Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Georges Jeanty talks Buffy

The article really shows Jeanty's love for Buffy and his modest attitude towards his own work. The comment about creating a Buffy "Summer Special" has me wondering how Joss is going to get all of this done. Otherwise, in true Buffy Fan-Fashion, his comment about Angel: After the Fall is really the only thing people are discussing on various sites. I wonder if the only thing that will make some people happy is if every creative person in the verse either stops doing interviews altogether or they become lobotomized pods who only talk in polite, simple sentences. Oh, the drama.


Monday, September 29, 2008

And the winner is....

Thanks to everyone who entered the "Haiku Review Contest". There were a lot of great ones and we had a very difficult time choosing a winner, but the results are in!!!

The winning Haiku is Impaler General's ode to Dr. Horrible :

I sold my soul for
The Evil League of Evil

Only a Penny.

Love it. Check out the goodies he's won:

A variety of Postcards and buttons, an "I wear the cheese" magnet, Sunnydale keychain, a bunch of stuff from the gift bags that you buy at the OMWF Sing-alongs, and the Director's cut of Angel ATF issue 1. Fun!

Thanks again and keep an eye out, we'll be doing another contest real soon.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

Gellar returns to TV

It's been awhile, and although I'd rather her focus on a Buffy movie, Sarah Michelle Gellar is stepping back into TV. It's cable, so that gives me hope.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Evil League of Evil is now accepting applications

Let's do it, do it!


That site says:
Aspirants to new heights of Evil should submit a video application that meets the terms below.
  • It should be no more than three minutes in length.
  • There should be little to no swearing.2
  • Dialogue, logos, and music must be original.3
  • You must be evil (bonus to have a name).
  • Your video application should be posted to YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Email us a link to the video, with your contact information.4
  • October 11 is the last day to submit.
How exciting! Anyone who does this let me know...we'll post some videos up.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Whedonverse "Haiku Review" Contest - 1 week left to enter

So the contest ends this Sunday, 9/28. We're received some great entries so far...but there's still time. So click here for the details, get inspired, and really put your all into that Haiku so you can win a gift bag worth of Whedon goodies!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Buffy snubbed at Emmys.....again

Buffy's OBVIOUS poll win for Great Dramatic Moment, or whatever, was not shown during the Emmy broadcast at all. Thanks, douche bags. Here's a pic of "Hello, hotness" from tonight to get us through this dark time.

Buffy & the Emmys

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has considered all "genre" television a "niche market" for decades and has consistently screwed it over just because, let's face the facts, it's considered "nerdy". Never mind that you can make a good argument for a Joss show having far superior writing, acting, & directing (along with the obvious make-up, lighting, & sound) than 95% of the contrived and/or bland bullshit that's on television (I'm looking at you, Sopranos/Frasier.) They still just consider it too weird and not mainstream enough and they don't want to soil their red carpet with a bunch of weirdos because advertisers and viewers alike just won't want to play along. I get it. It's sad and bears no artistic integrity, but this is show business.

So while I don't like this little marketing ploy that the Emmy's have set up - years after pooping all over the shows that were up for this "Emmy moment poll", they dangle the prospect of giving some kind of menial recognition to the said pooped on - I'm still tuning in to the damn thing tonight to see if a great Buffy moment will finally make it onto that coveted stage. Touche Emmys, you win this round. Next up: let's see if David Boreanaz will show some emotion about it during the show.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Joss attends fundraiser for Obama

Joss likes Obama, a lot of A-listers were there, yadda yadda yadda. Not much interesting in this story, but who knew he was that into Obama? Full scoop here:

and while we're on the subject, check out this tee I found:
hee! and durf. Purchase here, if you want. If you don't, see if I care.:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Free Giles Song on Amazon!

Oh cool! "Exposition song" from Restless is free from amazon.com right now. Totally free no strings! Fun! click here:

Only drama is that you have to download a stupid Amazon downloader thingee. I've had my own "unofficial Buffy score" for years and it's great, but I don't know why I haven't bought this soundtrack yet for the better quality alone. I think I'll do that today.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - Angel: Aftermath writer Kelley Armstrong

As Angel: After the Fall comes to a close, fans can rest easy knowing that there's a new story on the horizon in the form of Angel: Aftermath, a five to six issue story arc written by Kelley Armstrong. Kelley was nice enough to do an interview with me, and as you will see from her comments, she's just as much a fan of the Buffyverse as any of us. So, sit back and enjoy the first glimpse into the mind of the writer who will be creating the "aftermath".

