Tuesday, January 8, 2008

SMG in Maxim

I found this on Slayalive.com. It's just the Buffy related questions from maxim:

MAXIM: Let's talk Buffy. Could you tell that it was ground-breaking while you were filming it?

SMG: I had a feeling because it was the first of it's kind. There wasn't anything else at the time that said women could be flawed and sexy and kick ass. A vampire is the ultimate sexual metaphor: You love someone so much that you want to suck their blood. You want to drain them, you want all of them. Not to mention leather pants, and high heels kicking butt!

MAXIM: Have you ever seen any of the porn versions of Buffy?

SMG: Yeah, I think there was a Muffy the Vampire Layer....
We had a cast viewing in one of the trailers. You know you've made it when they make a porn version of you.

MAXIM: Are crazed fans like us still coming up to you to talk about the show?

SMG: At least once a day, but at least they say nice things. When I was on all my children, people would get so mad they'd yell at me. A woman came up to my mom in a bank and yelled, "I don't think it's right of your daughter to lie on the witness stand about being raped!" People take it very seriously.

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