Sunday, November 30, 2008

Official: Joss Whedon announces Buffy Movie!!!

Yes, I'm lying. Yes, my pants are on fire but imagine for a moment if that were true. You've already seen more than one article where the success of Twilight was used to posit the theory that executives at Fox might consider bringing Buffy back to the big screen for the first time since it flopped in 1993. You've seen for yourself that vampires are back in a big way all over the place. You know that both the Buffy and Angel comics have been selling extremely well.

There's something fishy going down in fandom town though. Every time an article gets posted about the possibility of a Buffy movie fans seem to respond with an overwhelming "meh". Whether it's an argument over why the actors wouldn't do it, questions of comic continuity, hoping Joss is too busy with Dollhouse, or just insisting that Buffy can't be done in movie form it's become clear that a lot of fans have written off the idea of a film franchise.Continue Reading...
If you are one of those people I want you to try something: be optimistic. Rather than thinking of why a movie can't, won't or shouldn't happen, think about what would happen if it did. If the title of this post were 100% interweb truefax you would collectively lose your damn minds in a universal orgasm of fan joy that would literally cause the earth to quake and you know it.

This can happen. It was a decade between the last episode of Star Trek and it's first motion picture. Many of those actors went on to do other things and most of them in that decade talked about how much they hated the show and hated each other. You know what happened after that? Six movies! Six!!! That doesn't even touch on the films for the subsequent spinoff. It happened because fans wanted it to and because top executives saw dollar signs. With all the success of other vampie franchises we've already got that second part tied up in a bow. Let yourself think of what you'd like to see in a Buffy movie, smile to yourself, and then share your thoughts here in ye olde section for comments.

**UPDATE** Dr. Horrible DVD

The Dr. Horrible DVD just got price slashed to $13.49 and is not #63 on the list! Buy 2 and get free shipping over at Amazon. I wonder how many sold so far?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Joss comments on Dr. Horrible DVD

Joss posts on Whedonesque right about the time we find out that The Doc Horrible DVD breaks into the Amazon top 100 within the first 24 hrs. Dec 19th, Freeze Ray, tell your friends. Awesome tidbit: The first thing Impaler General does is ask him about the great Buffy Movie Internet Rumor of 2008. What a community hero. Hee!

Tubefilter claims Doc Horrible made 2 and 1/2 million already even before the DVD release:

Joss's post via Whedonesque:

Well, my turkey (or, in some cases, tofurkey) stuffed friends, we literally just put the finishing touches on the disc. Is it worth fifteen hard-earned dollars? Absolutely. In fact, I can say without reservation that the Dr. Horrible DVD is worth $15.23 EASILY. More, if your dollars weren’t the hard-earned kind, just the kind you have lying around in your mom’s purse. God knows WE’VE worked hard to earn ’em. "Commentary! The Musical" is the most painstaking and exhausting piece of whimsey I have ever mistaken for a good idea. It has nearly twice as much music as Dr. Horrible itself — since you can’t really talk that much during a commentary musical or it sounds like a regular commentary. (Which we also have, with the stars and writers, plus making-of’s, ELE applications, and a few items left lying around by a notorious Bunny...) I can say without hesitation that I hesitate to say it’s great. And by great I mean ridiculous. It’s sophmoric, solopsistic, silly and the most fun I’ve had being exhausted since the fabled Mushortio itself. And everyone sings beautifullly. Which enrages me. I a little bit hate my friends now.

The listed street date is, by the way, a little later than we’d expected — I’m hoping Amazon is just playing it safe and we can beat that date. More on that as we learn it. Expect a twittering sensation......

Go to this link on Whedonesque to read the rest.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Jossian Fluidity of Time

An attempt to explain the time travel mechanics in Time of Your Life by Emmie.

"The event happens...(Willow draws a circle in between markers designating the present and the distant future) sometime around here. But it's a temporal anomaly, which means that it affects the timestream, almost exactly like a pebble thrown into a pond...and what you girls are picking up the last subsiding ripple of the event. An event completely fluid temporally..." - Willow ToYL 1

The temporal anomaly starts at one point - a huge event in the future that we are not yet aware of - and creates ripples. The final ripple that goes both into the past and into the future is the one that opens the portal in NYC during present time and the portal in Haddyn in the future. If I'm interpreting this correctly, this temporal anomaly is triggered by an event in the future that opens the portal between the present and the far-off future lines Willow has drawn. This means that an event occurring between Buffy's present and Fray's future is what sets off this temporal anomaly.Continue Reading...

