Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Five Buffy/Angel spinoffs

These are cute, especially this one:

Up Late with Lorne
Move over Conan, step aside Carson. Make way for the hottest late night host in years. After Jimmy Fallon failed miserably as the host of 
Late Night,NBC decided it was time for a major change. That change is here in the form of a six foot green skinned, pink eyed, crooning demon. With his gift of gab and the ability to entertain for hours on end. Lorne puts the cool back in late night TV with a little help from his bandleader the reanimated corpse of Count Basie.

That's the perfect promo image for that show...hee!

Click here for the full list of "Five Buffy/Angel spinoffs I would like to see" including "So You Think You're a Gentleman" and "Loaded Gunn" from TV

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