Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chick Fight!

Not sure I'm so keen on the concept or phrase "chick fight" since it so often calls to mind frat boy wet dreams of sweaty, heaving bosoms, hair pulling, and orgasmic moaning for no reason. All that said, when I happened upon IGN's latest poll of epic retardation, I couldn't help but make mention of it here. The poll is essentially two powerful, pop culture, heroines going toe to toe. We already missed Buffy winning in a poll against Summer Glau's jail bait terminator. As if it were even a question, Buffy wiped the floor with River Tamm's bony ass much to my relief.

But now she of the red, leather pants is facing off against non other than she of the overall black leather...

Yeah. Jessica "Dark Angel" Alba. I'd say we have nothing to fear but I think we all know how dudes have a tendency to leave shame stains on the front of their trousers at the mere thought of Little Miss Sin City up there.

Your mission, if you choo choo choose to accept it is to to click on the picture of the greatest ass kicker of them all (by which I mean Buffy and not some other greatest ass kicker of them all who I guess might exist in an alternate dimension that I'm unaware of but is probably still Buffy except instead of leather she wears alot of teri cloth for some reason) and vote your Slayer loving hearts out.

Here's our girl:

Now do your solemn duty and stake the shit out of Alba's overly inflated chest.

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Tara said...

is that the same photo shoot as when she looks like the east LA chola with the tear drop tattoo?