If you look at Issue 16 where Willow is explaining about the temporal anomaly, she establishes that the causality occurs from this mysterious event that creates ripples. The outermost ripple is what opens the portal in NYC and transports Buffy to Haddyn.

Willow draws multiple lines that represent ripples. There were actually four different openings of the portal at different times during the chronological timeline of ToYL and they are each connected to their corresponding mirror-portal in the past and future. Portal 1, when Buffy is first taken from NYC, which leads to Portal 3, when Buffy first arrives in Haddyn. Portal 2, when Willow is blindfolded to attempt to rescue Buffy in NYC, which connects to Portal 4, when Future Willow stands in front of the opening portal and Buffy kills her to get through it. The portals are slightly distorted mirrors, not connecting perfectly as Portal 1 leads to Portal 3, but if the ripples were moving outwardly at the exact same rate, Portal 1 would presumably connect to Portal 4. It's a slight deviation, so try to imagine the ripples extending from the temporal event as not perfectly cylindrical, with the mirroring ripples extending slightly further into the past or future upon each opening. The exact time-position of the corresponding mirror portals is less important than the nature of it's motion - moving outward.

Portals 1 and 2 in NYC are separated approximately by one day. Portals 3 and 4 in Haddyn also seem to be separated by one day. Present Willow has *no* control over these portals and consequently, it appears that the Future Willow in Haddyn is also not responsible for opening them. Although it appears she might have taken advantage of the portals to magically send the demon to NYC and magically pull Buffy through the portal. They open on their own and are caused by an event that disrupts time, creating the ripples. At each ripple moving outward from the event, connecting portals between the past and the future are opened.

If portals 1 and 2 are mirrors of portals 3 and 4, then the temporally displacing event must occur after Buffy returns to NYC (portal 2) but before she arrives in Haddyn in the future (portal 3).

This means that Future Willow's death (as some fans have been theorizing) is not the cause of the temporal anomaly because it occurs after portals 3 and 4 are opened.

So the next question is - what event caused this temporal anomaly and how far into the future does it occur?

Imposing causality on a temporal fold is severely problematic, but the one clear rule given to us by Willow is that the one event is the origin for these outwardly moving portals. The temporal anomaly occurs at some point in the future and causes change in the past and the future. The effect of this event acts outside of the chronological timeline and consequently isn't subject to it's linear progression. It *upsets* linear progression. It's the timeline rule-breaker. In the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors - the temporal anomaly is paper and the chronological timeline and it's subsequent rules of causality are rock. Paper always covers rock.

The beauty of these portals *connecting* resonates thematically as connection is one of the main themes of Season 8. Buffy's connection to Willow, Buffy's connection to her slayers, Buffy's connection to Satsu, the chain that so strongly connects all slayers and conversely leads to Buffy's disconnection from the world outside her Slayer army. The portals physically connect Buffy to Fray, connecting Buffy's present to Fray's future and paralleling the greater goal of Season 8 - connecting the events of Chosen to Fray. Connection - it's the whole point.

Neil Patrick Harris assumes there is a future for Dr. Horrible

He answers this and other questions over at AOL

14. What's next with 'Dr. Horrible' -- a sequel, a movie? When we made the 'Sing-Along Blog,' it was sort of an origin story, so I assume that there's a future with it. I just know that Joss [Whedon] is insanely busy with 'Dollhouse' and launching that show for Fox, so I can't imagine when it would be able to happen. But I know they would love to see a future with it. I wish I had concrete information, but everyone desires longevity with it -- in what capacity I have no idea. Maybe a big, giant Vegas show! Then we'd really have all the special effects ... laser beams and contortionists.

You know I can't resist Dr. Horrible. In one way I don't want them to ruin it but really I just want more!

(Neil Patrick Harris photographed by Eric Schwabel)

***UPDATE*** Dr. Horrible Available for Pre-order now!! Release Date Dec. 19th! What's up bitches??

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Welcome Guest Bloggers from SlayAlive

So our beloved Michelle will be out of the country for a week and we're thrilled to have Phil a.k.a CowboyGuy and Emmie from SlayAlive over to fill in. SlayAlive is an affiliate of ours and a great community fan-forum where you can discuss all things Buffy & friends. We're very excited to see what the SlayAlive team has in store for Buffyfest and would like to extend a warm welcome!

