided it was time for a major change. That change is here in the form of a six foot green skinned, pink eyed, crooning demon. With his gift of gab and the ability to entertain for hours on end. Lorne puts the cool back in late night TV with a little help from his bandleader the reanimated corpse of Count Basie.

That's the perfect promo image for that show...hee!

Click here for the full list of "Five Buffy/Angel spinoffs I would like to see" including "So You Think You're a Gentleman" and "Loaded Gunn" from TV

Joss's Dr. Horrible Thingamajiggy trailer

Teaser from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog on Vimeo.

See it slightly larger over here:

and along with article here:

Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Joss Whedon

Click on the link to find out that Joss is very tall among other fun facts.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Spike after the Fall - Brian Lynch sure is excited!

Oh goodness, I almost thought there was no blog post from last week. That would be tragic. Anywho, this is scaring me a little:
"I cannot express how great this is coming out," Lynch said. "I didn’t want to dilute Angel: After the Fall or the previous Urru/Lynch Spike tales, so we didn’t plan this until we saw whether or not it would work. It worked. It works soooo well. This is gonna be goooood. All the hell! None of the Angels!"

There's a lot of ooooooo's there. Bryan Lynch's enthusiasm scares me a tad, not to mention the criticism he's sure to get but may not be able to handle. He seems a bit unstable about fan reaction and I'm worried for him. Although those Spuffy fans sure do salivate over Spoike having his own "show", so maybe all will be dandy. Read the full article ahead:

Also, what's up with It looks a lot nicer but I hope they're working on that pesky navigation issue.

Friday, June 20, 2008

This is cute...

Sarah Michelle Gellar gives her 10 male TV roles she wishes she could play

My Top 10: Sarah Michelle Gellar

The woman who gave us ’’Buffy’’ reveals the new classic male TV characters she wishes she could play


1. Ricky Stratton, Silver Spoons (1982-87)
He used to ride that little train around his huge house. I wanted that train when I was a kid.

2. Sonny Crockett, Miami Vice (1984-89)
I also wanted to have a pet alligator.

3. Alex P. Keaton, Family Ties (1982-89)

4. Thomas Sullivan Magnum, Magnum, P.I. (1980-88)
Just because it’s Tom Selleck. I’d be anything Tom Selleck.

5. Dexter Morgan, Dexter (2006-present)

6. Hank Moody, Californication (2007-present)
If I was a man, I’d want to make out with as many hot chicks as David Duchovny gets to make out with.

7. J.R. Ewing, Dallas (1978-91)

8. Eric Cartman, South Park (1997-present)
No one gets better dialogue on television than Cartman. Nobody.

9. Gunther, Friends (1994-2004)
I just love the story: There was this actor, James Michael Tyler, who was just in the background, and everyone liked him, and they kept him around.

10. Samantha Jones, Sex and the City (1998-2004)
She crosses all gender lines.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Good Google News

Have you ever seen this good Google news? With news headlines like "China Withdraws from Tibet, with Apologies" and "Peace payments to Iraq a "phenomenal success" we know that it's a great time in American history. Well on today's page it has great news under the entertainment section. Way better than that other stuff. Check it out:

or click pic below to enlarge a screenshot of the news:

Saturday, June 7, 2008

BUFFYFEST 2008: The Buffyfest Backyard BBQ

Click the comic to enlarge it enough to read all of the text.

Link to the forums discussing this year's special edition of our favorite event:

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Interview with Juliet Landau. She's up for playing Druscilla again and hopes for some Spike and Druscilla rekindling.

Get off my man, bitch!

Listen, here, polka dots: get your man hands the hell off of DB. If anyone gets to curl up close to that gorgeous man while he's wearing that banging suit (check out that tie, it is the shit!) it is me.... or Michelle. Probably Michelle would kick both our asses. I also have man hands. I was born a man but, then again, so were you. The point is, your dress is ugly and so are you and I hate you and please die.


Remember that strange pic of the Scoobies in Red...

...down by the Sex and the City post? Well here are a bunch more. What is the photographer trying to say here? Why did the stylist decide on these pants for Xander and the crimping Iron for Willow? What is the thought process behind this theme? Are they building a red coffin? Also, these are very Xuffy-centric, no?

Lot's of questions and no answers in sight:

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Another Chick Fight!

Rolling Stone Mag says this:
"Eliza." That's Buffy the Vampire Slayer maestro Joss Whedon's one-word answer for why he's coming back to TV in '09 with a serial called Dollhouse (Google the teaser). "I'm a big Eliza Dushku fan." Ten thousand single bloggers nod silently.

Sounds like Smidge has some serious competition in the "Apple of his eye" category. It's turning into a real life Buffy vs. Faith type situtaion.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Eliza and Boreanaz at a Fox Event

eliza and david at fox upfronts

With "She wishes she was Lilah" in the middle.

eliza and david at fox upfronts

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I heart us

We did something ridiculous and great. Watch as I explain in the only way I know how: VLOG POST!

edit: I should point out that the BuffyFest Blog Book was lovingly edited by she that is Tee. She is mad (again) because I may have forgotten to mention the immense amount of work she put into it and how unbelievably awesome it is. It's awesome. Tee is awesome. That is all.

"Save Dollhouse"

Yep, we are apparently already in need of Saving Dollhouse from cancellation.

Sex and the City on course to make $70M this weekend!

according to

Sex and the City opened with a eye-opening $26.93 million, according to Saturday morning's studio estimate. That puts it on track to become 2008's third-biggest opener, behind only Iron Man and Indiana Jones. The opening for Sex and the City will be the biggest ever for a romantic comedy and may even challenge The Simpsons Movie for biggest comedy opening.

Looks like Smidge will be pleased! Does this mean we will we be getting word of the Buffy Movie soon? Get on with it!