Buffyfest Blog: How did you get involved with Joss Whedon and the Buffy Universe in general?

Kelley Armstrong: My only involvement with the Buffy universe has been as a fan, and that's what got me the job. Another writer knew I'd said this was one universe (other than my own) that I'd love to play in. This writer was then talking to the publisher of IDW and they were discussing the end of After the Fall. He suggested I might be interested in writing a story arc. Which I was!

BB: Who is your favorite Angel character? Why?

KA: Fred. She had a perfect balance of strength and vulnerability. She made mistakes, but always bounced back determined to do better. That's the kind of strength I really admire in a person...and a character.

BB: What is your favorite Angel episode? Why?

KA: Tough question! I'll give two. "Hero" from season 1 and "A Hole in the World" from season 5. Emotionally and dramatically powerful plus just damn good stories.

BB: What do you think makes Buffy and Angel such intriguing characters that they've lingered long after their shows went off the air?

KA: They're archetypal heroes with a twist. Buffy is the "commoner plucked from ignominy and given great power" making her a teenage girl in a modern society added the twist. Angel is the "tormented hero trying to overcome his past." And he happens to be a vampire. Whedon took classics we recognize and love, and made them real people. And it really is the characters that make a series endure. The plots are interesting, but we keep coming back because we're invested in the characters.

BB: On your message board, you were asked about the canonization of Angel: Aftermath. Could you elaborate on your feelings about canon vs. non-canon?

KA: I leave it up to the reader. Yes, Aftermath is intended to be canon in the sense that it "counts" - it continues the main storyline of the series. But if a reader feels that anything not written by Joss Whedon isn't canon, I can understand that. Or if they really didn't like my story and decide to wipe it from memory, I'd be okay with that, too (well, okay with the "it's not canon" part...not so much with the "it sucked" part!) With a universe that so many writers add to, I think it comes down to the fans to decide, for themselves, what they consider canon.

BB: In your Women of the Otherworld Series you change narrators throughout the story. Will you be using a similar style by changing from one character's point of view to the next in each issue or do you have another style in mind?

KA: I considered that, but I already had a story in mind, and it wouldn't work to do it that way. Aftermath really is Angel's story, though others will have a stint on center stage.

BB: Are there any hints you can reveal to us about Angel: Aftermath?

KA: That's really tough. Any useful hints I give could give spoilers for what's to come in After the Fall. I can say that I'm not taking things in a radically different direction. I'm returning to a previous exit on the roundabout rather than taking a sharp left into new territory. And there will be a new character...or two.

If you want to learn more about Kelley Armstrong, check out her site here:


Friday, September 12, 2008

We're having a contest!

It's the Whedonverse Haiku Review contest and it could win you a very cute goodie bag full of stuff. Some of the things are left over from our own Buffyfests. Some are from the now extinct OMWF Sing-along gift bag. It's cute stuff...you want it and we want to give it to you.

So here are the rules:
  1. Write a "haiku review" of any Whedonverse episode or season. Can be Buffy, Angel, Dr. Horrible, Firefly...even Serenity. Whatever inspires you. Your haiku should be in the form of 17 syllables broken into three lines of five, seven, and five syllables.
  2. Post your haiku in the comments section along with what you’re basing it on.
  3. Submissions must be received by Sunday, September 28 to be part of the contest.
Now, just to get the ball rolling, here are a few of our own examples:
The Master killed me
but he didn't kill my strength
another is called
Prophecy Girl

A gift for my Dawn
A gift for my Destiny
A gift for my Life
Buffy Season 5 or The Gift
OK, let's do this! Come up with your own haikus and put them in the comments!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bad News (Dollhouse) & Good News (Dr. Horrible)

I'll give you the bad first. There are problems on the Dollhouse set. Big ones. First Off, Joss shuts down production all together to work on scripts. According to Zap2it:

"Joss directed two of the three episodes already shot, he has not had sufficient time to be in the writers room and tailor the upcoming scripts to his liking."

Read the full details of that scoop here: Zap2it exclusive

That article is all positive and gushy and it's no big deal-ey...but follow that up with this whammy from TvWeek.com:

"However, some executives at the Fox network are worried that Mr. Whedon may not have his “Dollhouse” in order.

Specifically, because the heroine of the show, played by Eliza Dushku, has no free will or ability to do much beyond what she’s told to do, viewers might find it hard to root for her. In addition, some executives have expressed concerns that early episodes of the series have been confusing and hard to follow."