Monday, November 24, 2008

"Buffy Says"

Today we talk about she who is formerly the one girl in all the world who can have bad bangs and still slay the dust out of any vamp: Buffy. Her romantic and sexual entanglements with a card carrying member of Team Lady came as a huge surprise to fans of the series and the reactions ran the gamut from thrilled to irate. In a post Prop 8 world now is an excellent time to revisit this watershed moment in recent Buffy history.Continue Reading...

First let's make a real life comparison. In their most recent issue, Out Magazine released their annual list of 100 people who were important to the LGBTQ community be they members of the community or allies of it. The most controversial name that appeared was Katy Perry whose pop hit "I Kissed a Girl" made waves this year. Perry, a heterosexual woman, singing about kissing another woman elicited many to question the message she was getting across and whether it is a benefit or detriment to the community. Is it exploitation or is it a challenge to puritanical views?

In many ways Buffy faces the same judgment. The difference, of course, is that Buffy is fictional hence it's easier to debate and interpret her actions. She's also Buffy: the general to a slayer army. She's still the one girl in all the world. Everyone is relying on her to make all the right decisions. If the whole planet gets swallowed into apocalyptic, hell dimensiony woe the proverbial buck will stop with her. No pressure though, right?

Divorce yourself for the moment of the idea that she is a creation of this man, Joss Whedon. Don't think about his motivations. Treat her like you would any flesh and bone human and really ask yourself why this hetero normative girl would have sex with another woman.

Faith would say that slaying gets her sexually revved up. It gives you that itch that only sexy time can scratch. Willow would remind us that Buffy always feels alone, vulnerable and that an ill advised one night stand could always come out of that. Xander would tell us that Buffy has had one night stands before that were far more naive and ill advised than this one. Still, we don't get the answer from Buffy herself. All the world is a buzz but the only voice that matters remains silent and rightly so.

Buffy owes an explanation to no one but Satsu. Buffy may not be a "daughter of Sappho" but it doesn't matter. We readily accept that she boinked the undead but suddenly chicks are out of bounds? She can save the world on a day to day basis but the girl can't get a craving? Whether she is the one girl or every girl (and I would argue that she is both) all that matters is that who she takes to bed with her is her business and her's alone.

Why did Buffy sleep with Satsu? She wanted to. Period. Why judge her? Why judge anyone? By what authority was anyone ever given to decide what constitutes acceptable love, sex, and the wedding of souls?

Buffy is the Slayer. When asked the big questions she answers not in words but in deeds and we should do the same. She had fantastic sex with a woman named Satsu. She might do it again or she might not. Right now though there's a world needs saving. While she fights vampires and demons, we fight an ailing economy, a rapidly diminishing primary energy source, severe and dangerous environmental changes of our own making, poverty, homelessness, and starvation. These are the issues of our time, the issues throughout time and in every corner of the world. Why did we spend countless millions over what or whom lays betwixt the sheets? Why would we ever consider denying any one group of people their basic civil liberties when the whole of human civilization is falling down around our ears?

What does Buffy say? Nothing. She acts and it's high time we all stood up and did the same.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Whedonverse Ornament making party

So last week we had a little crafting party and some of us either made or put the finishing touches on our Whedonverse Ornaments for the Swap. I don't want to spoil too much for the recipients, so I'm not going to post too many pics until after the swap...but check this pile of mini stakes. It's hard to tell but they are each only about 1 inch big. hee!

Anyway, hope all the swap participants are doing well on your own ornaments. I've already sent the bulk of mine and I know the other Buffyfest Bloggers have, as well. So start looking out for packages tomorrow :)

And don't forget to ship out by Dec 3rd.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Scott Allie interview in anticipation of the upcoming release of Buffy #19. The most interesting part of this dialogue is the comments about his relationship with the fans and I think he's right - there will be an explosion of discussion on the boards that will go a little something like this: "Allie is so awesome" or "He is such a dick." Enjoy!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Don't pass up this deal...

I wish I didn't own this, so I could buy it. is selling the Buffy Box set for 65% off the regular price. This is a perfect gift for a Buffy lover or for someone who is fated to become one!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Tee!

