Monday, June 30, 2014

How Long Will it Take to Watch to Watch the Whedonverse?

So the stats-addicted people over at Nielsen decided to do some very important number-crunching and made a handy-dandy guide to TV Marathons of different shows. According to them watching the full season of Firefly would take 10 hours and the full series of Buffy would take 4 days, 9 hours.

We have to disagree.

First of all, you simply cannot binge-watch the entire season/series of Firefly and not cap it off with the show-stopping, stunningly dramatic, cinematic conclusion that is Serenity. For shame, Nielsen. So for that we'll have to put the actual binge-watching time as: 12 hours

As far as Buffy goes, at this point in the game. why would you bother doing a marathon in this particular era and not cross over with Angel? Come on! Do the thing right. And feel free to use our tried, tested and true Buffy/Angel crossover guide to do the deed. Total hard-core watching time: 7 days, 14 hours

And they left off the under-appreciated, red-headed stepchild that is Dollhouse. If anyone is ever going to binge-watch that sucker (including the unaired-but-originally-intended-pilot and Epitaph One, the proper season 1 finale) the total time would be: 19 hours

Check out Nielsen's full Binge-watching post which includes many other types of shows (including Supernaturalhere.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Buffyfest Back In Effect…Site Re-Launch!

It's been almost 8 years to the day since we started the concept of Buffyfest with our annual parties. The blog was launched a couple of years later in 2008 and we can admit now we had no clue what we were doing. Blogs were fairly new and we never intended to have any readership other than the three of us, so it's popularity and accolades surprised us. Buffyfest has had some major ups. Some highlights include: Meeting Joss Whedon and a whole host of actors and creators from the Whedonverse, our very first interview, all the fabulous parties and events, being able to contribute to wonderful causes like Can't Stop the Serenity, the many fun conventions we're covered, and of course, the inside info we get from the wonderful people over at Dark Horse and it's master: Super Scott Allie.

Fast forward to today and after a few months of hiatus, we're happy to announce a re-launch of Buffyfest that will roll out over the next month or so. You can expect some exciting announcements and we are so excited to be gearing up for San Diego Comic Con 2014, which we'll be attending at the end of July.

Check back weekly for updates, interviews and reviews of Buffy Season 10. Thank you so, so much for celebrating the Whedonverse with us throughout the years. :)

And for long-time readers, you'll also notice that we're back in black. It just felt right to take it back to our roots.

Buffyfest through the years:

We'll leave you with this: Buffyfest's official Theme Song. An oldie, but goodie.

Miss you guys…