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Some Quotes on the Buffy/Angel Reunion in Season Seven

Quote by Joss:

"It was important for David to come and do [the Buffy finale], which is really sweet considering he's all over the end of Angel at the same time. It means a lot to me and Sarah and David and the writing staff as storytellers, because Angel was there from the beginning and because their relationship transcends everything. "

Quotes by DB:

Boreanaz is looking forward to working with former co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar once again. “I think one just steps right back into that situation, and that feeling and that chemistry. I think we have a really great working chemistry together. These two characters are right on with each other, so we’ll see what happens when we have that moment together again.”

Plus, Angel is sure to get a boost from the title do-gooder's long-awaited reunion with his Chosen One on UPN's Buffy sendoff. "Angel and Buffy meet, of course, in a perfect moment," Boreanaz reveals. "I won't say much about it, but I will say that it was good to see the two characters back together. It was easy, too. Sarah Michelle Gellar and I just kind of stepped back into it again."

"It was fun. It was a chance to get back and see everybody. It was great to work with Sarah (Michelle Gellar, who plays Buffy) again and be reminded of what these two characters brought to the table."

“Again, it's going to be an open-ended question, but I just don't think Joss wants to kill these two characters, and so it's going to be a lot of fun. That next episode, the season finale, it sort of sets up the reason why he goes back to Sunnydale. It's going to be exciting to watch.”

“As far as getting back to work with Sarah [Michelle Gellar] again, you know, she's great. We're just kind of stepped into the shoes, the characters picked up where they left off, and we kind of rocked it. It's going to be good to see Angel and Buffy back together again in those specific instances.”

"I liked the simplicity of the Buffy/Angel relationship in the first year," says Boreanaz. "They shared a camaraderie and it was obvious that they were both at ease around each other and really enjoyed their work. As an actor it was a joy for me to feed that creative process. A number of positive things came out of Buffy's first season and they served to build a solid foundation on which the series could grow." -Dreamwatch-2003

"It was fun. It was a reunion of sorts between Sarah and I and some of the cast people that were still there and the crew members. It was stepping back into those shoes and seeing those two characters together again, which I'm sure the fans will really like. It's good to give them that which they've been asking for quite some time now. We had a good time. It was pretty painless." -Dreamwatch 2003

Did you and Sarah Michelle Gellar fall into your old rapport? "We pretty much did. That's what's so great about her and the rapport that the two of us have. We just stepped back into those shoes and had some fun. All I can say is that the fans saw those characters where they wanted to see them. Again, it's probably going to be an open ending, but hey, that's life [laughs]..." Dreamwatch 2003

“It’s been a great time so far,” says Boreanaz. “There is nothing detrimental about Angel crossing over to Buffy, just pour it on. The experience has been wonderful; there are no negative feelings between the two casts.”

WERE YOU SURPRISED THAT BUFFY WAS BROUGHT TO AN END? “I wasn't surprised. I kind of saw it coming. The time was right I'm sure that Sarah [Michelle Gellar] came to a very peaceful feeling inside that, 'Yeah, this is the time.' Of course everyone is going to bash her because they've got nothing better to do. She's going through a very strange period with that, but she's a strong girl and a really good actress, and I'm sure she'll get through it. It's a transition time for her, but she'll be fine.”- Oct 2003

YOU ENDED UP GUESTING IN THE LAST TWO EPS OF BUFFY. WHAT WAS THAT LIKE AND WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO DO IT? “It's something that, for me, was really for the story and for Sarah. Buffy is how it all started for me. I'd do anything for Sarah. Doing the show is how I got my start, as far as the character was concerned. In terms of the story, getting the two characters back together was important for the fans. They were waiting for it. I think there was another story to be told. Hopefully, Buffy will come and see Angel next season on our show. You never know where these things will lead.” Oct 2003

Quotes by SMG:

When the show ends, would you be upset if Joss didn't pair up Buffy and Angel again? "I would be terribly upset, but Joss doesn't necessarily believe in happy endings, so it probably wouldn't happen anyway. I'm not getting my hopes up."

"There has always been a connection between David and I, personal and professional."

"Working with him was like putting on your oldest and favorite pair of jeans, you just slip right into them."

"My reunion with David Boreanaz makes this final Buffy episode extra special!"

All quotes are found at the link below. There are so many great Buffy/Angel quotes by Joss, SMG, DB, other actors and writers at this site. Take a gander. It's long but worth it.


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