Monday, November 17, 2008

"Satsu Says"

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of those shows that just doesn't seem to go away – and that's a good thing. After its series finale in 2003, the story about "one girl in all the world" turned into thousands of girls continuing to fight the good fight in comic form. As Buffy fans, we know that's not all Buffy's about. For instance there's Satsu, Buffy's latest love interest, who created controversy and some main stream media hype. With write-ups in such publications as The New York Times, the news of Buffy sleeping with a woman created some rifts in the Buffyverse, and catapulted Buffy into real world media. Unfortunately, some facets of American culture still see same sex relationships as taboo and as a declivity of American society. This begs the question, how about Japanese culture?

Homosexuality is not an unfamiliar topic for Buffy creator Joss Whedon. Willow came out in Season 4 and had two long term relationships with women. In fact, in May 2003, Buffy became the first TV show to air a lesbian sex scene. Satsu, the newest openly gay character, seems to have no shame in her sexual preference. Satsu has proclaimed her "Buffy-love" a few times, and has more of a problem sleeping with Buffy because she's her boss, than because she's a woman.

It's unclear so far in the comic if Satsu is Japanese-American or a native to the country of Japan, yet what is clear is that the character is confident and safe in her own skin. This self-awareness could be from her Japanese upbringing where homosexuality seems to be less of a hindrance than in American culture. Japanese pop-culture is filled with gay and transgendered main stream celebrities. Akihiro Miwa is a drag queen and a spokesperson for many Japanese Financial and Beauty companies. Can you imagine Citibank using Divine to promote their free checking? Anime and Manga don't shy away from gay characters either. Mr. 2 Bon Clay from One Piece comes to mind.

It isn't just pop culture. Kanako Otsuii is an openly gay assemblywoman from Osaka and in 2003, Aya Kamikawa became the first transgendered person to serve as a Tokyo municipal official. She was re-elected in 2007.

It seems that Japanese society has created a culture where sexuality is just what it is defined as, and not a meter to gage someone's moral decency. In turn, Joss Whedon has created a character who reflects societal upbringing and forces other cultures to question their views on such issues. With the recent addition of Proposition 8 in California, along with the other divisive outcomes in such places as Arizona, Arkansas and Florida, Satsu becomes a perfect example of how culture can effect the views of many, as well as the reflection of ourselves.

**This post is the first of a two-part discussion. Look out for the next installment titled, "Buffy Says".

Friday, November 14, 2008

Angel: TV's Lost Love

Can you imagine what it would have been like to watch the 6th Season of Angel on the screen? I think I'm gonna cry.,,20176618_2,00.html

Thursday, November 13, 2008

buffy vs. spike

what in the world?? These are nearly identical!

Whedonverse Holiday Ornament Swap - lists have gone out!

Ok, by now every swapper should have their recipient list. We can't wait to see what everyone comes up with and we're already hard at work on our own Whedon inspired pieces! Remember to ship out by Dec 3rd (we recommend even earlier if you're outside of the US or shipping outside of the US so that evryone gets their boxes in time for the holidays). If you still have questions refer to the full details in the original post here or email us at Also, we were pretty organized but if you think there is a mistake or, dr. horribly, if you didn't get your list...please drop us a line.

Thanks to everyone involved. We have over 30 participants who are sure to create some Whedon madness. Below is a list of just some of the fabulous crafters who have sites and are participating in this event.
and members of our affiliate

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I've Got a Theory...on Twilight

The biggest question in the Buffy Comics is "Who is Twilight?" The team, here, at Buffyfest have recently been discussing the possible suspects and we've come to a hypothetical and cautious conclusion...Angel.

We have a list of reasons why and one visual that seems to make the most sense to us. Yes, Angel's been on the Twilight suspect list before, but just bare with me.

1. "I know that move." Who was there? Caleb, Angel, Spike and The First. Caleb and The First are out because I doubt Joss would bring those two back to play the Big Bads. That leaves Spike and Angel.

2. Twilight's build is compatible with Angel. I'm not an avid comic reader, but I assume that the artist knows who is behind the mask and has drawn them accordingly.

3. Twilight's motive of ending magic makes him an enemy to Buffy but kind of an ironic one. Would Buffy reject the idea of living a normal life if magic was abolished? From the inception of the characters of Buffy and Angel, both have wanted to be "normal" humans. This is not so much a clue, but to show that this could be in character when it comes to Angel and not a far reaching character progression.