Linkage: Tv Week

Fox they suck, they suck!!! Why do they try to control Joss's work? Do they do this to JJ Abrams? And Joss might have too much on his plate too. And Ugh, if this can't be managed then I'm certainly never going to be in the theater with a big ol' tub of popcorn watching a Buffy movie, am I?

Let's cleanse that mess with the good news. Drumroll: The Dr. Horrible Soundtrack debuted on the Billboard top 200 Albums at #39! Unbelievable. Go Joss! Must be so proud since he loves the music. Here's the proof:

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Vote for Buffy in Round 2 of the Emmy thing!


Let's show em how it's done.

SMG stuff - wow, this Alice movie has really been beaten up good

OK, so Sarah Michelle Gellar is now really, truly, 100% out of the American McGee's Alice project. I'm so confused over this thing, I thought she owned the rights to it? Check the new scoop here:

Also, I don't know if she's going to do it so I don't want to jump the gun - but it's a bit strange to me if she continues to do voiceover in the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and yet doesn't do her own voice of her own original character. What's up with that? Check the details of that story here:

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Angel Comic Review

What happened: Picking up right where we left off, we get official confirmation that Electro Gwen has betrayed the gang because of Gunn's promise to return everything to the way it was. Spike snarks, Connor broods, business as usual right up until we find out Angel's dragon's name: Cordelia.

Speaking of Cordelia: Hey, look! It's Cordelia. Oh, and Angel's there too. Except, according to Cordelia, Angel is dead and she's here to help him pass to the other side. Cordy snarks, Angel broods because someone always has to be doing one or the other in this universe. Oh, and vampire Gunn is in the background trying to figure out why Angel is dead now as opposed to later.

Meanwhile, Frillyria franticly looks for answers in books even though she's not really book girl anymore. Wes and Nina are there too. Wes does the disappearing dance of "Oooo, I'm a ghost!" apparently not of his own volition (though, I think secretly, like me, he just wanted to escape the boring, dimensionless Nina). Frillyria flips a shit, time goes wonky, Nina says something unimportant, and Illyria hates walls almost as much as Angel hates doors. Illyria looks to the sky and, hey, dragon. Also something about Doyle coming soon. More on that travesty later.

Back to vamp Gunn, dead Angel, and questionably Cordy. Scotty beams up Wes to the scene. Wes gets an impromptu vision quest. Guess what? Gunn's visions were kind of a lie. What a surprise. Wes expositions that Wolfram & Hart were behind it all like they always are. Gunn insists that the Shanshu prophecy is all about him because, apparently, vamp Gunn is very, very stupid. Wes insists that it's all about Angel. I agree since the show and subsequent comic's title kind of support that theory.

Angel tells Cordy it's not his time to die because there's still work to do. Wes shares the vision with Angel. The vision is of a vamped out Angel(us?) standing amongst countless corpses, both human and demon. Angel to Cordy: "I'm ready to go".

What did I think: I loved or hated this issue depending on which page I read. I'm a firm believer in letting characters stay dead once their story has been told. I really think Cordy has had her day in the sun and that, each time the writers bring her back, it weakens everything that came before. That said, she actually was really great here and I think the artist did an exceptional job of bringing her facial expressions to life.

Doyle. There is no reason you could ever justify bringing him back. His story is so perfect, his death so poignant, that reintroducing him into the plot for any reason will do nothing but tarnish arguably the best character arc this show has seen.

Thankfully the issue was saved by the official announcement that the Shanshu Prophecy is absolutely about Angel. I can't tell you how much it has bothered me that anyone could even consider that it could be about anyone else. It's so important that we reconnect everything to Angel. He is, after all, the titular character and he is fantastic in this issue.

Best Dialogue:

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Buffy Comic Review

Issue: Buffy Season 8 #18

What happened:

Last we left Buffy she was still reeling from being thrown into Fray's futuristic world. Buffy's emotional state is shaky at best as she has to deal with the repercussions of "Chosen" and the future that she has helped create.

This issue starts off with Buffy researching the Watcher's Diaries. She doesn't find much that specifically points to her as she say, "A few sketchy references that might be me, or my friends… some encouraging, some dire… at least one that's too ridiculous to comprehend…." My bet for the ridiculousness is on a Xander/Dawn hookup. I agree with Buffy because I can't really comprehend it and that's exactly why Joss would go there.