4. In light of the vision that Angel gets in recent issues of After the Fall, he might try to end magic in order to void future events.

5. This is a visual from "Innocence" matched with the image from "A Beautiful Sunset". Enough said.

Of course, only time will tell who's really under the mask. For now, this seems pretty plausible.

This just in: Dollhouse is teh suxx0rz

By now you've heard from multiple sources that Echo has been not so lovingly placed in the death seat by Daddy Murdoch. The undertaker is wearing one of those macabre undertakery grins and I'm carving out a headstone that reads "Dollhouse: Beloved Turd, Well Polished". You fawned over the high concept drama even though deep down you all knew it's premise was severely retardo 5000. Stick a stake in it, Whedonites, because I'm officially calling it DOA.

**Disclaimer: The views expressed in Bitsy's thoughts are all Bitsy's thoughts. They do not always reflect the vision, beliefs and feelings of Buffyfest as a whole. Any resemblence to actual persons living, dead, or undead may (or may not) be coincidental. Void where prohibited. Batteries not included. If rash, redness or swelling develops, sorry about that. Names have not been changed to protect the innocent. May the gods have mercy on your soul.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Kelley Armstrong Comments: Update

*Spoiler Alert*

Update to the post about Kelley Armstrong's comments in Toronto last week. I spoke to her directly to confirm that this wasn't just a rumor and here's what she said:

"So, yes, it's true that I did say there was the possibility of a cat-shifter character in Aftermath, in response to a question about whether I was going to introduce more shifter races in my own series (I stick to werewolves)."

Thanks for another award!

Whedon Fan, Crafter and Blogger TILT gave us this fancy ass award. Thanks again! Go to to check out her blog and lovely hand made items on Etsy!

What? Buffy's Bad Bangs?

These aren't bad. I quite like them, actually. We all know what the real bad ones are.

I'm not sure why this is such big news...even Perez was talking about her new do. Didn't she have this look in Southland tales?

Only 2 days left to sign up for the Whedonverse Ornament Swap!

This Sunday is the deadline. We have a fabulous crew of this holiday season will be full of Whedon goodies for us all. If you still want to sign-up make sure to read full details here and send an email with the following information to
- name
- address
- email address
- your website or blog (if you have one)
- whether your are willing to ship internationally

Joss Whedon's Dollhouse launches Friday, February 13th

That's the headline on Twitter anyway. There is also a rumor that it will be back-to-back with Sarah Conner Chronicles, which is good. But oof, they're both going to be on a Friday and that's not good, people. Not good at all. Might be good for Conner Chron, since it was suffering on Monday against Chuck, but still.

The Hollywood Reporter says:
"The "Dollhouse" shift to Friday is certain to provoke a despondent cry from Whedon fans, especially after having watched "Firefly" wither away on the same night. Fox could have given the series a premiere behind "Idol" before shifting it to Fridays -- something the network has done a few times to boost sampling of new shows. And if that weren't unlucky enough, "Dollhouse" premieres on Friday the 13th."

I've been hesitant to post the trailer the past few days as to not spoiler even my fellow bloggers...but there's really nothing new in here:

By the way, just to cap the dreariness off, there are even more delays. LA Times says this:

"On Thursday, it became obvious that the problems persist. Production on the seventh episode, which is supposed to begin Monday, is being delayed at least a day because the script was in such bad shape, according to a source who requested anonymity. The script for the sixth episode also had big problems, causing production delays that left the cast and crew very frustrated, the source said."

aaand I'm done.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Willow and Tara would be sad at least in Sunnydale, California today

and that is all I will say on the matter.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Election '08

On October 24th, we posted a fun article about the nomination of Giles for President. With the U.S. elections just one day away, the Buffyfest Bloggers got so inspired that we decided to finish this list and create our very own Presidential Cabinet. Buffy-style, of course.
Rupert Giles – President

We’ve seen Giles makes some tough decisions on the Hellmouth. Time and time again, he’s researched and analyzed before rushing into war. His skills as an Executive, as well as a Commander in the field, make him the perfect person to serve the highest office in the land.

Wesley Wyndam Pryce – Vice President

Like Giles, Wesley knows what it’s like to make the tough decisions. Studying at the same institution and his understanding and rapport with Mr. Giles, will make him an excellent supplement to the Office of the President. He’s also been known to take charge when the leader is unable. Just ask Angel.