Buffy begins to cry as she stares out the window and watches a world she doesn't understand, then of course we get the wonderful comedic undercutting of Joss with the funny "Spoiler alert" line. Buffy's emotions are great in this comic because she actually has them. There was a time when I hated to see Buffy cry, but after the stone-cold Buffy of Season 7, I am relieved at any bit of emotion she show because in the end, an emotionally attached Buffy is a sane Buffy. All of this, though, in the end is going to lead Buffy into believing that Twilight just might be right in his assertion that the world would be better without slayers and magic.

Now we cut to Willow who is trying to get Buffy out of the future. Kennedy is there, but we'll pretend she's not because I hate her. Unfortunately, I really can't because for some insane reason Willow can only contact the Snake Lady, Saga Vasuki, while she's in the middle of an orgasm. I am going to say it - that is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read by Joss. Really, Joss, you're going there?

Cut to Xander and Dawn being chased by Ent-like tree people after the castle has been attacked by Amy and Warren or as Xander puts it, "The Laurel and Hardy of being a dick." I have to say these few panels of Xander and Dawn are written so well. I usually don't have many nice things to say about these two characters, so this is a big step for me.

We're back to the future where Gunther, Fray's fish boss, is in a stand-off with Harth, Fray's vampire brother. Me thinks Gunther isn't going to make it out alive when this arc is over.

Next scene brings back the "Buffy can't drive" gag from days of yore. One thing it doesn't bring back is the Buffy of yore. This girl, no matter how we want to keep her the same, has changed. Buffy and Fray see some innocents being attacked, Fray wants to save them, but Buffy says they need to "look at the big picture". Fray doesn't listen and jumps to the rescue. I'm not sure how I feel about her decision. On one hand, I agree that looking at the bigger picture is a smart thing to do, but isn't that how Buffy got where she is in the first place? Aren't the events of "Chosen" and their consequences the reason Twilight is on the war path? Maybe saving one person at a time is the right mantra for a slayer. As Fray says when she is jumping out of the car, "You look. I'm gonna do our job."

Fray leaps right into the path of Dark Willow. I'm starting to think that Angelus should take a lot of credit for his, "To Kill this girl, you've gotta love her" statement back in Season 2. It's been repeated by a lot of bad guys in all these years and Future Dark Willow is no exception with her statement to Fray: "If you hate her she'll be harder to kill."

Back to Present-day Willow in the middle of a climax (not the literary kind either) as Saga Vasuki appears in front of her. The gratuitousness of this scene is really hard to swallow. Naked Willow, orgasm, Snake Lady. I still can't wrap my brain around it. Anyway, Willow needs to get Buffy back. Willow asks Snake Lady who told her to send Buffy to the future and Snake Lady replies, "Someone I trusted," which is actually Dark Willow. Snake Lady tells Willow to promise not to look when the time rift opens and she pulls Buffy out. Everyone knows that future self meeting present day self = destruction. Then we get the ultimate in sex punning with Snake Lady's dreadful, "Do come again." Ugh.

Back to Dark Willow trying to convince Fray to kill Buffy. We get a nice shout out to Angel with the line, "The most important men in both your lives are lurks." Dark Willow's mission to kill Buffy is personal which plays nicely with Willow's fears in "Anywhere But Here" that anytime she brings someone she loves around Buffy they die or get hurt. She has a point. Interesting info here is that Dark Willow actually has no power.

Buffy and Fray's sister Erin meet and did anyone notice how similar they look? If it wasn't for the clothes, I'd think Buffy was talking to her future self. We get another shout out to classic Buffy with a reference to "What's My Line" and Buffy's career in law enforcement. Just as the conversation gets started, Buffy is taken down by Fray. Whatever Dark Willow said must have convinced Fray that her and Buffy are indeed on different sides.

Conclusions/Opinions: I want the results of "Chosen" reversed. I want Buffy and Faith to be the only slayers and I am going to jump for joy when that day comes.
My prediction for the next issue is that Dark Willow is going to die by Buffy's hand. Another cross to bare. Poor Buffy.

Favorite Dialogue:
BUFFY: Oh, futuristic snap!
ERIN: Puffy, can I –
BUFFY: Buffy. Sorry. With a B. Don't want future history calling me "Puffy."

Friday, September 5, 2008

R.I.P. Jenny Calendar

Buffy’s Jenny Calendar in the 24 Cherished TV/Movie Teachers


Also, we've got some special trivia on Janna of the Kalderash Gypsies:

During her time on Buffy, Robia LaMorte became a born-again Christian.

The character was originally intended to be named "Nikki Calendar", but this was changed to avoid on-set confusion with actor Nicholas "Nicky" Brendon.

For the two episodes she appears in during the first season ("I Robot, You Jane" and "Prophecy Girl") and in the second season premiere ("When She Was Bad"), Jenny's first name is never uttered -- other characters only refer to her as "Ms. Calendar". It's not until the second episode of the second season, "Some Assembly Required", does she get a first name. This happens when Jenny asks Giles to refer to her as such by saying, "Please, call me 'Jenny'. Ms. Calendar is my father."

The death of Jenny was never originally meant to occur. The original plan had been for Oz to be the character who met their end at the hands of Angelus, but that plan was changed after the fan reaction to Oz had been so positive. The grisly demise was then dealt to the character of Jenny.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

i just sunk your battle shipper

"It’s practically sacrilegious among die-hard “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fans to prefer the platinum-headed Spike (James Marsters) over Angel. But he’s definitely sexier. The leather jacket. The bad attitude. The British accent. And the guy blew himself up, literally, to save the world. Angel went off and became … a lawyer. Yeah. We win."
-The Los Angeles Times

"The Los Angeles Times is a group deranged crack smokers who would rather be date raped than be loved."

Seriously, LA Times. As Buffy fans we all know that this is a complex debate that, let's be honest, will go on forever. If you seriously think you can declare victory after barely stringing a few sentences together, then I invite you to visit the thousands of Buffy message boards that will teach you an important lesson in humility.[source]

WB online

I just figured I'd post a link to the streaming eps on the new WB website launched last week. If you're bored at work or home: Buffy, Angel and the whole Firefly gang are always there to keep you company.

Also, there are some crazy and scary season 1 photos on there (some I've never seen before - see above.) Smidge looks about 40 with that hair! Check them out here:

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


A very special thanks to Damo aka Demian (666) who wrote a review of our very own Buffyfest Blog on his site:


Go check it out to read it and other great reviews of sites pertaining to our rad extended family known as the Whedonverse.

ps, that's right, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is a screenshot on our blog of our blog on his blog. It's a Buffy blog-on a Buffy Blog-on a Buffy Blog. What can I tell ya?

THIS is ridiculously amazing! BUFFY MMO!

How the hell could this get any crazier!??:

Twentieth Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising and Multiverse Announce 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' Virtual World Revolutionary Massively Multiplayer Online Game First Ever to be Available as Both Fully Immersive 3D Environment and Flash-Based 2D Game

It can't!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Six Degrees of Buffy Challenge Part 3!

So, Hombrewolf did it first by way of Robot Chicken/That 70's show (although Baxter later pointed out both Seth and Chong are on That 70's show - 1 degree!) So these 2 ladies were chosen next and it was quickly figured out by Clem (by way of Eliza Dushku...nice!):

Bianca Lawson and Jamie Lee Curtis

So that's over....Next up, Clem's choice:

James Marsters and Madonna!

Six Degrees of Buffy Challenge Part 2!

Well congrats to Ghost for figuring out the Charisma/The Johnny challenge (now that's a hot couple). She did it super timely and in 2 different ways! So, since she's the winner, she got to pick the next combo which is:

Seth Green and Tommy Chong
Remember, six degrees or less and once you get it, you get the next pick! Something in an Andy Hallett/Elizabeth Taylor would be interesting. Hee! Just saying!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Six Degrees of Buffy Challenge

Did you happen to notice the poll to the right of this post? Believe it or not, it was inspired by an interview done with our beloved Danny Strong...kind of. It all started when Strong revealed that the video store he would frequent as a 10-year old child had a very special employee who would become the auteur of a generation - Quentin Tarantino. Jonathan, the Geekiest Geek of Geekdom, would get movie picks from, arguably, the Coolest Cat in Cat Town. Here's the article: http://movies.ign.com/articles/403/403660p1.html

The article led to a discussion about fans, which led to an argument, and ultimately the Whedon vs. Tarantino poll. Yet, the ideas didn't stop there. Danny and Quentin, the most unlikely duo, have inspired us to find out just how far the Whedonverse reaches in Hollywood by playing "Six Degrees of Buffy".

Here's how it works. We'll tell you the name of a Whedonverse actor and another unrelated actor and you're going to find a connection within six degrees or less. Write it in the comment section of the post and we'll do the rest. The first person who figures it out can suggest the next actor combo. Just make sure one of them is from the Whedonverse. Let the games begin...

The first challenge will be:

Charisma Carpenter and Johnny Depp