Daniel 'Oz' Osborne – Secretary of State

With his extensive traveling record through touring with Dingoes Ate My Babies and his Wolf-cure pilgrimage, he’s sure to understand the state of the union and abroad. Oz also has the essential ability to smooth over any fight. Plus, everyone loves Oz!

Buffy Summers – Secretary of Defense

The Battle of the Hellmouth and the defeat of Glory have only been a few of the wars Buffy Summers has won. Her strategy experience, as well as her fighting techniques, makes her the perfect person to hold this office.

Willow Rosenberg – Secretary of Education

From the moment she took over Ms. Calendar's Computer classes, Willow Rosenberg has been a champion for education.

Angel – Director of Nation Intelligence

Angel has the distinctive skill of stealth. His battle experience, world traveling and historical knowledge will help strengthen our National Intelligence community.

Cordelia Chase – Secretary of Transportation

When it comes to transportation, no one has saved so many lives through the use of their car. Whether it be a quick get-away or a fancy event at the local Fraternity House, Cordelia has the lock on transportation.

Anya Jenkins – Secretary of the Treasury

Budget deficit, what budget deficit? There is no way Anya would let any of our money go to waste. With a thousand years of experience, your money is in good hands.

Xander Harris - Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Buffy’s house would be a demolition site if not for the building skills of Xander Harris. With his years as a construction worker and contractor, Xander knows his way around the Hellmouth and beyond.

Principle Synder – Homeland Security

A strict disciplinarian with a dictator-like personality, Principle Snyder can see an enemy from a mile away. Plus, rules and restrictions are his favorite forte.

Winifred Burkle – Secretary of Health and Human Services

As a Physics student at UCLA and head of Wolfram and Hart's Science Division, Fred has the ability to move our nation towards a healthier tomorrow.

Tara Maclay – Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

With her extensive knowledge of healing spells and her reverence for nature, the earth is in good hands with Tara Maclay.

Faith Lehane, Charles Gunn and Spike - Secret Service Agents

An important job in any administration is keeping our leaders safe. These three have shown time and time again that they are strong in battle.
They’ve even been on the wrong side of the law themselves, so they have a unique understanding of the criminal minds that lurk in the shadows.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

SlayAlive: A Buffy Forum

We've teamed up with as our new affiliate. Go check out what is probably the most extensive Whedonverse Forum out there and a truly huge community of fabulous fans. You can also find a link on our right sidebar. Add it to your bookmarks and enjoy daily!

Check out this fun Serenity quiz widget

Blogging By Mail, our Buffyfest Blog Package

While we're at it, here is the "Blogging by Mail" box that we sent to Judy's Gross Eats:

Everything was Buffy related without being over the top, just in case this person wasn't a fan. Good thing it was Halloween time because we found a lot of cute vampire related things along with our own Whedon references: Jasmine Tea, Vampire hating Garlic Croutons, Organic Ginger Dark Chocolate "Band Candy", Ted's Chocolate Chip cookies, the infamous Lush Buffy Body Butter Bar, and Willow Witch Pez.

Blogging By Mail Package: What we received

We decided to join a swap type thing run by Stephanie at Dispensing Happiness called "Blogging by Mail". We sent a package of 10 things (Buffy related, of course) to one person and received a package from someone entirely different. Well, we wanted to post about our package right away...but with Halloween taking over the last few days, we didn't have a chance to all get together to open the box. Now that we have, here is the swap gift which came from Tuli in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Her blog is Check it out!1. A cute notepad
2. Strawberry Twizzlers
3. Caramel Nips
4. White Tea
5. Dove Milk Chocolate Bars
6. A puzzle of Maria Gern Germany
7. A 2009 mini calendar of Coastlines
8. Lavendar Candle
9. Hand made Tea Towel
along with
10. Hand made apron to match with pea pods all over it! These are quite retro and Anthropologie-ish.

Thanks Tuli, I think we here at Buffyfest will all get together sometime soon for a tea party and eat all the goodies while watching some Buffy episodes.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

About a week left to sign up for the Whedonverse Ornament Swap

We have over 20 people participating so far...can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. If you'd like to sign up and give/receive some fabulous Buffy/Firefly/Dr. Horrible themed ornaments for your tree or holiday bush (hee), see the details here.

Sign up for the swap by sending an email with the following information to by November 9th:
- name
- address
- email address
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